I really have a gripe about speed limits and to be honest am pretty peed off for the reason Biddles Hill.Forshaw Heath Road have not been given the same speed limit as Poolhead Lane and the later parts of Rumbush Lane.

Let me explain. Broad Lane is a 40 mph limit great well kept roads
The Common is a 40 mph limit great well kept road
Poolhead Lane until just before the motorway bridge and past the big houses 40 mph
I once asked why Forshaw Heath Road could not have a speed limit other the the national one. It was knindly explained to me by my District Councillor at the time that in order to enforce a speed limit and manage it we needed pavements and lighting .Well excuse me but the houses at the top of Poolhead Lane by the golf course don't appear to have lighting and pavements in order to have a speed limit and Poolheadlane leads into Forshaw Heath Road leads into Rumbush Lane. Solihull appear fit to put a 30 mph limit in some of Rumbush lane so why yet again is Forshaw Heath different. For goodness sake it is all one road from Braoad Lane Tanworth In Arden to Norton Lane Solihull. In short the top half is 40 mph the middle bit Forshaw Heath Is 60 mph (The most dangerous bit) and the later bit is 30 MPH.

I would love someone to be able to explain why the most dangerous bit of the road has a 60 MPH speed limit. Without spouting off about pavements and lighting. Please EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE without waffliing.

I am at a loss to know where all the litter comes from we all have our designer wheelie bins now. It's not as if Mr Fox can empty them and then stand them back upright ready for the dustbin men.

Whilst being a pedestrian I noticed the litter that adorned the hedge row and ditches. One presumes local residents wouldn't purposefully trog down the road willy nilly throwing their empties in the ditch especially when they have their friendly plastic wheelie mate closer to home.

I've been at the verge pardon the pun of wheeling my plastic wheelie mate up the road and putting the litter safely to rest my self but Mr Wheelie Bin can't cope with the potholes and cambers and the pedestrian in me thinks don't take the risk.

Where does the litter come from? Well here is the frightening bit! our Dustbin Men on the whole are careful may be the odd bit escapes the rubbish muncher occasionally. However our rubbish has a trend other than the odd crisp packet the rubbish is normally drink orientated or fag packet orientated. To any visitor we look like an area of dipsomaniacs who couldn't give a S*** about where they live

Its a bit frightening really. I can't remember seeing any pedestrian throw a can in to the ditch. I expect they do but I have never seen it. The thought that they are flung out of cars on the move is a bit scarey especially as the lanes on the whole are national speed limit. Drinking and Driving springs to mind now that is frightening.

Well the time comes to us all I am now nearer 50 than 40 and crossing the road has become a night mare. There are times when a girl says if you can't beat them join them. For sheer self preservation reasons I have recently become a car owner & driver
I cannot get over the state some of our lanes are in. By far the worst is Wood Lane it may be in Earlswood but the responsibility for this road belongs to Solihull and the Highways agency.

I avoid it at all costs and prefer to get to Earlswood Stores via Rumbush Lane and Norton Lane. So not only have I ceased being a pedestrian in the last couple of weeks I prefer to drive the long way around to get to the local shop, hardly environmentally friendly.

I suppose the one thing the potholes do, is slow the traffic down- A bit like natural traffic calming.

It's not just the potholes that are dangerous it's the cambers on the lanes.

Lend me a pair of skis and I could quite happily ski down them.

The cambers are getting steeper and steeper making our lanes narrower and narrower. If we are not careful we will become a one track village and all need 4x4s to get about or a bit of natural horsepower.

I am torn between reporting potholes and dangerous roads or just leaving them to disintegrate slowly so as we can all put our cars away and walk safely or naming and shaming those areas that bodge the pothole mendiing.

I was interested to see that when I posted the following link on Stratford District Councils Twitter page they deleted it. http://www.potholes.co.uk/

It appears Forshaw Heath Road has a new stream in it's Road. Oh well with a 60 mph speed limit. I could be acused of being over-reactive and advised not to be silly, On this day I was a pedestrian as you can see it was cold and icey what you cant see is the other side of the road. Well you can now because of my mobile and its camera

In fact don't let me do things by half let me show you all my pictures from this walk to the station . Please forgive the quality they were all taken with a mobole phone.

Other than drivers needing to slow down there are times when other road users just don't help them selves here are the following examples.

  • Pedestrians walking in the dark with no high vis jackets
  • Pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the road
  • Horse riders riding two abreast
  • Horse riders riding with a nervous horse
  • Cyclists cycling at times more than two abreast without any intention of moving
I ceased being a pedestrian the week before last and have been frustrated with three of the above other road users in the short space of 2 weeks.

Believe it or not many of our lanes hold the national speed limit. They simply are not suitable for 60 mph Those people in a rush tend to forget the pedestrians, live stock, horse riders, cyclists and any other road user you care to think of. Our lanes also are in very poor condition with unsuspecting drivers ending up in ditches or lost down one of the many potholes. In the last 4 months within half a mile of Earlswood station there has been the following.

X2 Pedestrians knocked over - well being as of yet unknown
X1 Dog run over - Dog on the mend - Driver shocked
X1 Two car accident - Cars very broken - Drivers very shocked

Please drivers Kill the Speed before you Kill someone else, yourself or some unsuspecting animal.

Many Thanks
Regards Bod
Visitors travelling to Earlswood by rail should be aware there are two stations that are often mixed up.

  • Earlswood
  • The Lakes
Both stations access Earlswood however if you disembark at Earlswood you will have to walk through the woods to get to the lakes or through the lanes it's a half hour 3/4 of an hour walk and not recommended for a wet day. Although if your a walker this is exactly what you might want to do.

You should be warned that The Lakes is a request stop you have to ask the guard to ensure that the train stops at The Lakes also it is a short platform and you have to be situated at the front of the train to disembark. This is the station that most people use when wanting to get to the lakes quickly. Both stations have a very high step from the train to the platform please be careful.