A BRAND new bus service taking in Earlswood, Cheswick Green, Monkspath and Solihull town centre got off to a roaring start last week.
The S14 service, run by Grosvenor Coaches, is offering residents of Earlswood their first proper bus route for many a year, enabling them to get to all the amenities they need in Cheswick Green and Solihull.
In addition, the new route will pass by Solihull Sixth Form College and Alderbrook and Tudor Grange School making it ideal for term time students.
“We have put this service in place after feedback from parents, schoolchildren and students who felt that the new S4 service wasn’t meeting their needs,” said Grosvenor director Dave Sterland.
“In addition it means that residents in Earlswood now have direct access to Solihull.”
However he added that to survive, the service would have to be used.
“It’s a commercial route, there is no subsidy and we are doing all this off our own backs - we are trying to meet the needs of residents and different service users but we need the customers!”
Grosvenor Coaches are based in Priory Road, Hall Green, for more information call 0121 474 6888.

I love the internet, this week is the first time ever I have relied on the whole of my holiday via our mutual friend the internet. I cannot believe I can get at my blog . I don't know why perhaps it is because it is the first time I have ever taken my laptop away with me. Don't worry I am not that sad I can't leave it behind. There was a rason for brining it with me and that was quite simply to enable me to do electronic bookings, I didn't know if our fiinal destination allowed us the ability to book in on line but did know our first destination had. I still can't believe my blog is so accesible so far away from home. I must be sad typing away, no not really its so hot outside we can't do much comfortably so we wait until later and spend the day reading, splashing around by the sea, drinking and generally chilling out and recharging the batteries+ scribbling on blogs

How did we book our holiday?

We used the Internet, Primark, Hand luggage and Holiday Rentals .co.uk.

Our flights came to £175 return for the pair of us inclusive of taxes
We did not spend money on pre booking seats and took our chance but ended up sittiing together = Saving of £60.00
We did not spend money booking a suitcase in and took hand luggage saviing of £15.00 each
We packed clothes a laptop tooth brushes and a brush/combe no makeup,hair gel or shampoo
We purchashed 10 T shirts each from primark + underware and swimming stuff.
We used public transport instead of Taxis to our first destination= approx 7 euros vs 30+ euros
We purchased our personal items ie deodriant, shampoo, toothpaste, soap,nibbles and booze at the local super market on arrival We spent £50 on this and was somewhat shocked. However we brought named brands and the suntan lotion was almost 16 euros. Basically the personal stuff deodriant,soap suntan stuff, shampoo, made up most of this bill.

Is Spain as cheap as we all think

No it is not! you cant go wrong if you just class the euro as £1.00 in bars resurantes and the like.

Now This Is one Of My Favourite Topics

The British In Spain

Why is it the British fail say say please and thank you.
Why is it the British think the Spanish are so far behind the British

A few years ago the OH and my self ventured into Belomadinas where we quite simply got off a train and went into a Bar. We asked for two beers and a few Tapas in pegion Spanish meanwhile next to us was a rude British person who asked for a G+T in english + no please or thank you and whats worse in English. I have never been more ashamed at being British than in this particular circumstance. Old bint orders G+T in English and expects Spanish Person to understand English as a matter of course. I love the Spanish because they play the game. I watch Spanish barman fill th glass up with Ice, I watch Ice melt and Spanish barman fill glass with a single if not less meaure of Gin. Certainly not the over the odds measures we are all used to in Spain. I love it old Bint pays over the odds for short measure.

I really do wish these old collinial types get a grip, learn the language and just once in a while learn how to say please and thank you.
Story Number 1 - Caught on Camera: Appeal over assault on train

RAIL police are appealing for the public’s help to identify two women in connection with an assault on a member of rail staff.

A ticket inspector on board the Birmingham Moor Street to Stratford-upon-Avon service was kicked and stamped on when he challenged two women travelling without tickets.

The pair, who got on the train at Moor Street, fled at Earlswood rail station following the incident on Saturday July 31.

Anyone who knows the identity of the women should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, quoting incident number 504 31/07/2010, or the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111.

Story Number 2 - Letters sent over teacher image arrests in Solihull

Letters have been sent to parents with children at two schools after two teachers were arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

The men, aged 37 and 43, have been suspended from their jobs at separate schools in Solihull, West Midlands.

The letters have been sent to parents and carers with children at St Patrick's School in Earlswood, and Monkspath School in Shirley.

Solihull Council said an advice line was also open over the weekend.

Mark Rogers, from Solihull Council, said: "We have written to all parents and carers of children at the two schools advising them of the situation as far as we can explain it at the moment."

The men were arrested in Monkspath on Wednesday. They were bailed for further inquiries and for seized property to be examined.

A police spokesman said: "At this stage of the inquiry there is nothing to suggest any physical contact between the suspects and the children."

Det Ch Supt Gareth Morgan, head of West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit, said it was a sensitive case which would raise many questions among parents.

"It is an immediate priority to reassure them by providing as much information as and when we can to answer those questions," he said.

"To do that effectively we will progress the investigation as thoroughly and quickly as possible and continue to engage with families and the wider community."