A gunman stormed a house near Solihull before threatening and robbing a family.
The masked robber burst in through an open patio door at a house in Earlswood at about 9.20pm on Tuesday.
Police believe the thief walked down the railway line from the disused Earlswood Railway Station on the corner of Cloweswood Lane, before climbing over a 4ft fence and into the back garden of the house.
Once inside, he threatened the homeowners with what police have described as either a real or replica small handgun.
He stole a brown DKNY material handbag, two mobile phones – one a blackberry mobile phone and a Google Nexus HTC mobile – and cash.
He also took a jewellery box, containing mostly costume jewellery.
The gunman then fled the house through the front door.
He jumped over a side fence into a neighbour’s garden and ran up Cloweswood Lane in the general direction of the disused railway station.
No-one was injured during the burglary but those threatened were said to have been left shaken by the incident.
The Warwickshire Police helicopter, the force’s dog team and officers made an immediate search of the area but the man still remains at large.
No car was seen at the time of the raid, but it is possible that a vehicle was involved and officers are asking the public to contact them if they saw a car in the area in suspicious circumstances.
The robber is described as white, with an athletic build, approximately 6ft 1in tall and in his 20s to 30s.
He spoke with a Birmingham accent and was wearing white trainers, white socks, a plain, grey long-sleeved tracksuit top, blue trousers that were wet as if he had walked through wet grass, and gloves. He was also wearing a balaclava.
Anyone with information is urged to call detectives on 01926 415000, extension 4167 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.

A BURGLAR was spotted by someone who knew him from being a school pupil after he removed his balaclava while fleeing from the scene of a break-in.
Damien Scarlett and accomplice Benedict Russell were both jailed after they had pleaded guilty to attempted burglary at the house in Rumbush Lane near Earlswood, Solihull.
Russell, aged 22, of Priory Road, Hall Green, who sat crying in the dock, was jailed for nine months concurrent to the 12-month sentence he is already serving.
But Scarlett, 21, of Tustin Grove, Acocks Green, who had a worse record, was given a six-month sentence consecutive to the 18-month sentence he is serving.
Prosecutor Anthony Johnston said the victim had lived at the ‘detached and isolated’ house in Rumbush Lane for 61 years.
On a Sunday afternoon in April she was at home when she saw a man, Russell, in the back garden.
She ran to the rear porch, where she saw a second man, Scarlett, in a black balaclava just outside, and a double-glazed window which cost £200 to replace was cracked where he had tried to smash it, so she banged on a window
Both men fled and ran to the front of the house, from where she heard a car being driven away at high speed.
A couple were passing and saw Scarlett discard the balaclava as he ran down the road, and the woman recognised him as an ex-pupil at the school where she worked.
When they were arrested Russell admitted they had deliberately selected an isolated property and that he had driven there knowing Scarlett was going to break in.
Their previous offence together had been a burglary at another pensioner’s home in Mill Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden.
Russell had again acted as get-away driver and drove across their victim’s lawn to escape when she arrived home during the burglary in which Scarlett had taken property and treasured letters from her mother and grandmother.
Jabeen Akhtar, for Russell, said: “He is remorseful about his behaviour.” Judge Marten Coates told Russell, who sobbed in the dock: “I accept your remorse is genuine.”
But he said Scarlett’s case was different because he was on bail at the time, just three weeks before he was to be sentenced for a number of burglaries. Asking the Judge not to extend his sentence, Ben Close, defending, said that although the victim was elderly, she had not been deliberately targeted.
But passing a consecutive sentence, Judge Coates told Scarlett: “I am quite satisfied you went out on a final burgling spree before you appeared in court, knowing you were going to be sent down.”

I am not proud to admit I watch the X-Factor on a Saturday evening a bit of lite entertainment never did anybody any harm. As I quietly listened to the talented and the untalented with my windows closed on a chilly evening. I was somewhat confused as to where the thud thud thud was coming from.

I ruled out the TV having turned it down. I opened the window and was greeted by someone who seemed to be speaking over a very loud microphone. Having sussed out who the culprits were I closed my window turned the TV up and hoped it would go away.

I was still awake at 12 o'clock with the occasional thud thud thud disturbing me. Every time I went to stomp down the road to pull the plug the sound disappeared.

I was only to pleased the following morning when our new neighbours asked us if we heard the noise. For once I wasn't by myself and didn't feel quite so isolated in thinking that the noise was of an unacceptable level.

At least I managed to get some sleep which is more than I can say for our poor new neighbours who advised us that the noise continued until the very early hours of Sunday Morning.

I sound like a right moaning old so and so. I am not really I don't mind that there is a B&B down the road. I don't mind that they have a licence to sell Alcohol

 I understand they are out to make a living. What I do mind is the making of that living at the expense of the quality of life to many around them.

On the whole we all work all day every day. The weekends is a time to chill, wind down  and relax from all the hastles of work life. Not listen to be irritated or annoyed with  the sheer lack of consideration for the local community, Noise Noise and more Noise.