Well it just goes to show you can't trust anyone, with the use of technology those that are paid to represent their Countries quite happily tap away at keyboards passing their thoughts backwards and forwards by cyberspace. 
Then some clever git chooses to release cables/emails or what ever you wish to call them on to the Internet for all to view. In some ways I am glad it has been done, on the flip side of the coin I am not so sure it is a good thing. 
I have mixed feelings towards it all. If in the first place people were open and honest there wouldn't be a problem with the leaking of of documents.
On the other hand these people have passed comment and records go back more than a decade where many things can't be changed. In fact some things have changed because of the reports and thought these people have put forward to the USA. 
There is no turning back time however  learning from the past is possible From a previous post.  

What makes me happy?                                                                                                             People who are ultimately accountable and take responsibility for  the actions and decisions they make.
You know this is starting to get a bit eerie and starting to give me the creeps. I didn't realise Diana Princess Of Wales and the Prince of Wales got married on the 29th July 1981. 
I thought the giving of the engagement ring was a bit sad, as I said before if it had been a happy ring my personal thoughts would have been different but it wasn't so my thoughts remain the same, now I discover almost 30 years later the same date well not date but day of the month has been set 29th April. Oh well at least its a different month

I don't know what I am trying to say but I must admit I find it a bit strange.
To the young person who walks on the wrong side of the road dressed in dark colours from Earlswood Station towards Forshaw Heath Road. Get yourself a high vis jacket and walk on the right side of the road. Your difficult to see in the dark!
The big Royal day has been named 29/04/11 Westminster Abbey. So much for my idealistic view of a small wedding in the brides home town and a knees up at Buckingham Palace. Do I need a public holiday for this day? No not really. Am I happy for them, well of course I am.

I still feel for the future brides family everything and anything they say and do will be forever scrutinised.

Do I really care that Carol Middleton  met the Royals and said nice to meet you instead of How Do You Do! What a load of old tosh and welcome to reality.

Only self important Royal correspondents and the media plus the Royal wannabes could have picked up on that. I doubt the Queen would have cared a less and took the greating as it was meant
Well I don't know if spending 2 million quid on a happy survey is adding value. Sure as hell its lining someones pocket.

What makes me happy ?
  • My family, home, friends, and animals
  • People who use their common sense
  • Good quality services
  • People who take pride in what they do
  • People who are ultimately accountable and take responsibility for actions and decisions they make.
  • Good manners and respect
  • Honesty, Frankness and saying things as they are.
What makes me Un-Happy?

Well just about everything other than my family, home friends and animals.

And that's because in very few circumstances non of the above things that make me happy exist anymore.

There you go for the grand sum of nothing I have told the Government what makes me happy! with the added bonus of telling them what makes me unhappy.

We are not allowed to use common sense anymore,

Whilst chatting to my Dad, he started telling me about snow and as kids snow didn't stop them from going to school, They walked and all the pavements were clear because all the residents of the streets had gone outside and cleared the pavements in front of their houses.

Its a simple example of community spirit ,common sense,pride and values. Non of it hindered by H&S rules, Unions , Political Correctness, Bureaucracy and the Suing Society.
Well here you go folks, for once Bod isn't moaning. I stuck my head out the window at about 20:30 last night. I could of heard a pin drop, no motorway noise, the very occasional car passing, no music or loud microphones. I could hear the owls.

In fact it was the quiet you have when there has been a large dumping of snow and everyone decides to stay tucked up at home.

What an absolute pleasure.

Here's the thing not that I am complaining! Why was it so quiet? It was the sort of quiet I remember as being normal.

Isn't it sad there I was moaning about noise and now I am questioning why it is so quiet. Strange!

Well after my thoughts yesterday on a Royal wedding and reading the above report today, I take my hat off to Ms Middleton and the Prince William. Perhaps they are in touch with reality.

Must admit it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. you never know the little country church may get a Royal wedding! I doubt it but its a nice thought.
Many Congratulations to Kate Middleton & Prince William like anyone else planning to get married it is an exciting somewhat pressurised time. All the planning etc etc. I have two thoughts on this.

Although I thought it was a kind gesture and very thoughtful of the Prince to present his prospective wife with his mothers engagement ring I think it is also a great shame and a bit misplaced. A bit like Diana Princess Of Wales fights back.

One of the most famous rings put back in the media I suppose I would feel differently if the ring had a happy life but it went through divorce and appeared to belong to quite an unhappy relationship if reports are anything to go by.

If I as a mere commoner feel like that! What an earth does Prince Charles feel like? I suppose if I were a father I would feel like my eldest son was sticking his fingers up at me and making a very ponient point.

How the hell does a girl say get me another ring to the man she loves, when she knows how important the ring is especially when the man concerned is a popular Prince and a future King

How  do I know,

 I dont its just personal opinion! but I don't think the Prince got it right. To be perfectly honest I think it is embarrassing and somewhat seedy. Its a bit like me giving my 2nd husband my first husbands wedding band. Some things are just best left to sleep quietly.

Poor girl is going to have the 3rd finger of her left hand scrutinised at every possible opportunity and when she doesn't wear the ring the motives for not wearing it will be focused on by every media outlet.

My 2nd thought

Whilst the rest of us struggle with the economic climate I really wish Kate Middleton would put her foot down and say I am going to get married in my local church with my close friends and family and then we will have a knees up at Buck Palace with all the dignitaries.

To people that say that is not how things are done. I answer this is the 21st Century these are young people who have the ability to change things and should be in touch with reality.

The reality is we don't have the money for an expensive wedding. I can't imagine how the future Brides father feels no doubt he could provide for a perfectly tasteful intimate wedding for his daughter and then Buck Palace could provide the huge knees up afterwards. Respective families pay for respective parts of getting married just like it is in real life.
What is it about living in the countryside if you can call it that any more that excludes us from most the urban standards. Well I have just contradicted myself I live in the countryside because it isn't urban.

But this does puzzel me

As I watch the BT adverts on TV for their new speedy Broadband of 40 MB, I am still struggling to get 3 if I am lucky.

Two is enough for me as I remember the good old days of dial up but it really does irk me that they can't get us stick dwellers upto or near 8MB before giving everyone else their 40.

To top it all BT called yesterday to offer me a deal on the TV package the fact my broadband speed couldn't deal with it appeared to be irrelevant they and they still tried to sell me the package.
Blimey its not enough to have noise on a Friday and Saturday night we now have it on a Wednesday night. Once again a bloke bellowiing over a microphone. I am glad I am not a Business person wanting a quiet B&B and somewhere to rest my head for an important meeting the following morning. Its bad enough living a couple of hundred metres from the culpret.

It started at 20:30hrs and I eventually got to sleep and am unsure as to when it finished. I am so fedup of it.

Am I going to name and shame. No I am not going to provide a link or name the B&B concerned. That would be more free advertising for them.
Its strange really, I became a car driver because as a pedestrian I was fed up of negotiating high speed cars, ditches and the grass verges. It all became very dicey to walk to and from the station. This time last year I donned my high vis jacket morning and night and was cursing those drivers that failed miserably to slow down and give me a wide birth. Do you know something as a driver I am sick and tired of pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the road, in the dark, in dark clothing and no high vis jacket. Like I wish a year ago drivers would give pedestrians a bit of respect. I do wish pedestrians would help motorists. Funnily enough as a driver horse riders that ride two abreast really hack me off as do the cyclists that appear to ride as a group and take up the whole of the road. I just potter around I don't go anywhere very fast. As for the pratt in the 4x4 that overtook me on a hill and was confronted the other side with an on coming car, behind that horses and behind that pedestrians. I hope it bl**dy well frightened you.

Its all about respect for other road users. A bit like society really a bit of thought for someone else goes a long way.