I wrote this post almost a year ago. I have chosen to re-blog it without amendment.

I started this post a few days ago and then did the mandetory delete because I thought I may have been misunderstood so have had to think of a different way to approach what I wanted to say.

I think Help For Heroes has done a fantastic and much needed job in raising awarness and funds for our Injured Armed Forces Personnel. It needed doing and they have done it and continue to do it extremely well.

I have a fundemental difference of opinion. I think every single person who has served or is currently serving in HM Forces is a Hero not just those that have been injured during combat.

Undenibly the injured need more time and a different sort of help to those that luckily escaped injury.

How ever great I think the work Help For Heroes has done and is doing I often wonder if it is at the detriment of all those small charities that offer help and support to everybody who is encountering difficulties when leaving or have left the HM Forces. Whether it be welfare,housing,employment and many other things.

I have always known it but today by sheer coincidence a fellow train traveller was chit chatting about her place of work and who last years choosen Charity was. It was Help For Heroes once again fantastic news but not so fantastic when she thought she was helping All people who had served or are serving encountering difficulties.

The message I want to put across is this.

Please continue to Help Our Heroes but please don't forget the rest  and the very small charities that can make a world of difference to Other Armed Forces Heroes.

Well he has gone on his Big day out. Peace and Quiet! Christ he was like a big kid at Christmas

I really do hope they play well and its a good match. Glad he hasn't gone on the train. Apparently New Street is rammed. I can't help but think his mate who is traveling on the Chilton Line from Solihull is going to be standing all the way.

Why is Kick Off so late? 4 o'clock for gods sake! Oh well I suppose I better make the most of my day and do a bit of house work without the other half being tucked under my feet. Off I go to attack the washing machine

 Yet another thing gleaned from Twitter but not widely known about.

Gain confidence in using 'online' facilities - course enrolling now!!!

Our UK Online Centre, at Elizabeth House, offers free training to anyone in need of catching up with, and getting onboard, the ‘online digital age'. In other words learning how to make best use of the Web, email, and other important IT topics of interest, confidently - through online learning.

What's on offer for free:

  • Signup for up to 10 weeks, and, if you wish, continue from home during and after that period
  • One and half hours of support each week at the Council
  • Work at your own pace through the coursework
  • Get a certificate for each course you complete
  • Come away with your own email address as part of the deal
To do the course it is preferred you have some experience using a mouse and keyboard, but more importantly a dollop of enthusiasm and motivation to learn.
Currently we have places on Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon – bookings on first come first served.


I have been playing a bit more with Twitter and ponder on what possible use there could be being able to Tweet from your mobile. I am please to say I have set it up and it works now I am pondering on what to use it for. Well the one good thing is that you can only text 140 characters so I wouldn't have to struggle with a long winded text. Its like everything really! find a good use for it and if it suits the purpose then why not use it?

Its always a good sign when ones husband makes you laugh, he is all excited about the Carling Cup Final and his long awaited visit to Wembley to watch the Blue Boys. 

As he rolled out of bed this morning he mumbled something about checking the Euro Lottery numbers and to my surprise announced he would not go to the match if he had won. perplexed I asked why not? he responded "well I would go and collect my winnings" still not understanding why he would forfeit his long awaited visit to Wembley

I pointed out he could do both in one day as it was in the same neck of the woods. Once again he surprised me and said"if you think I would go to a football match with 56 million £  in my back pocket you have another think coming.

I found it amusing I suppose its not what he said its how he said it that made me smile. Suffice to say he didn't get one number and he is still off on his big day out.

I am trying to remain positive about the possible result and just hope the Blues don't get totally hammered.

Me the closet Villa Fan.

I have been keeping an eye on the Police watch messages. I like to see content on web sites change Now I don't know if this is good news in disguise or the watch messages are just not being updated. However they have remained the same since the beginning of February. I am going to look on the positive side and just hope nothing has happened in our area recently.

If you have a lot to say Twitter is not for you. However whilst playing with twitter over they weekend I finally got to grips with it. Other than I dont have any followers.

Twitter is a great way to get a news flash out. Short sweet and to the point. The ideal scenario is if you have a group of people with a common interest.

The most simple use I have found of it is the stratford District Council Tweet about the live planning meeting being cast on the web for all to see.

I suppose like everything its just taking time to learn about it.

I never thought I would use a camera on my mobile but all my photos are taken on my mobile now. In fact I never thought I would be one of those that feel lost without a mobile. I don't use it much for calling people but I must admit I like having it with me. Its quite a useful little gadget.

However I still haven't got to grips with texting how the hell the youngsters do it without even looking I dont know.

Good News.

The Residents Association is now on line. Please see the new tabs at the top of the page.

Nothing to with me but I am so pleased it is at long last there.

What is a Mop Fair?

I can see some use for Twitter. Did you realise SDC were streaming last weeks planning meeting? I didn't until today.

I think it is a great idea.

I did upload it to the blog. But the blog ran so slowly I had to remove it. Anyway I think it was a very good idea.
Facebook I hate it with a passion

Twitter I see very little or no point its so jumbled. Then perhaps I haven't taken the time to really find out about it.

LinkedIn Oh god how I hate that

Blogging I love blogging it lets me scribble away until my hearts content about everything and anything. Do I care if anyone reads it no not really if they read and find it interesting or funny or whatever sobeit I must admit I am a little reserved when blogging.

Perhaps I ought to have an unreserved blog where I just say things as they are or at least appear to me.

Irrelevant of my political views,

I sort of like the idea of the Big Society. many years ago when the Residents of Earlswood were trying to rescue Singleton Cottage from being demolished and replaced with a new build we all grouped together and protested like mad obviously to no avail.

What would have happened if the same 2 or 3 hundred that fought for Singleton Cottage to remain put £1000.00 in the pot and purchased it. All well and good, but then what could we have done with it? I dont even know if we could have purchased it for £300k.

I don't know perhaps a Tea room, a nice show case for the Museum or even a small B&B for those fishermen or Business people travelling to the NEC. There are lots of things we could have perhaps done in hind sight to save Singleton Cottage, add to our community and save a bit of heritage. Obviously the opportunity doesn't exist any more and its to late.

OK so that idea is not a Big Society but it is a little bit of a Big Society and all the little bits add up to a Big Bit.
Just as I think spring is on its way I wake up on a cold dank gray Saturday morning. So much for catching up with the washing and letting it dry outside. I suppose home will look like a laundrett for the rest of the weekend. Oh well these things are sent to try us even the dog looks totally hacked off and has gone back to bed.

Then again I suppose it is only Febuary and it is still winter. 

In the garden yesterday morning I spotted this little fella poking its little head up which made me smile.

Come April 25 years ago Mom had planted hundreds of daffodils in the garden and not one had popped its head up to say hello. Here we are in Febuary after one of the coldest recorded winters and this daffodil has proved it's self quite a hardy little chap net alone very early!

INFORMATION and witnesses are being sought following a non-stop collision on the A435 near Junction 3 of the M42, in Wythall.

It happened at about 2pm on Thursday, January 20, and involved a red VW Golf and a yellow Honda motorcycle.

The driver of the Golf and the motorcycle rider, both men, had a brief exchange at the Total garage and left the forecourt at the same time, heading up the A435 northbound. After about 200 metres there was a collision which resulted in the motorcyclist falling from his machine. The Golf did not stop at the scene.

The motorcyclist was not seriously injured and did not require any medical treatment.

Detective Constable Rachel Wheeler said: “We would like to hear from anyone who saw the two men at the garage or saw the collision, as they may be able to help us piece together what happened.

A man was arrested in connection with the incident and been released on police bail until March 13.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call DC Wheeler on 0300 333 3000, quoting reference 386-S-200111, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Dad was chatting away this morning about a programme he saw late at night last night. In short it was about the Sun (I mean the solar Sun) and not the red top newspaper Sun and how it is expected in a couple of years time to have one of its natural turns and how it will affect the earth. As I listened to him reciting what the programme was all about it sort of pricked my interest. Its true I have never heard of the possibility before and thought maybe Dad was exaggerating. When said programme said we could be without electricity in 2013. So I googled Sun Activity and came across a report in the Telegraph dated last year. Its strange how these things don't hit the head lines big time because the ramifications of no electricity is huge.

Anyway here is the report!

Guess we will all have to do without TV,Computers,Sat Navs, Light and any other electrical item we may use (LOL good a reason as any not to get the Iron out) Just glad we have the aga and log fires. Mind you keeping warm and cooking won't be any good without water.

I spotted one of thse in my garden this morning