Just for those that have cause to use Flow Chart Software I have found and tried the following and it is brilliant. It is Open Source and well worth a go. I am in the process of creating a process manual for work and I have to say I am really impressed. It even builds the manual and produces an Index.

No I don't work for them I just thought I would share the info with you.
I have to say I am slightly bemused about if the clock should go backwards or forwards. 

I understand why the great time change was done in the first instance. 

However what really confuses me is  our powers that be changed our time for the protection of all our our ancestors in the time of need.

What I don't understand is why the clock didn't return to normal after the threat and war/s was/were over. 

Here I am at 17:00 hours on a Sunday afternoon with my lights on and the flame of my make believe fire flickering just for a bit of comfort and ambiance not to keep me warm. 

I have never known any different the clocks jump forward in the spring and fall backwards in the winter.

Except for a short few years living in Spain, where it all seems to stay the same, Dark in the mornings and lighter in the evenings. 

What do I prefer ? well quite simply I prefer it Darker in the mornings because it is shorter and because I sleep. 

I prefer it lighter in the evenings because I don't have to turn my lights on until later and I don't need the comfort of make believe flames. Which all saves energy and power
Well we call them Pixie + Dixie how ever they are sort of growing out of their Kitten names now we are stuck and don't know what to call them. For the moment they are the Mini Monsters.                                            

Has anyone got any bright ideas.They are both little girls I did think Bill and Ben or Mack and Mable.                                      

Poor old dog has been kicked out his bed and Monster Dads cat is not best pleased about his new mates.  
Police Message

Inc 187 20/10/2011

Burglary Dwelling Cut Throat Lane Hockley Heath. At @1500 on Thursday a property had the rear door of the property smashed with a wooden sleeper to gain entry. Fortunately the level of security prevented the offenders from being successful. On entering the alarm sounded and the offenders made off without taking any items from within.

There were 2 male offenders around 5'10" - 6'0" one male larger build than the other. The vehicle used was believed to be a white or silver van possibly a Peugeot and was a transit size vehicle. The van had a sliding door on the passenger side, and of the 2 rear doors, the off side one was damaged at the bottom.

Also for information, it appears there has been opportunists in the Earlswood area along The Common and Malthouse Lane checking car doors to see if they are secure. Two insecure vehicles were entered and searched on The Common, and a secure vehicle had a window smashed and a digital camera and sat-nav were taken on Malthouse Lane.

Please ensure vehicles are left secure when unattended, and make sure all items are removed from the vehicle, offenders have been known to smash windows to search an empty carrier bag just in case.

If you can help with any information please call 01926 415000 quoting the inc number.

For any crime prevention advice please contact myself on the details below, mobile Police Surgeries are taking place on the first Friday of the month at locations throughout Tanworth/Earlswood, full details on the SNT website or the Parish Magazine.

David Martin
Alcester North
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwickshire Police
01789 444816
Work Mobile 0792 3288641
Please note this is a report not Minutes

The Parish Council met on Thursday 15th September 2011 at 19.30 hours in Tanworth Village Hall.
2 members of the public and District Councillor Oakley were present.

Councillor Perry sent his apologies but forwarded the following report:
WCC have confirmed that the front wall at Field House does encroach on to the highway.  Paul Cowley has written to the owners informing them of this and Mike will report back at the next meeting.
This rubbish in Forshaw Heath Lane has been removed and WCC are looking are putting bollards there.
There is to be a site visit with an engineer of Bridleway SD268 in mid October to discuss the drainage.
In Forshaw Heath Road they are looking at reducing the speed limit from 60mph to 50mph in the New Year.
Councillor Oakley reported that he was troubled by the inconsistencies which seem to occur in the planning department, especially where conservatories are involved.  Several District Councillors have formed a Greenbelt Group.  There is concern that the Government is in disarray over its plans for reform to the planning system.
Councillor Keogh commented on the planning decision by SDC Audit and Regulatory Committee which refused a conservatory at 39 Malthouse Lane when it was quoted that rules are rules and it exceeded the 30%.  Councillor Keogh reported that a property in Blind Lane had withdrawn a planning application because SDC had told them that there was no way that it would be passed, yet another application had been granted a conservatory even though this would take them over the 30% due to special circumstances being taken in to consideration.   
There were no planning applications to consider.
Members were given a copy of the minutes of a meeting held on 30th August between Jonathon Fraser, Customer and Community Manager of Worcestershire County Council, Richard Clewer, Senior Highways Officer of Worcestershire County Council and District Councillor Atkinson, regarding the rest area on the A435 by Alderhanger Lane.  Councillors had also been previously given a copy of a letter from a local resident who wanted the rest area to remain open.  It was decided to bring this item back to the next full council meeting when they had read all the information.
The Clerk had previously circulated a draft letter to our MP expressing concern over the Government’s proposed planning reforms, in particular the proposed presumption to grant planning permission unless there are strong planning reasons not to.  It was agreed to send the letter to Nadhim Zahawi MP with a copy to Rt Hon Greg Clark, the Minister for Decentralising and Cities. 
It was agreed to accept the recommendation of the Finance and General Purposes Committee and accept the lease for the new office which the solicitor had drawn up.
Areas of concern around the parish were reported as:
Hedge encroaching on to pavement in Malthouse Lane
Manhole cover between Doctors and Orchard House on Broad Lane still sunken
Drain covers stolen on Tom Hill
Sunken drain in Penn Lane between Rushbrook Lane and The Hollies
Flooding in Tanworth Lane.

The full minutes are available on our website www.tanworth-pc.org.uk or from the Parish Office in Earlswood Craft Centre, Wood Lane.  The next meeting will be on November 17th at Tanworth Village Hall and December 15th at Earlswood Village Hall at 7.30pm.  Anyone is welcome to come and listen or if you have an issue that you would like to raise, there is a Public Forum at 7.30pm.   If you would like us to start e-mailing a Parish Newsletter, please just e-mail the parish office at office@tanworth-pc.org.uk and we will add you to our circulation list.   If anyone has an issue which they would like us to pass on to PCSO Dave Martin, please give us the details and we will pass them on.  If the matter is of a confidential nature, then you are welcome to leave a sealed envelope in the parish office addressed to PCSO Dave Martin and we will hand it over unopened.   Don’t forget that PCSO Martin will be giving crime prevention advice or addressing local concerns at his mobile police surgeries which are on the first Friday of each month for a trial period. For further details on the mobile surgeries contact PCSO Martin on 07923 288641.