I am starting to get really confused about Green Belt and tying myself up in knots with wording. For people lucky enough to live in such an area is a privilege and we are responsible for looking after it not just for ourselves but for future generations and our  visitors to enjoy.

As I looked at the telegraph Interactive map of Green Belt, I wondered what the little splodges of white unidentified land were. Then the penny dropped  they are Within The Green Belt but not classed as Green Belt I may be wrong I may be right ,

Then again they may be future proposals for development that are indeed classed as Green Belt I haven’t quite worked it out unfortunately the map doesn't give that type of detail.

I was surprised that Stratford Upon Avon wasn't in the Green Belt nor many of the pretty villages around it. Including Shottery I can only assume they are in open Countryside.

Is it me or is it all confusing. The way I see it is quite simple 
  1. The Green Belt was put in place to allow people to travel and  enjoy elements of the countryside and all it has to offer for visitors from the Cities or suburban areas.
  2. It was a place that protected the Open Countryside from development and allowed those living in Towns and Cities to get away from the hustle and bustle whilst enjoying some elements of the Countryside
  3. See open countryside as the land that is beyond the Green Belt with the Green Belt being the protection between the Urban Sprawl and the Open Countryside.

As I walk around Birmingham City Centre whilst at the same time reading that they need help for provision of Housing from Solihull I really want to know why Birmingham have not looked at the Post Office Tower or come to think of it the NatWest Building in Newhall street for possible housing requirements. Empty or Dormant waste of space. Before they have addressed empty City Centre Buildings they should not impose their requirements on Neighbouring Authorities.

Whilst I am on a role. I would really like to know where 800 hundred new home owners in Shottery are going to work without getting in their car and driving, which of course goes against any Green Policy there may be. 
Well I have to say it is different. I love the concept of it and how very simple it was to get on line up and running. Absolutely no hassle please be warned you will need your router Password close to hand when you first turn on your Chromebook its is one of the first questions asked of you.

I'm not sure it is the right tool for my own requirements, however having said that if it was launched about 6 months ago it is exactly what was required for Dad. We may be doing a swap in the near future.

This does not mean I don’t like the Google Chromebook. I love it and I suspect some of my slight resistance is down to being so use to Windows and having to find a new way of working. New applications that work and meet my requirements its only day two and I am getting there.

It is a nifty little tool which I suspect will catch on very quickly and become the norm and probably will be the new Windows of the future.

The Chromebook I purchased was the Acer C7 I Chose it over the Samsung for the following reasons.

  1. I loved my Acer Travelmate that is coming to a sticky end through no fault of its own although I have to say it still limps along with a bit of a struggle.
  2. I like the familiar slate gray appearance  and the sturdiness of the Acer. It doesn't mean it is any better than the Samsung it is just a personal preference.
  3. I hated my Samsung Galaxy phone which a very soon swapped for something else once again it was a look touch and feel thing and I changed it for something more sturdy.

Yes I tried both makes but to be honest I just felt more comfortable with the Acer even the difference in price was not taken into consideration as I was willing to pay more.

With reference to the concept of Googlechrome. Great for those hooked on surfing the web, social media  and blogging that want an easy no hassle experience.

Not so great for those that have got use to Microsoft office, downloading applications installing applications but I think it is only a matter of time before Google Chromebook meets the challenge. I for one will stick with it.
OK OK So I have neglected my blog for a while. I have had different things going on but one of those things has led me to a thought. Some of you may be able to help me. I listened to the following Interview. My mind sort of went off in a tangent.

Mr Boles quite clearly states the Green Belt  is protected he wants to keep it  ! Good News to Me- However he followed it up with, people will have to accept that we build on some open land.

So my question is to Land and planning Techies

  1. Does Open Land which I presume means Open Countryside have different planning permissions to that of protected Green Belt?
  2. If so does anyone know where I can find the differences 

Whilst the media is jumping up and down about Green Belt Land should we not be concentrating on protecting the open Countryside that surrounds the Green Belt.

I think we all probably get mixed up at times.

Green Belt
Open Countryside

Two very different things as far as I can tell Green Belt is protected. Open Countryside appears to be fair game to any potential developer.

For Your Perusal an interactive Map of the UK Green Belts on the link below

Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
The Common Earlswood
Inc 318 20/11/2012 

Between 1pm-8.30pm offenders have gained entry via the rear of a property on The Common Earlswood. Offenders have conducted a untidy search of the upper parts of the property and taken a quantity of computer items. It is not believed offenders attempted to search the lower part of the property.

A neighbour reported seeing a white van reversed on the drive @3.30pm with 2 males seen going towards the property, he believed to be making a delivery, it is possible these were the offenders.
If anybody has any information please call 101 and quote the above inc number.
CrimeStoppers can be used to report information anonymously on 0800 555111

Earlswood Wildlife Partnership
Contact us at: ewp2010@btinternet.com or on 07528 595444              Newsletter 11
Bat walk – 10th August
One of the best bat walks to date because this time Paul brought the expertise and we brought the weather! A fine summer’s evening stroll starting at the Engine House and going around Terry’s Pool. It was breezy on the bridge but this is a great place for bat detecting and even with the “cheaper” detectors it was quite easy to distinguish between Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule and Daubenton’s Bat. We were even treated to what appeared to be a mother and baby Daubenton’s bat out on a training exercise, flying low over Terry’s Pool.
 (Afterwards, the Red Lion was serving Fuller’s “Summer Ale” (3.9%abv) which was excellent and then a slow walk home under a clear, starry canopy with Ursa Major, Bootes and Cygnus (constellations, not types of bat!) showing beautifully. – Ah!  The joys of living in Earlswood!)
Bat survey – 8th September
This survey revealed that almost 10% of the boxes we put up last year were occupied and in total 24 bats (9 Brown Long-eared bats and 15 Soprano Pipestrelles) were found. This really is an encouraging result!
Photo shows a Soprano Pipistrelle which we weighed at 4.5gms.
(For more photos and other interesting bat articles go to http://brumbats.wordpress.com/ -
Special thanks to Morgan Bowers)
Butterfly Survey
It has not been a good year for butterflies! The wet spring / summer has meant that pollinating insects have had a tough time so fruit and berry crops have suffered accordingly and this may have a knock on effect for birds and other creatures over the winter months. However we are still interested in receiving any butterfly survey forms, so please return them to 122 Malthouse Lane or hand them to any committee member to be passed on. We intend to carry out a bee survey next year – more information in next newsletter.
Reptile Survey

Our reptile surveys are continuing around the Earlswood area and to date we have found several grass snakes and some small mammals (and lots of ants that like the dry warm conditions under the survey sheets!). We are always interested in hearing about your sightings and if you have any photographs that is even better. As always we can be contacted on ewp2010@btinternet.com.
This beautiful grass snake was sighted resting near Terry’s Pool in August.
Dates for your diary
Dormouse Survey - Saturday 10th November 10.00am
Meet at Clowes Wood car park, Wood Lane. - We need to inspect and clean the tubes we installed earlier in the year so if you would like to come and help please do. We are not expecting to find dormice but you never know!

Winter Tree Identification Walk 15th December at 10:30am
Meet at Clowes Wood car park, Wood Lane
Bob Roberts
(Membership Secretary)
Its Strange,

When I look at Business trying to make a living, I really don’t blame them for exploring all avenues.

What disappoints me is the total lack of respect for their residential neighbours and how their actions and ideas will affect our life style,

I really do think there is a need to promote Rural local Business and not just say no every time they have a bright idea.  

I do think rural Business  as do residents have a responsibility to work together and come up with the right solutions  for the majority.

We shouldn’t just railroad each other, call it a strange thought but isn’t it just common sense. Business wants to make money (Simple) people want to live quietly get home from their place of work and forget (Simple) mean while we have Business making money whilst we try to live quietly.

Just throwing a few thoughts about randomly ;-)


Cllr. Howard Roberts: HEAR YOUR POLICE COMMISSIONER CANDIDATES DEBATE RU...: Next month we, the people of Warwickshire, will be voting to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner. The person elected will control loc...

I thought I would share this photo with you. Taken in Birmingham Last Monday or Tuesday on the way home.

CLICK HERE - To Read Dan Essex: Police & Crime Commissioners: In 27 days time, elections will be held across England and Wales to appoint the 41 new Police & Crime Commissioners whose job it will be...
As I watch Mike Downes go Global I can’t help but admire him and wish him the best of luck.

Unlike so many of us Mike appeared to reach a point and then left Local alone. However on the other hand he has guided some of us to become Hyper Local with his skills knowledge alongside the determination to persuaded others to go Global.

As my local community leaders start to wake up and realise there is a need for their presence on the web, for content to be updated on a regular basis in order to keep people up to date. I find myself reflecting on why I started blogging and now what I want to do next.       

So I sort of understand why Mike went Global but I still don’t think it is the right place for me.

I think I am going to go Micro Local and move on down instead of move on up.

I always was different. 

However I would Like to say to Mike Downes Thank you so much for your tips and advice and well done for your achievements.

Well here is a bit of news and I am really pleased to see Tanworth In Arden Parish Council now has a Twitter Account,

I must admit they haven’t used it a lot but its good to see and hopefully in the future they will use it for quick updates and messages. Their Tweet account is

Also its good to see we have the Arden Community Forum on Twitter

Why not give them a follow and keep in touch and informed with your local community.

I must admit it took me a while to find a use for Twitter however once I had sat down and worked out what interested me and found those organisations and people Tweeting away. I have really found it very useful.

I have to say I am still a Twitter fan rather than a Facebook Fan but am very slowly getting to grips with Facebook.

Like most of us I don’t like crime however my attention has been drawn to a telegraph article, naming and shaming criminals even showing mug shots.

OK I think it is fine if you are looking for someone connected with a crime to publish a mug shot,

However I think publishing photos of those who have already been convicted of a crime which I assume means they may be in prison or serving a sentence is slightly counter productive.

My reason for thinking this is there are so many organisations trying to rehabilitate those that have committed crimes and settle them back in to society as law abiding citizens is all very commendable however all the work is undone by naming and shaming all over the web.

It means they won’t get a job which means they won’t have money which means they will fall back into crime in order to survive.

As I say I can understand it if Police are trying to track a suspect but not if they are already convicted and serving a sentence. It is counter productive.

In short

If we name and shame we are not in a position to rehabilitate.
If we rehabilitate we are not in a position to name and shame.

Just a few thoughts
Well with all this talk about the PCC elections obviously it go me to thinking about crime. I have always with permission posted our Police Messages however realised they were scattered all over the place and easily lost within the blog, as on the whole I post them as and when I receive them.

I decided to collate all of the 2012 ones I had received and put them all in one place for ease of reference. So I have added a new page to the blog dedicated to our Police Messages. 

You will find the link on the first tab at the top of the page or on the link below


I will still post them on the home page of the blog as and when I receive them however I thought an archive would be interesting. 

Whilst I was looking at the ever growing list I noticed it is not a comprehensive list as I know of at least three incident that is not listed.
Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
Poolhead Lane Tanworth
Posted With Permission
Thursday  11th October

Inc 164 11/10/12
Between 1115-1415 offenders have forced the locks on a set of patio doors to gain entry to a property on Poolhead Lane Tanworth. Once inside they have conducted an untidy search of the property and removed numerous electrical items from within. Also taken were spare keys to both the property and vehicles which were not at the property at the time.
A TV set was left in hallway having been removed from bracket in living area, indicating possibly being disturbed by occupant returning at 1415.
If anybody has seen or heard anything in relation to this crime please call 101 and quote the above inc number.
Crime can be reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers 0800 555111
Home security risk assessments are available on request, please contact myself by any of the contact methods listed below.
David Martin                    
Alcester North
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwickshire Police     
01789 444816            
Work Mobile 0792 3288641

Refuse and recycling collection calendar & Zone 


Your collection day for EARLSWOOD is Monday

You are located in Zone 1
Please ensure your bins are available from 6.00am on the morning of your collection.
Please note that your bins will be collected as normal over bank holidays (with the exception of Christmas & New Year).

Your Collections

    Rubbish Collected (Grey Bin)
    Recycling & Green Waste Collected (Blue Lid & Green Bin)


October 2012
November 2012

Missed bins

If your bin was not collected on your collection day then please report it using our online report form.
Visit the Missed Bin Report Form
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Whilst catching up with what is happening around Earlswood & Forshaw Heath something has really niggled me. 

I am beginning to think we have one or two new Residents Associations. Probably just a couple of typos but all the same it niggles me.

Firstly I see Earlswood and Forshaw Heath Residents Association referred to As Earlswood Residents Association in the Community Forum Leaflets.

Then in the Portfolio meeting for speed I see the Association referred to as Earlswood Common Residents Association.

Folks it is Earlswood & Forshaw Heath Residents Association.

Anyone would think there weren't any Residents living in 

Forshaw Heath

If no one can get the basics right ie names titles of organisations or even the Right Spelling of somewhere they represent what hope have we all got 

It brings in to question the accuracy  of everything else!!!!

It is shameful that the basics are not correct.
Oh well we tried to get it down to 40 MPH like the Top end and the soon to be bottom(Rumbush Lane Solihull)

Full portfolio meeting can be found on the following link.

Reference 7 – Forshaw Heath Road / Forshaw Heath Lane / Mill Lane / Poolhead Lane.

Jo Edwards advised that all objectors would prefer the proposed 50mph speed limit to be reduced to a 40mph speed limit. However, the Department for Transport issued strict criteria in respect of the setting of speed limits and any further reduction than the proposed 50mph would also be contrary to County Council policy.

Councillor Perry reported that he had been on a site visit to the area and had also undertaken consultation with local residents. Within the current 60mph speed limit, drivers’ mean speed along the road was recorded at 45mph; therefore it was anticipated that a reduction to 50mph would also reduce the level of mean speed. In light of this, Councillor Perry was in support of the proposed Speed Limit Order.

Councillor Butlin outlined the importance in ensuring that the County Council’s speed limit policy was applied consistently across the county. Based on the road characteristics and environment, he considered that the 50mph speed limit was appropriate and therefore, the advertised Speed Limit Order, Reference 7, was approved.

Proposed Speed Limits
Proposed Speed Limit Objection
Ref: 7
Location: Forshaw Heath Road/Forshaw Heath Lane/Mill Lane/Poolhead Lane
Dwg No. SE/LJW/12/D5003
Existing Speed Limit: 60mph Proposed Speed Limit: 50mph

Objections and Reasons –

Objections 1, 2, and 3.

All objectors would prefer the proposed 50mph speed limits to be reduced to 40mph speed limits.

Comments received from local residents (not formal objections) -

Objection 4

In March 2011, 34 residents of the village requested a 40mph limit. Due to several unrecorded incidents of vehicles going off the road, and the general environment of the roads. In addition, Solihull MBC are currently consulting on changes to speed limits in the area, and are proposing 40mph limits on roads that lead into Warwickshire. The new consultation issued by DfT, suggests that local authorities should work together to have the same speed limits across boundary routes.

I am not sure why this is not formal- 34 residents filled in an official Building Safer Neighbourhoods together issued by Warwickshire Police at the Henley and Studley Community Forum now called the Arden Community Forum. 

Objection 5

It is the general consensus of local residents that 50mph is too fast for these local roads.Concerns raised over the proposals by Solihull to make some adjoining roads 40mph, and the boundary interfaces being different.

Objection 6

It is the general consensus that 50mph is too fast for these local roads.
Solihull are proactively responding to the recent consultation issued by DfT for rural and semi rural roads, by proposing 30mph and 40mph limits in their Borough. The volume of traffic on Forshaw Heath Road is sufficient to merit a mush lower limit, ideally of 30mph. it make no sense that Solihull and Warwickshire Councils are not working together when they have a
boundary Borough line, a point which is recommended in the new guidance consultation.

Police Comments –

Warwickshire Police will not support the proposal, however they have not formally objected. 

This is contradictory how can you say the Police will not support the proposal but they have not formally objected. 

Portfolio Holder 0912/ww1b(iv) 10.9.12 B (iv) 2 of 2

Officer Comments –

When setting speed limits there are strict criteria which has to be
applied, (as issued by the Department for Transport), and this includes the
mean speed of existing vehicles, the environment and any relevant accident
data. The proposed limit of 50mph meets this criteria and any lower speed
limit would be contrary to County Council policy. Extensive research issued by the Department for Transport), has found that inappropriate speed limits i.e. where the posted limit is too low for the environment, results in drivers simply ignoring the speed limit, which results in even higher speeds. Although the proposed limit will be posted with 50mph signs, this does not mean that
drivers will attempt to travel at 50mph, as the majority of drivers choose their speed according to the environment. The signs will indicate that 50mph is the maximum speed and are not intended to be a target. 

Recommendation – It is recommended that this proposal is implemented as advertised.

My Thoughts:

Full of inconsistencies and totally contradictory in places

These are not minutes

Work This One Out

I went into a shop to buy a coat. I didn't try it on because I had already tried one on exactly the same size make and design colour, from the same shop earlier in the day.

I went back and purchased the coat. I didn't just rely on the size on the coat hanger I checked the label attached to the coat. and trotted off quite happily with my purchase confident it would be OK.

When I got to the office I tried the coat on. The confusion starts it fitted but there was not enough room to wear an additional layer under it if needed.

I checked the label again it was the size I wanted and the size I had tried on earlier. I laughed when I checked the sewn in tag Said XL as opposed the  sale label of Large.

Well yes I could be classed as a bit dumpy but I am not XL. The only reason I wanted a Large coat was so as I could comfortably fit a woolly pully under it if it got cold.

I took it back to the shop where I explained the problem of the sewn in tag and the sales label they happily took it off me and I went hunting around for a coat hanger, Sales tag and sewn in label that all said the same.

This time I tried my large purchase on in the shop and to be honest thought this feels like I can swim in it and there was space for several woolly pullies. I was too embarrassed to say anything as a que was forming behind me and I was rushed

Once again I went back to the office and tried on my purchase again where my dear team persuaded me to take it back again in short they were trying to say I looked like a sack of potatoes and net alone large they thought I had purchased and XXL coat. I showed them the labels both said Large.

Off I went again and tried explaining to the member of staff in the shop the sizing of the coat was not right. She looked at me unbelieving  Piped up and said try a medium, I don’t want a medium I want a large to put my extra jumper under

In short

I started off with a large which was a medium and had a tag in it saying XL.

I went back exchanged it for a coat that felt way to big and was probably an XL marked up as large

I ended up with a coat marked as Medium but was the same size as the large coat I had tried on in the first place.

Confused or what
Police Message
Shed Breaks Earlswood
Posted With Permission

Inc 202 & 258 23/09/2012
We have had 2 reports of shed breaks along Shutt Lane Earlswood. It is believed the breaks took place @3am Sunday morning. The time was logged by a alarm that was monitoring 1 of the sheds. From this one nothing was taken, however petrol driven equipment was removed from the other.
There were reports of a male acting suspicious around the area on Thursday evening, but there was no trace on a area search conducted on Police arrival.
We are further forward in the process of obtaining shed alarms to be made available at manufacturers cost price, and hope to have these very soon for interested residents.
Door to door sellers
There has been an increase recently in the cloth sellers selling from a holdall. These people are usually ex-offenders trying to make a living.
Anybody knocking doors to sell products need a Pedlars Certificate, and below is the legislation that gives you the right to ask to see it, and the sellers obligation to show it on request. The certificate is different to the i.d.badge they carry, and has not been replaced by any other document.
I would recommend to any resident being paid a visit by such a sales person to state the following.
" I have been advised by my local Policing team to request to see your current Pedlars Certificate, before I will consider buying anything, if you do not have one, the Police have asked me to call them and let them know ".

    Legislation To Demand to See Certificate
Section 17 of the Pedlars Act 1871 requires a pedlar to produce his certificate to certain persons on demand. Refusal to do so would be an offence.
17 Any pedlar  shall at all times, on demand, produce and show his certificate  to any of the following persons; (that is to say,)
    1 Any justice of the peace; or
    2 Any
     constable  or officer of police; or
    3 Any person to whom such pedlar offers his goods for sale; or
    4 Any person in whose private grounds or premises such pedlar is found.
In other areas where the sales person has been challenged, once they are aware they will be asked for the certificate, they have moved on to another softer touch area to ply there wares.
For your info the certificates last 12 months and the dates are clearly marked. Having an out of date certificate is the same as not having one.
I have a limited number of "We do not buy at the door, do not knock or ring the bell" stickers that are available on a first come basis.
Ok its my blog I am going to pass comment on the Electric Light Orchestra as we know from a previous post they did a Demo in Forshaw Heath many years ago.

You will need sound on your PC for this

Forshaw Heath isn’t a stranger to rock and musical people. They PoP up all over the place, pardon the sarcastic pun J

As I listen full blast to Roll Over Beethoven by ELO which by the way I hated when I was a teenager.

I suddenly at the age of XYZ Listen to it and think how flipping clever was that? And I actually like it

Strangely enough I find my self quietly  or not as the case may be rocking, bopping. Dancing and appreciating the clever use of music and orchestras.

Its strange how taste changes as you get older. Thank you ELO
I love a good game football, I don't really care who is playing as long as it is a good game as "Brucie" once said and I don't mean Steve Bruce.

My OH is a complete and utter BCFC fan. 

Last night as I took a peak at the scores before he was due home from the match all I could say was Oh Dear Oh Dear. 

It is Sunday and all I can still say is Oh Dear, I was going to revert to being a Villa Fan but that wasn't much better.

The other half has now banned the mention of football in the house and all I can say is Oh Dear and chuckle. :-)
Well long time no blog. Autumn is here and the heating is on the blog has had a face lift to reflect the time of year.

The social media buttons don't work yet but I am getting there slowly.

It has actually been a busy two or three weeks with so much going on locally.Lots of learning went on. Lets stay away from that as I might say something I regret, suffice to say I am not particularly happy.

Having a blog with a few visitors’ means I have to refrain and try to be slightly more tactful. Which to be honest is not my strongest attribute. In fact foot in mouth and think about it later.

The one thing about having a blog that no one visits is I could at least have a quiet moan to myself.

Memo to ones self remember to think first and speak later.

Moving On

On my return to work I had interviews for a new member staff new position. Its not so long ago I was doing the same thing its like ground hog day.

I cannot get over the volume of applicants for a new part time vacancy. By the time the HR department sifted the applicants down we were ready to interview, Once again I am astounded by the sheer lack of manners of some people.

They don’t even bother to attend their interview net alone have the courtesy to pick the phone up and cancel. These people due to their lack of manners have removed the job opportunity from someone else. I really don’t get it. Its no skin off my nose if they have changed their mind but to do so and not let us know is totally selfish to other applicants.

Suffice to say my faith in human nature is slowly diminishing.