Many of you will know I got really hooked on the Bald Eagles Live cam last year. As I watched the tweets today on my tweet stream I noticed the Lamb Cam from Umberslade Hall and in a strange way it reminded me of  last years Eagles.

Well folks the Eagles are back and doing their thing they started courting if that's what you call it yesterday and their web cam started broadcasting yesterday as always there may or may not be something to watch. There are adverts on the video stream

But welcome back to the 

Decorah Eagles

The amount of hits I have had on my blog with the wording Dickens Hill is unusual. It wasn't until I googled Dickens Hill I realised the press were talking about Dickens Heath. Except they had renamed it Dickens Hill

To start off with where an earth is Dickens Hill Solihull shouldn’t that read Dickens Heath. 

Lazy Press reporting by various news organisations.

Does any one in Earlswood know where Dickens Hill is?
Does anyone in Solihull know where Dickens Hill is?
Is There a Dickens Hill in Solihull

National Press get it wrong. It's Dickens Heath

So if they got a simple thing like location wrong in one report! What other facts in other reports are wrong?

Use Them Or Lose Them!

Picture take from
I want to know what has taken so long for people to realise this.

As most our local pubs become eating houses without a public bar where the locals meet, greet and chat call it Early doors relax and catch up about all things local.

I don’t understand what was wrong with a public bar the Locals could do their thing and the visitors could eat and meet in piece and quiet.

As far as I see it whilst all the Pubs turn into cheap 241 restaurants nothing special, the community atmosphere of a local bar has been erased off the face of the earth.

I don’t bother with our local pubs any more just because they offer nothing for the local people have a sterile environment and feel and look like airport waiting lounges or a twee Bistro

I will tell you what lets introduce a local bar where locals can meet and greet what a great idea! Talk about reinventing the wheel.

The only place anywhere locally we go is a place where they appear to have got it right. (The Weather Oak ,Coach & Horses) I can take my dog I can sit in a bar, I don’t have to worry about scruffy jeans and no make up and I can relax. Trouble is I can’t have a drink to experience what I enjoy about a public bar because I have to drive to it.

I went to a local pub this time last year. It doesn’t matter which one of the locals it was but having got there ordered a drink for the OH and Dad we ended up battling and then outside in the cold because of a christening. No space for the locals they ended up outside and in the cold. Suffice to say I haven’t been back.

So as I see it  we have lost touch with some of those things that helped make up a Local Community, put the world to rights idle gossip and relaxing, good ideas and communication.

If this government want a big society. The Big society starts at local level and is the small society. The trouble is the small society tools for example (Local Pubs) have been taken over by those who don’t give a damn about the Locals and their needs.
I quite simply think a bonus should be paid when someone reaches a target or does something outstanding and deserves additional recognition. A bonus is not a right it is a reward for a job well done or a target met.

Why we all expect a bonus is beyond me. You go to do a job and one would hope you did it to the best of your ability. If the boss thinks for one reason and another you are worth an additional financial reward. That is a bonus and should be appreciated but it shouldn't be expected.

The recipient of that bonus will know if they have really deserved it and have a choice of saying this bonus is best placed else where

With reference to the banking saga there are two issues.

a) If the banker achieved her/his set targets as set down in their current contract. Rightly or morally wrong they should be paid their bonus what they do with it then is their business. That must come under Employment Law, there is no getting out of it.

b) It is not the Bankers fault! Those who drew up their current contract, also agreed /missed or overlooked the current bonus scheme are to blame.

So the ball is in the court of the HR and Legal departments. If the bloke did enough to meet his targets as per his contract, no one has the right to with hold it from him.

I can remember my own first bonus, it was totally unexpected, It was appreciated and a total surprise in a pay check. £300.00 I wasn't set goals or targets my CEO of the time just thought I had done something worth a little extra and rewarded me for it.

That is the difference a bonus wasn't expected but it was given and it was all those years ago just that A BONUS I have never expected it since and as far as I was concerned a 1 off.

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet has agreed to enter into an Armed Forces Community Covenant at its meeting today.

Last year, the Secretary of State for Defence issued the Armed Forces Covenant, an expression of the country’s moral obligation to armed forces personnel, past and present, and their families.

The Ministry of Defence proposed that local authorities enter into an Armed Forces Community Covenant, a voluntary statement of support between the civilian community and the local armed forces community which complements the government scheme. In Warwickshire, this will help former service personnel to access services such as housing, social care, health care and education for themselves and their families

The county council will also work with other groups in the area, including the Warwickshire Veterans Partnership. Administered by Warwickshire Probation, this comprises a range of local public bodies, charities and individuals who represent service personnel.

As well as the Veterans Partnership, the council will also look to include other bodies such as the district and borough councils, Coventry City Council, Solihull Borough Council, veterans’ associations, local health authorities and the private sector through the Local Enterprise Partnership.

With a Community Covenant in place, the county council will be well positioned to lead on bids for part of a £30million grant scheme which will be available over the next four years. These can be for sums of between £100 and £250,000 to be used in projects supporting armed forces personnel in civilian life.

The veteran population in Warwickshire, based on those drawing a services pension, is around 3,000 whilst there are two territorial army bases in the county and regimental headquarters ate Bramcote and Kineton. In all, around 5,000 personnel live in the county.

Cllr Bob Stevens, deputy leader of Warwickshire County Council and the President of the Warwickshire Royal British Legion, said: “I am delighted to show the commitment of the county council to helping the personnel of the armed forces.

“We will ensure that county council services are more readily available to them and their families. Also, by working with the Veterans’ Partnership, we will be well placed to gain access to funds that can help us to make a real difference in the lives of these people and their families. It is right that we do this, given the sacrifices that these people have made on our behalf.”
I couldn't resist this gadget  from the OU a photo fit tool it is surprising how difficult it is to create a face even when you see it every day net alone a quick glimpse at someone you don't know. I Just had to share it because I found it interesting. It does take time to load. The face book connect is that of the OU

Police Message
Burglary Earlswood
Inc 72 22/01/2012 
Burglary Shutt Lane Earlswood. Between 1800hrs Saturday and 0820 Sunday, offenders have kicked in the plastic panel on a upvc door at the rear of the property. The offenders have then locked the front door whilst conducting a search of the property, before taking items including jewellery from the address.

Also last week there were a number of sheds and outbuildings entered along Shutt Lane with entry to the gardens gained via fields at the rear. Nothing was reported as being taken.
If you have any information that can assist in the burglary mentioned please call 101 and quote the inc number, or call anonymously to crimestoppers 0800 55511.
Free burglary risk assessments and crime prevention advice available on request.
Please if you see any vehicles in the area acting in a manner that brings it to your attention as being unusual, take a note of the registration mark and pass it on to myself via any of the methods listed below.

David Martin
Alcester North
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwickshire Police     
01789 444816            
Work Mobile 0792 3288641
Well its been a while since I tested the Broadband speed and I was in for a surprise. It got quicker see below but it is still struggling compared to a lot.


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I would like to wish my visitors a Happy New Year. 

My little blog has become quite busy with a few regular visitors. OK so its still a quiet blog compared to many and I must admit I have taken a bit of a break away from it. Work commitments don’t allow the brain capacity and the little grey cells to tick as much as they did.

Its great to see the Residents Association online at long last I suspect they are also building on their visitors and readers.

I am still disappointed that Warwickshire Police don’t seem to be embracing technology although I do omit our Local Community Officer who emails me some of the incidents and Police Watch messages and gave permission for me to post them.

Apology - To Warwickshire Police - Please see below as they did embrace a live chat tweet session on 22/12/11 I can't believe I missed it. See below for transcript.

Just looking back at some of my posts and some of the fantastic work Local Residents do.

Earlswood Lakes Partnership has been really busy as has the Residents Association and the Parish Council. Sometimes I wish I could take part in it all but time just doesn’t allow.

What an exciting year Earlswood has this year. Our first Fete’ in what must now be approx 15 years is in the process of being organised.

The 30k grant for the Earlswood Heritage project

And the Olympic torch visiting our neck of the woods. 

Well just in case you are interested.

The top 10 pages on my blog over the year are as follows

  • The news of the arrival of the Olympic torch
  • The Police Watch messages
  • Earlswood Lakes Partnership news
  • My stats tell a tale
  • The Earlswood Methodist Church Fete’
  • Solihull Speed Review
  • Shiny new trains
  • My Mini Monsters
  • HS2
  • Earlswood Cross Roads Consultation
Once again
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year