Today was the day. I let the Cats out. 

I did let our Cats out and what did they do? run back inside at the slightest sound of a bird and were real scared cats.

All they have done all day is step foot outside and then rush back in only to hide in the Kitchen Cupboard.

Pixie and Dixie are now young ladies and are no longer Kittens. I know I need to let them go and let them learn their own lessons but it is so difficult.
I think it is great that Tidbury Green now has a web presence. Like Earlswood it is a small community that straddles borders.

I noticed the notice boards in the later part of 2011 and Do you know whats great ? they are still intact and don't appear to need locking up.

What did make me smile was the "Standing Orders" If that wasn't written by an ex HM Forces person I think I will eat my hat. What perplexes me is that Parish Councils  and all that they do is public information as a matter of course. So why you would have to ask permission to transmit a meeting in one way or another. That  slightly concerns me. 

If the Government can have cameras and live  broadcasts so can our 1st tier of Local Organisations.

Its all about accountability and responsibility. As for verbatim those Parish Clerks that can still do short hand will naturally record things verbatim. Those that can't will record and type what they remember.

So the way I see it is if a meeting is physically recorded as in (Sound)  there is no argument and everyone becomes accountable and Responsible for what they say and it is recorded for prosperity.
Well its that time of year, I looked at my blog yesterday and decided it could do with a bit of a spring clean and a little bit of neatness. So could my house but that's been put on the back burner for the moment. I suspect it was the lovely sunshine and the clear sky that prompted me to have a change around.

The method behind my madness is that all things official are on the left hand side and top tabs and all things of interest and social media type things are on the right and in the middle is my ramblings and musings. 

As I tinkered with the blog, I once again couldn't get over the amount of freely available tools and web applications that are out there. It is a wonder that anyone pays for anything web orientated any more. With a bit of time and interest it is all out there ready to be used by the likes of you and I.

I suppose once you get over the snobbery of having someone else's logo or name your on your way.Remind me to provide a list of tried and tested  links to all the available free software that has proved so useful for personal and work purposes. There appears to be something for everyone and every purpose and I suspect I have only just scratched the surface.

I have to say whilst looking at my blog it could do with a few more visual effects. As I look at it now it is a blog full of text and there really isn't anything stimulating about it. Which is great if you want information and don't mind reading a lot. I suppose the next task is to find a few photos.

This time last year I started tweeting I now have it on the mobile phone and enjoy the odd update and find it useful. Facebook! I am still struggling with Facebook and can't quite get to grips with it. However I know from just talking to people there is a need to do both as there are those that Love Facebook and those that love Twitter. 

The other thing I have tried is Wordpress for blogging once again I can't quite get to grips with it and am not sure if I like it or not. The one thing I have tried and dislike is Google + and I really can't put my finger on why I dislike it. Which is strange because I prefer Google Chrome over Internet Explorer, I prefer Google Search over the Microsoft Bing. I don't like the way my Blog looks in Internet Explorer but do prefer how it looks in Google Chrome However I prefer microsoft hotmail over google mail and I really don't know why!

Do I want my Blog to famous, Nah I certainly don't  do I want it to be informative, Yes I do! Do I want to share my thoughts? Yes I suppose I do otherwise I wouldn't have started it in the first place. There is so much to think about
Recently Earlswood Nurseries tweeted how you would improve EN. I am some what resistant in answering the question,

However if you don’t like the answer the question shouldn’t have been asked in the first place.

As a Local I hate the prison type fencing and only hope you will use it to your advantage and grow a few seasonal creepy type plants up it to hide the Prison look.

Please can you stock Felix cat food especially the Fishy Flakes one as the Kittens/Cats hate Whiskers of any description to the point of not eating it even if hungry.

BTW  the solar powered lights I purchased last year are great and recharge “as long as there is sunshine” They work a treat at this time of year! 
As I start to update my blog and give it a makeover. I realise something about myself. I hate things being out of date or incorrect it really irritates me. Once again the 3rd year running I am trying to promote Parish Council Meetings make dates of meetings available to my small audience and once again I am presented with the 2011 meeting dates not 2012 last year it was 2010 not 2011 and the year before 2009 not 2010. I have to say I am fed up of being discrete and giving gentle reminders. I only hope when the new PC website is created such a simple basic thing will be up to date. 
Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
Inc 166 20/02/2012
Poolhead Lane Tanworth, at around 1430hrs the owners returned home to see a male described as white, wearing jeans and a blue woollen hat approx 5'8" exiting the house and running towards a small white van parked further down the road. Entry had been gained by smashing a double glazed unit at the rear of the property.
It is believed that a small amount of jewellery has been taken.
Inc 230 21/02/2012
Danzey Green Tanworth in Arden, between 0845-1600, entry gained via rear door, no damage reported at present, offenders have made a tidy search of the house. At present it is unknown if any items taken.
There was also burglaries in Wootton Wawen and Claverdon where a small white van has been seen in the vicinity. Details of this van were obtained by a vigilant neighbour and these details are being investigated.
If anybody has any information please call 101 and quote the inc number. Calls can be made anonymously to CrimeStoppers 0800 555111
Today for one reason and another I have done a breakdown of Regions and counties with in the UK.

All was going swimmingly well and Regions well defined

East and West Midlands were clearly defined
Yorkshire and Humberside were clearly defined
The North East and North West clearly defined
The south East and South West were clearly defined.

Why is it! London nicks a bit of

East Anglia
South East

It seems to me anything that borders on London becomes London

Parish Magazine Report from January 2012

The Parish Council met on Thursday 19th January at 19.30 hours in Tanworth Village Hall.

Four members of the public were present. District Councillor Atkinson, District Councillor Oakley and County Councillor Perry were also present at the meeting.

A member of the public from Alderhanger Lane addressed the Parish Council. She handed out maps to show where all the residents live in relation to the lay-by on the A435. She reported that although flooding does occur the locals know which roads to use to get through. She questioned how the Parish Council had reached the decision to support keeping the lay-by open. She said that people in Blind Lane have seen the sexual activity and have stopped walking their dogs in that area.

A member of the public then questioned what the Parish Council’s position is regarding undertaking a Housing Needs Survey. He had attended the Earlswood Residents’ Association’s meeting and wanted to know what the future held with the change to the planning rules. He was informed that if the Parish Council decides to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan, a Housing Needs Survey may need to be undertaken as part of this.

It was also asked if the alterations at the crossroads in Earlswood were the extent of the work to be carried out or would there be any further improvements to the junction. County Councillor Perry said that the junction was still being looked at but the problems have occurred with the utilities which run down the side of The Reservoir Public House in Valley Road. There will be a site visit in the next few weeks. The part which has been built out has helped. Councillor Perry is trying to get more electronic signs on The Common which will help to reduce accidents in the interim period.

It was reported by Jenny Buckley that the overflowing bin at 133 The Common has finally been emptied. It took a month to get the rubbish cleared and the District Council eventually got the bin men to do it.

Jenny also reported that there was to be a ‘Lakes Clean-up’ on February 5th.

County Councillor Perry gave his report:

Councillor Perry said that at an Alderhanger Lane meeting with the police, Worcestershire County Council said that they are not keen to close the lay-by again on the A435. Councillor Perry reiterated that Warwickshire are not responsible for this lay-by, therefore alternative ways of ridding the area of the anti-social behaviour are being looked at.

As residents are very concerned over the speed limit in Forshaw Heath Lane, Councillor Perry is trying to secure £10,000 funding to get the speed limit reduced from 60mph to 50mph.

Councillor Perry reported that he is also bidding for £6,000 to improve the signage at Cut Throat Lane.

The library will now be in the Methodist Church Hall next to the fish and chip shop in Henley. It opens on April 1st with 60 volunteers. It has taken a lot of effort from the local community. There are 16 community libraries with 14 still being run by the County Council resulting in a saving of £2.5m on the library budget. The mobile library will stay unchanged for the time being and will be reviewed in 2014.

It looks likely that there will be no rise in the Council Tax.

Warwickshire County Council opposed the HS2 project. They will support residents of the county as much as possible.

There is 14,000 tons of grit in stock. Warwickshire grit more roads than other County Councils but if there are any roads causing concern which aren’t on the gritting route then Bryn Patefield can be contacted at the County Council and he will arrange for the road to be gritted if necessary.

Councillor Atkinson gave his report:

Councillor Atkinson began by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. He went on to say that the 3rd draft of the Core Strategy is out soon and he is working to get a seminar in this area. It needs good input from the Parish Council and the community as it will be relevant until 2028.

Councillor Atkinson said that he had sent through to the Parish Council information from the Sailing Club who wanted to be involved in celebrating the Olympic Torch passing through Earlswood.

Confirmation had been received this afternoon that the chiller has been demolished at Cank Farm. The date for demolition had been appealed against, but was thrown out by the High Court.

Councillor Atkinson stated that the lay-by on the A435 belongs to Worcestershire and they have no intention of closing it. Therefore, alternative ways of ridding the area of the anti-social behaviour are being looked at. Councillor Atkinson feels that the Parish Council was misguided in their support for keeping the lay-by open.

Councillor Oakley gave his report:

Councillor Oakley reported that in the High Court last week the judge had ruled that the order wouldn’t change for Summers Poultry. Councillor Oakley hopes that under the Proceeds of Crime Act monies will be put back in to the public purse.

Councillor Oakley reported that the 3 toilets in Stratford which are going to cost 20p to use are predominantly used by tourists so Councillor Oakley is supporting this measure. This will bring in £200,000 per annum.

At the Community Forum in December the residents voted for their 3 police priorities. Burglaries in Earlswood, Henley and surrounding areas were one of the priorities so there will be 24 extra patrols carried out.

Councillor Oakley supported what Councillor Atkinson had said regarding the 3rd Draft Core Strategy and suggested that the Parish Council needs to think about their response to this so that our feelings about the way we want to see our parish develop are taken into account. The possibility of the creation of a Country Park based on Earlswood Lakes, Clowes Wood and New Fallings Coppice is to be included in the 3rd Draft Core Strategy.

The Parish Council then went on to discuss the formation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

It was agreed that a working party should be formed to look in to creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Parish Council decided to appoint John McAdam to create a new website for them. It was agreed to give Earlswood Village Hall a grant of £4,000 to go towards the extension of the museum.

Councillor Willmott confirmed that the lease has now been signed and the building of the new office at the rear of the village hall will commence very soon.

It was decided to form a working party comprising of Councillor Jones, Councillor Bettam, Councillor Keogh, Jenny Buckley and Julie White to decide how best to celebrate the passing through Earlswood on July 1st of the Olympic Torch.

It was agreed that permission is given for the siting of a memorial bench in Malthouse Leisure Park for a former resident of Malthouse Lane, Roger Eaborn.

Councillor Stanton reported that there have been a few suggestions for a replacement tree on the village green. The favourite suggestions so far are the Small Leaved Lime which is truly native and the Sweet Chestnut which arrived over here in Roman times. The Sweet Chestnut also has a nice bark. It was also mentioned that prices should be sought for the iron work to protect the new tree. There was also a suggestion to unearth the well and have a wishing well.

The full minutes are available on our website or from the Parish Office in Earlswood Craft Centre, Wood Lane. The next meeting will be on March 15th at Tanworth Village Hall and April 19th at Earlswood Village Hall, at 7.30pm. Anyone is welcome to come and listen or if you have an issue that you would like to raise, there is a Public Forum at 7.30pm. If you would like us to start e-mailing a Parish Newsletter, please just e-mail the parish office at and we will add you to our circulation list. If anyone has a matter which they would like us to pass on to PCSO Dave Martin, please give us the details and we will pass them on. If it is of a confidential nature, then you are welcome to leave a sealed envelope in the parish office addressed to PCSO Dave Martin and we will hand it over unopened. Don’t forget that PCSO Martin will be giving crime prevention advice or addressing local concerns at his mobile police surgeries which are on the first Friday of each month. You can contact PCSO Martin on 07923 288641.
What a shame about Whitney Houston. I just don't understand why such talented people who reach fame and fortune appear to hit the self destruct button. 

Obviously the cause of Whitney Houstons death has not been revealed as of yet but I was thinking of the last few troubled years where she was reported has having addictions of one sort of another.

What causes these people to do this type of thing? The world is their oyster they can do anything they like. They don't even need to perform if they don't want to. Perhaps it is just that they have nothing else to achieve and are just bored stupid.

You never know it may be something just as simple as the viewing public have an unrealistic perception of a young talented singer and actress and have an expectation that the real person is the one portrayed in the film "Body Guard" when in actual fact it may be the furthest thing from the truth. 

The stress of keeping up an expected persona must be incredible. Can you imagine never being able to be yourself because the whole world expect you to be someone different. It must be like living in a a goldfish bowl. 
My goodness me will they stop at nothing! Last night thieves attempted to steal a gate off a field in Forshaw Heath Road. Apparently they left it behind having been disturbed. It was a metal gate so no doubt it was destined for the scrap heap in the sky. 
It’s nearly time to let the Mini Monsters out to face the big wide world and have some outside adventures they are almost 6 months old and other than the odd visit to the vets have known nothing different to being inside. Primarily because they are female cats and I didn’t want them out before they had been spayed and I didn’t want them spayed ridiculously early

I am so nervous about letting them out.

Dixie is memorised by the snow. Pixie just wants to be warm and be comfortable.

Looking at some of the photos I should have just called them Ying and Yang they are total opposites but not! if that makes any sense, Shy, Nervous but adventurous and then Confident, chilled out and anything but adventurous.

My Mini Monsters are growing fast

I must admit I am somewhat perplexed as to the constant weather warnings. It seems to me that the news seems to think if they say it often enough we will believe the snow is bad. As my Dad said when he wakes up to more than 1 foot of snow he might start to get concerned

I love the snow and am somewhat disappointed with the latest snow fall. It’s nothing compared to what I remember as a child. Is it me or have we been slowly unconditioned to cope with such weather.

OK so yes parts of the country got caught out last year and were totally unprepared. Then again perhaps the severity wasn’t reported as vigorously as our few cm of snow on Saturday.

Yesterday I went to my local Tescos to do a bit of weekend shopping I was totally taken a back by the lack of food on the shelves and not a flake of snow had fallen at that point.

The more cynical side of me wouldn’t be at all surprised if the beefing up of the snow reports was a cunning plan to get everyone into the shops stripping the shelves and in panic buy mode just to knock the 1st quarter profits up. Many a true word said in jest!

I really don’t understand why everyone appears to be surprised it has snowed. For gods sake it is winter. That’s what is expected in the winter, Snow and freezing weather. We have so far got away with a very mild winter and a little bit of snow so far this year.

As for Heathrow and BA cancelling a third of its flights before the snow fell yet again only personal opinion but that’s like sticking a plaster on a gaping wound. The root cause of the problem from listening to the news is that Heathrow is at 99% air traffic capacity and planes can’t take off and land as quickly as they can in normal conditions so a small delay has a knock on affect. Well surely the problem is with the capacity and not allowing enough time between take off and landing. Perhaps that should be addressed. It seems to me if Heathrow is at 99% capacity they haven’t got a lot of room for manoeuvre should anything go wrong.

Police Message

Burglary Dwelling

Tanworth in Arden

Inc 300 31/01/2012

Burglary dwelling at Arden Leys Tanworth in Arden. between 0645-1840hrs offenders have forced entry to a upvc door causing considerable damage. Once inside they have used keys inside to gain access to patio doors and entry to main parts of the property. Offenders have used owners own tools to remove TV from the wall, and have also taken computers and other electronic equipment and jewellery. Spare keys for the owners vehicles have also been taken in the theft.

It is likely these items would have been loaded into a vehicle either on Arden Leys or on Broad Lane.

Also @midnight on Tuesday morning an offender was caught on camera entering an insecure vehicle on Forshaw Heath Lane Earlswood, offender is also witnessed checking other vehicles on the driveway, on seeing they were secured offender moves on. A search of the car was conducted including in the boot, and a quantity of money removed.

On the same night/morning a further 2 insecure vehicles were entered on the same driveway in Poolhead Lane Tanworth, with a small amount of money taken from 1, and a toolkit from the other.

Also on Biddles Hill Earlswood another car was entered. The owner believes he secured the vehicle however no damage was found, and the sat nav that was in the door card had been taken.

Incident numbers for these in the order are inc 161, inc 83 and inc 31 all 0f 31/01/2012.

If you have any information that can assist in the burglary mentioned please call 101 and quote the inc number, or call anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 55511.

Free burglary risk assessments and crime prevention advice available on request.
Please ensure all valuables are removed from vehicles, and it is advised to manually check the doors of your vehicle have been locked, evidence suggests that these are opportunist thefts.

Please if you see any vehicles in the area acting in a manner that brings it to your attention as being unusual, take a note of the registration mark and pass it on to myself via any of the methods listed below.

David Martin


Alcester North

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Warwickshire Police

01789 444816

Work Mobile 0792 3288641