Well it just goes to show. The residents of the Tanworth ward like their internet. Parish council was busy last night with many wanting to hear about the Broadband project. 

We had a very easy to follow explanation of some of the District Plans for bringing our Broadband up to speed. It was even nice to see younger members of the community present.

I only hope the interest shown in this particular meeting makes people who don't think anyone uses the internet in our ward think twice before they make that statement. 

It is really important that residents complete the survey the link  is as follows.

OK so I am back onto the Grand National.

I have read that the owner of Sycronised will not put another horse through the traumas of the Grand National. As a horse liker I thank him for that and realise that it may be a huge gesture in the Horse Racing World.

However what I didn’t realise was this beautiful animal threw his rider prior to the start of the race!

Most of us have 4 legged friends with tails, know our animals speak to us in one way or another whether it be Cat, Dog, Horse, Pet Rat, Pet Mouse whether we understand them is a different matter.

From reading the press reports Sycronised was a long standing family friend, what I don’t understand is if s/he had thrown its rider immediately previous to the race, why wasn’t the animal’s instincts trusted and taken into account by those responsible.

However simplistic it may be if a Horse kicks it’s rider off there is a reason.

  1. It doesn’t want to be ridden
  2. It doesn’t want to race
  3. It doesn’t want to jump
  4. It doesn’t like what it is being asked to do
  5. It’s spooked and not comfortable

Personally my gut instinct is point number 5

I don’t understand why anything is put to sleep in this day and age for a broken leg or displaced hip.

I am not a horse owner but I do think they are brilliant animals, so if you can point me right please feel free to do so.
This post is written irrelevant of my political persuasion (I don’t even know if I have one any more)

I am really glad I am not a Prime minister or responsible for trying to get the country back on it’s feet. There is so much wrong and it’s all so complicated.I just wouldn’t know where to start trying to put it right. 

I don’t blame any one political party for the state we appear to be in I just think it’s an accumulation of successive mistakes errors and quick fix sticking plasters, instead of getting to the route causes. It happens at all levels, whether it be personal, business or anything else.

I just think that the basics have gone out of society.

  1. Knowing the difference between Right and Wrong
  2. The use of common sense
  3. Pride
  4. Politeness and respect

I think Political Correctness and Health & Safety have gone totally mad. Common sense has gone out the window at all levels of society.

I suppose it has always been the same throughout time but we are more aware of it now because of technology and the way the Media operates.

I think there is a lot to be said about the BIG Society however I do feel like it is reinventing the wheel and the BS is what we used to have. I just don’t quite know when it stopped happening.
Another Wow Wythall Parish Council also has a new look website. It must be the season to refresh and update websites.

New website can be seen on the link below
Wythall Parish Council
I don't care what anyone says the Grand National is SAD. I hate it with a passion  and always have done. I choose not to have a bet . 

I choose not to watch it but once again I can't avoid the news of yet another horse make that 2  horses meeting their fate.

FFS  I really hate it all. Who do these pom-pas people actually think they are?. 

I have no problems with flat racing and I often think how well the horses do without riders  

The Grand National leaves me  feeling personally sick

What a glorious morning and just look at what these two got up to. The Kittens learn how to climb.

I will take it easy to start with

Hey I can Climb

Is that a bird I spy?

Woops to high to soon

I have had to have a giggle to my self recently.

I complain at work when I don’t hear from my boss for weeks on end in fact I am one of those that ponders on if I do things right or wrong.

I have ultimately come to the conclusion If I don’t hear from the Boss everything is OK and s//he will soon stand up and shout if I have dropped the proverbial horlics.

I have to apply the same logic to our Local Parish Council as I was talking to a representative of PC at a personal level I was really disillusioned s/he thought the reason for turning up at PC was to moan. Well in actual fact s/he was right I did turn up to have a whinge and point out a few short falls. That doesn’t mean to say the rest of the time they don’t do a good job.

Whilst PC get concerned about lack audience and tend to put it down to lack of interest, it could be said much like work the lack of audience means carry on As You Were. No problems we trust you. Which is a compliment Or the presence of an Audience means we need a few answers.

Absolutely no different to being at work and the boss asking me a few why and wherefores if s/he is concerned. Do I take it personally? nah not really. I just answer the questions and do what is needed. :-)
Well I must admit I am surprised until recently we only had one candidate for District Councilor

However we now have 3 candidates and will be off to the polls on May 3rd

  • George Atkinson (Conservative) From Henley In Arden
  • Valerie Gaize (Liberal Democrat) From Studley
  • Janet Ladyman (Labour) From Stratford Upon Avon 
Wow Dickens Heath has a shiny new web site :-) Dickens Heath have also published there response to SMBC Dfraft Planning Policy.

Site and Responses can be seen on the link below.