Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
Forshaw Heath

Posted With Permission

Inc 141 29/07/2012

Burglary dwelling on Forshaw Heath Lane occurred between 0200 and 0830 Sunday 29th July. Offenders have entered via a rear window and conducted a tidy search of the property. A handbag and bank cards were amongst the items taken as well as the keys for a grey Hyundai I20 which was also removed from the front driveway.

The owners believe that a previous attempt had been made on the windows 2 weeks prior, and evidence of an attempt on several windows made before offenders were successful.

The garage of a nearby property had also had a window forced, but it is not believed entry had been gained.

Inc 81 30/07/2012

Burglary other on Malthouse Lane occurred between 0000 Wednesday 25th and 0800 Monday 30th July. Offenders have used a screwdriver to force the lock on a summer house and removed a pale blue road bike from within.

It is believed offenders gained access to the garden via garden hopping from a neighbours garden.

There were also reports of a further garage being entered and a chainsaw being removed from within.

It may be prudent for residents to check their outbuildings and ensure all thefts and attempt thefts are reported by calling 101 and obtaining a inc and crime number.

If anybody has any information, or has heard or seen anything in relation to this incident, please call 101 quoting the Inc number.

You can report crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800555111
Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
Forshaw Heath
Posted With Permission
Inc 82 27/07/2012
Burglary dwelling on Forshaw Heath Lane occurred between 0230 and 0640 Friday 27th July. Offenders have entered via a rear door and conducted a search of the kitchen area and not thought to have attempted to enter any other part of the property. Two laptops a quantity of watches and bank cards were amongst the items taken as well as the keys for a silver Renault Clio which was also removed from the front driveway.
If anybody has any information, or has heard or seen anything in relation to this incident, please call 101 quoting the Inc number.
You can report crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800555111
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Oh boy I really wish I was a clever writer that could make my points without getting emotional. I would love to be able to write this post and be totally objective. However I am finding it increasingly difficult.

Living in our neck of the woods is becoming much like living in a battle zone with various authorities.

We are a little 1 ½ mile area sandwiched between Tanworth In Arden and Earlswood with sporadic houses tucked in between fields. We were once a pleasant and quiet place to live. Of course home is still home and I love it dearly however the surrounding infrastructures, including

a)    Roads
b)    Speeds
c)     Potholes
d)    Noise
e)    Crime
f)      Planning

Is slowly making life unpleasant. I suppose it isn’t just one thing by its self it is the accumulation of all things and it really is just mounting up.

We have recently endured tipper Lorries tipping between the hours of 11:30 pm and 12 am. Why they are tipping at that time in the evening/morning I don’t know. Have I reported it – well no I haven’t as I am starting to feel like I am reporting things for the sake of reporting them.

We are battling with drivers that drive into someone’s hedge ruining it and not stopping to apologise. Its not a little bit of damage it is a lot of damage and it is a good job there was a fence behind the hedge.

We have local Business putting up signs willy nilly without what appears to be any type of  the permission, making our bit of the countryside look like something from Blackpool not that there is anything wrong with Blackpool  just the blackboards don’t belong in the countryside net alone on a grass verge close to a 60 mph road.

We have potholes one could disappear down if not careful.

We have a stupid speed limit on dangerous lanes. Which is really confusing because the road has SLOW written all over it, at various intervals. Yes it is due to be lowered to 50 mph however it still doesn’t make sense.

We are now a rat run for all traffic travelling to and from a junction of the M42 and are unable to walk up or down the lanes safely. The rush hour traffic is just that but it lasts most the day without much let up.

We have had Police helicopters hovering over a house that has been burgled not once but twice in the last few months not including the attempted theft of a metal gate left in the middle of the road and another house with its car and some contents of the house stolen.

It really is continuous and one thing after another.

    As some of us try to pick up the gauntlet and try to get the things that are wrong put right I sit here and wonder if its worth the hassle with the continual disappointment that all the things are wrong are allowed to be wrong in the first place and we are left having to fight to try and get things put right. No one appears to be accountable or responsible for anything.

Surely taking pride in where we live and its surrounding area wanting to protect it for future generations ourselves and our visitors isn’t so bad.

I actually don’t know what to do about all of this or how to approach it Political Correctness doesn’t appear to work, brut forcefulness of questions doesn’t appear to work, all I get when I ask questions which ever way is anything but answers or they are answers that have nothing to do with my questions which sends me off on a different tangent.

Memo to ones self I must calm down and remain focused on one thing at a time, which is really difficult when there is so much wrong in our small 1 ½ mile area
To anyone driving along Forshaw Heath LANE in the direction of Poolhead Lane please be careful of this pothole" Forshaw Heath Lane" about 40 yards  away from the T Junction  on the left hand side outside the Bungalow. I have reported as I suspect others have as well.

I would love to do something like this , however I don't think work would be to pleased :-(
Be Warned Long Post With A purpose

Back to normality the blog has quietened down and I can have a bit of a waffle to myself. Sky News prompted me.

This post is about jogging memories

Having listened to Sky news in the background this morning, I have sort of been catapulted backwards, with old memories with my brain being jogged into action.

Its strange isn’t it! You suddenly see a place you have been or visited plastered all over the news unfortunately in this case for very sad circumstances, how it affects you personally!

My thoughts are with those families that have been affected by loss of loved ones at Mont Blanc.

Picture J.Astbury Jan 1991
 Photo scanned and sorry about the cat hairs on the Scanner

Although I am not a climber, I have had the experience of skiing across The Valle Blanc many years ago. Oh boy what an experience that was. I can understand the buzz that people get from being out doors and exploring what Mother Nature has to offer.

Moving On?

Sky News again The Speed Limit Review, now whilst I know Solihull MBC seem to have already thought about this review, I’m not so sure WCC have. I was over the moon almost a year ago when Cllr Hawkins (Solihull) published this document and hoped there would be hope for Forshaw Heath Road and Forshaw Heath Lane especially when the Solihull/Warwickshire boundaries meet each other.

Gosh another bit of cross boundary join the dots thinking and communication (NOT) as I have said before some of the things alluded to in the SDC Draft Development Framework should be used for other things, mind you aren’t roads classed as infrastructure, therefore part of development.


G4S or is that Group 4 Security

This will surprise you I am sitting on the fence, as recruitment, vetting, training and licensing all take time and rely on other external organisations. (My question is How did they perform) it all has a knock on effect.

Recruiting an additional approx 8000 people in approx 24 weeks is near on impossible. G4S should have said when the suggestion of their goal posts changing reportedly in December 2011 We can’t meet that requirement. (amended just listening to Sky News original requirement 2000 went up to 10k) The mind boggles.

Instead greed and money appear to have taken over. Somebody somewhere said YES we can do it. Personally I hope they lose a damn site more than 50 million. Which leads me on to --------------à

Those In Charge

Whilst Directors of the highest level in any organisation I include government.

Making decisions is about informed decisions, If those  responsible informing those that are ultimately responsible tell them what they think decision makers want to hear instead of what the decision makers need to hear, the rest of us stand no chance, at best we are spun and become negative influences and don’t like change which is far from the truth.

Whilst being catapulted into the past by the news I realised  that the same things I was waffling about when I started this blog are still bothering me.

What Has Today’s News made me realise?

  1. My small corner of the earth has a problem with crime
  2. My small corner of the earth has a problem with Speeding cars
  3. My small corner of the earth has a problem with being told crime has dropped.
  4. My small corner of the earth is really fed-up with the following

    1. Crime
    2. Speed
    3. Potholes
    4. Noise
    5. Planning

  1. My small corner of the world is fed up of people saying No it doesn't happen when yes it does happen.
  2. My small corner of the earth fails to talk to each other, probably because there are fields and 60 mph lanes between us.
Received 12th July 2012 Published With Permission
Police Message

Burglary Dwelling Forshaw Heath
Burglary Others The Common

Inc 54 12/07/2012 

Overnight offenders have gained entry to a property on Forshaw Heath Rd Earlswood. Occupant discovered front door keys of the secured house in the lock on the outside of the property.

Offenders had taken a laptop, mobile phone,PS3 and handbag from within, and have taken the occupants vehicle a Volvo XC90 registration VK54 DMV.
Inc 355 & 370 11/07/2012 & Inc 128 12/07/2012 

Between Tuesday evening and 5.15pm Wednesday evening offenders have entered fields at rear of old furniture shop on The Common Earlswood, and entered 2 sheds in separate gardens adjoining said fields. Several petrol driven garden items have been removed inc strimmers, leaf blower, mower, hedge cutter and lawn scarifier. It is thought offenders left via same point, and would have lifted items over surrounding fencing or over gateway.

Also at least 1 garden at the other end of The Common has been entered.
If anybody has any information, or has heard or seen anything in relation to theses incidents, please call 101 quoting the Inc number.
You can report crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800555111
First Posted in 2011
Forshaw Heath & Earlswood BoD - In Warwickshire: Speed Limits Solihull Speed Review Could It Help F...: Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know I really do have concerns about the speed of the traffic using Forshaw Heath R...
I am chuffed to bits that Parish Council now has it's new website and even happier that they are uploading minutes from AGMs, Planning, Finance and and PC Meetings.

Please read the guidance notes on the link below which takes you directly to  the Tanworth In Arden Parish Council meetings page.


I have now been able to change the links on my blog for the March April and May minutes and they are directly downloadable from the Parish Council Website.

So for this particular adventure, I hopefully will not need to use Scribd or Dropbox and the documents are hosted where they belong and accessible to those in the community that are interested. A huge thank you to PC and the Webmaster.

Please note they are in PDF format. I really hope PC will show more than 3 months worth of minutes unlike previously and create an archive.
There is something I really want to write about and I don’t quite know where to start or how to approach it, as so many thoughts are occurring at once, to be honest my thoughts are like a tangled up ball of string and I am pondering on how I untangle them. So what better way than to scribble them down

What an earth am I talking about?

Don’t laugh but it started off with one particular paragraph in the SDC Draft Development Framework Plan and then disappeared into the realms of communities working together etc. Then flitted back to if our councils can’t work together nor than the Communities they represent.

Almost every if not all councils in England has adjoining neighbours and will have the same problems.

So what was the paragraph set me off in my current quandary

The Duty to Co-operate
2.1.1 When producing the draft Core Strategy it is not possible to produce it in isolation as there are a number of cross boundary planning issues that need to be taken into account. Areas that neighbour the District and even those further a field can be affected by the proposals that Stratford-on-Avon District plans for the next 15-20 years

Ok I know the above is about planning issues and infrastructure however, shouldn’t the same ideas for planning be used in all sorts of different circumstances. On two occasions in the last 6 days in the area of 1 ½ - 2 square miles I have witnessed.

  1. Councils failing to work with each other and failing Residents.
  2. In one of the circumstances two councils appeared to have a prime opportunity to help two cross boarder communities work closely together to achieve the same goal. (They appeared to have failed) (My Own Personal Opinion)

Equally in the last 2 or 3 weeks I have witnessed Police Forces cross boarders working very well together, sharing responsibility in both tackling crime and ensuring a certain event went according to plan.

So if cross boarder Police can do it. I don’t understand why our Councils appear not to be able to.

The first instance was half the length of a lane in Worcestershire was mended beautifully. It reached the boundary of Warwickshire then stopped. What we now have is part of the length of the road beautifully mended and the other half in S*** Order.

By The Way the beautifully mended bit is 30 mph the S*** Order one is 60 mph. Work that one out!

Wouldn’t it have been more sensible for one council to say to another we are doing xyz road do you want us to do your bit as well whilst we are here. Then charge Warwickshire, meanwhile Warwickshire can allocate their planned resources else where and not worry about that particular road/lane.

Please don’t tell me in the 21st century road mending services from different councils use different software and have no access to what their neighbours are doing across the boarder. You know cross boarder cooperation type of thing, time saving, money saving resident pleasing services.

Believe you me living on the boarder of three different Councils I often wonder where the joined up thinking is and have decided there is none.

Working together as communities is important, communication between each other  is important especially when you live on a boarder.

In Fact living in one District but so close to two other boarders one needs eyes in the back of the head sometimes :-)

Carrie living on 3 boarders :-)

Cherry Allsop Passing The Flame to Eric Bauwens

On The Common Earlswood 1st July 2012 09:29 hrs

Picture Taken By Carrie

Blimey what a busy few days on the blog,

I won’t pretend! 

It took me totally by surprise and made me realise how important it is to source information when advertising an event or quoting anything.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong, cancellations, changes of dates, locations etc or even having two official sources that differ slightly.

On the 30th June 2012 over a 24 hr period I managed 729 visitors to my blog which is 22% of my total visitors for the whole of June.

Of course there was one thing the visitors in June were looking for!

Olympic Torch Earlswood

I don’t expect for one moment I will ever reach those Dizzy figures again. Not that it is really important to me what viewing figures I achieve are. Its just interesting.

Some bloggers will find it amusing that I was somewhat overwhelmed by my 729 Unique visitors in one day and are probably used to it.

Rules For My Self

  • Always source information (some times I do sometimes I don’t)
  • Put a disclaimer on the blog for external links (sensible thing to do)
  • Signpost people in the right direction and don’t quote any facts unless it is sourced. (I think I already do that)
  • Remove notices for past events (People see dates not years)
  • Keep it current and up to date (I Try)

It’s been one hell of a learning curve and I have decided owning a blog or a website is a responsibility if it is open to anyone on the web.


Memories Of My Day Watching the Olympic Torch. On the Common past the Res. 
All Pictures taken By Carrie