I think I have probably blogged about this before.

I was one of the people that thought a mobile phone and taking pictures was pointless.

I have always had a mobile but until the recent past, was one of those people who forgot to charge it, forgot to take it with me basically just used it when I remembered to do the above.

2 Years later I have to eat my words, I wouldn’t’ be without it these days.

I find the whole range of tools available on a mobile phone really useful and believe it or not I don’t use it very often to make phone calls.

  • I use it to Tweet
  • I use it to get my emails
  • I use it to take photos
  • I use it for navigation
  • I use it as an Alarm Clock
  • I use it to listen to the radio
  • Just Occasionally I use it for phone calls J
My mobile has become my friend in my pocket, how things change is just incredible, I was one of the sceptics.

Can you imagine fitting all the below in your pocket its not so long ago we would have had pack a bag,

  • Your Laptop access to online services
  • Your Alarm Clock/watch
  • Your Camera
  • Your Camcorder
  • Your Map and Compass
  • Your Radio
  • Your Telephone.
I must admit I am not so sure about using it for any type of banking although I know I can.

Just pondering now where the mobile phone can go next !
I am torn between attending our Arden Community Forum and our Local Parish Council Meeting, Believe it or not they are on the same date.

Which is a shame because I would really like to attend both

Why it has been allowed to happen I do not know :-(

Our little corner of the earth is having its fair share of concerns that need to be discussed, I am not talking about the whole Parish of Tanworth In Arden I am talking about  a tiny part of the T-I-A Parish,  Forshaw Heath.
  • If its not advertising boards on a grass verge (OK) now moved but still inappropriate
  • Its Potholes you can disappear down  (Mended but not properly)
  • HGV/LGV Movement 
  • Fly Tippers
  • Crime
  • The dreaded speed debate
  • Noise
I think I can safely say any of the above by them selves is not acceptable but manageable,  however when it all happens together it becomes unmanageable and unpleasant and Forshaw Heath currently feels like a battle ground for a few residents.

What makes it worse is that all of the above departments to me at least don't appear to communicate with each other yet each department holds vital information.

This would be a great trial for an On-Line Community Forum similar to the one Shipston had.

You see on one hand I need to know what answers are given at Parish Council on the other hand I would like to raise my concerns at the Community Forum.

Decisions Decisions !

Well do you know something I have been pondering on what to do on a Bank Holiday weekend and by accident was prompted into action by my husband, who quite simply asked are there any GeoCaches around Earlswood.

I think it was Mike Downes of Kenilworth that alerted me to GeoCache. Com and I have to say the one and only time I used it was whilst I was on holiday abroad.

Although my OH and I didn’t find the hidden treasure we did find places we had never visited before, which in it’s self was quite an adventure.

So if you are stuck for things to do over the Bank Holiday and want a bit of an adventure outside with the kids why not go GeoCaching. Or as I would know it as A Treasure Hunt.

You need a mobile phone with GPS and an aptitude for a bit of an unknown adventure an Indiana Jones mentality, writing implement and a sense of adventure. As well as appropriate attire for the weather. Alongside a free sign up to and retrieve the adventures of

I take it if you are reading this post you have access to the internet and an email address so it might just be they way to take the kids out on a healthy inexpensive adventure.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t find the treasure: what matters is you have fun trying to find it.

In Earlswood, West Midlands, The Cuthries & Max have lots of adventures in the Earlswood and surrounding areas.

I don't know these people but am about to embark on their adventures and challenges set for fellow GeoCachers.

Their earlier adventures are accessible and FOC for example basic member publically available adventures.
St Patrick’s Church,
Salter Street, Earlswood B94 6DE.

“A striking & unexpected accent     

in a wholly rural landscape”

(Quote from English Heritage)

This beautiful Victorian church, designed by Bidlake, has been recognised as a very special place; there are intricate carvings, ornate decorations, stunning murals and a wonderful ceiling.

The church will soon be open again, allowing many people to come in and see the treasures for themselves. The next one is on:

Bank Holiday Monday 27th Aug 2012

Visitors will be welcome between 10am-4pm.

There will be

• accompanied tours

• ‘do-it-yourself’ guide book

• a chance to sit quietly

• the Millennium Tapestry to see

• souvenirs for sale

• light refreshments to enjoy.

Car parking is available in the school and church car park, 100m south along from the church

On a personal note if you have not visited this church you should it is so unique and one of the prettiest I have been in  - Carrie

Police Message
Theft From Motor Vehicles
Springbrook Lane

Posted With Permission
Inc's 24 & 44 16/08/2012

There were 2 separate thefts from vehicles left on driveways on Springbrook Lane in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Both vehicles were reported as being secure. One vehicle had its rear window smashed, unknown how second vehicle was entered as no damage reported at present.

Both had items removed from the boot, that were in a bag and not visible.

Laptops and personal items were amongst items removed from each vehicle.

A number of items from one vehicle were found at various points along Malthouse Lane leading into Small Lane.

Please ensure all items are removed from vehicles when left unattended.

If anybody has any information in relation to the thefts please call 101 and quote the above inc number

T-I-A Parish Council Meeting


Earlswood Village Hall

Date Thursday 16th August 2012

Time 19:30

Why not catch up and read last months Parish Report

T-I-A Parish Council Report July 2012 (Click Here)

Rubbing Salt In The Wounds

Suffice to say I am smarting slightly, licking my wounds and wondering what to do next.

Solihull MBC well done and thank you, your proposed 40mph speed limit signs are much appreciated and much needed on the country lanes leading into Forshaw Heath from Rumbush Lane towards Earlswood Station.

I know they are only proposals but the thought is there and I for one appreciate and welcome it.

Approx 500 yards away from the photo below the speed limit will increase to 50 mph.

I appreciate it is not the Solihull area of jurisdiction and is that of Warwickshire County Council who insist on the following for Forshaw Heath Road and Lane

Warwickshire made a decision to follow the criteria issued by the Department for Transport, which in terms of reducing vehicle speeds and accidents appears to be having the desired effect.

I would love to know if Solihull and Warwickshire follow the same criteria set by the Department Of Transport or if there has been any  cross boundary discussions and agreements.

So basically what we in Forshaw Heath have is those traveling from Solihull on Solihull Roads/Lanes going to where ever they are going at 40 mph and get to Forshaw Heath Warwickshire the most dangerous bit of what is a long road with Blind bends, T Junctions, driveways pedestrians equestrians cyclists, business and of course us FSH dwellers possibly going at 50 MPH.Currently doing 60 mph

We might as well say welcome to Forshaw Heath put your foot down go as fast as you want!

It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever
Its quite simple if you don't vote you don't have your voice heard.
My personal thoughts on it are I don't care about Party Politics I just want the best person for the job.

Once again it comes down to the person that tells me what I need to hear in order to make an informed decision instead of the person that tells me what they think I want to hear. 
We would like to extend a warm welcome to George Green who has joined our group replacing Izumi Segawa as our contact with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. George has been with the WWT for just over a year working with the Nature Force teams and has now been appointed as Living Landscape Officer with responsibility for the Solihull area. George has already helped out with our stall at the Earlswood fete and you can expect to see him at our future events.

Earlswood Fete
We ran a stall at the Earlswood fete and managed to raise almost £100 and recruit a number of new members.
The pond dipping tray set up by Paul Wilkinson was a great success with the youngsters! 
Thanks to all who helped out especially Brenda and Chris.

Dormouse Survey
A small group has examined and cleaned out the dormouse tubes we installed back in February but only found slugs, snails, woodlice, centipedes and spiders! This is not a great surprise as we do not believe there are any dormice in Clowes Wood but that is why we are doing the survey – to find out! We will check the tubes again in September and November so if you want to come along please get in touch.

Reptile Survey
We have had more success with our reptile refuges with a number of Grass Snakes of various sizes found. We also found the odd Field Vole!

We have had a report (with photo) of a Stoat seen in a garden in Poolhead Lane. Although Stoats are not particularly rare they are very elusive so this is a good record to have.

Moth Traps
Bad weather has made it difficult to run moth traps so far this year but a moth night in Clowes Wood on 7/7/12 recorded 30+ species including the Northern Spinach which is quite rare for Warwickshire. The larvae of the Northern Spinach feed on bilberry of which there is a large patch in Clowes Wood.
The EWP has 5 moth traps for the use of members so if you want to borrow one to find out which species may be in your garden please contact us.

Forthcoming Events
Bat Night – Fri August 10th  -  Meet at fisherman’s car park, Wood Lane (near Red Lion) at 8:45 pm
Bat Survey – Sat September 8th  -  Meet at Malthouse Lane car park at 10am

Bob Roberts
(Membership Secretary)