Police Message
Shed Breaks Earlswood
Posted With Permission

Inc 202 & 258 23/09/2012
We have had 2 reports of shed breaks along Shutt Lane Earlswood. It is believed the breaks took place @3am Sunday morning. The time was logged by a alarm that was monitoring 1 of the sheds. From this one nothing was taken, however petrol driven equipment was removed from the other.
There were reports of a male acting suspicious around the area on Thursday evening, but there was no trace on a area search conducted on Police arrival.
We are further forward in the process of obtaining shed alarms to be made available at manufacturers cost price, and hope to have these very soon for interested residents.
Door to door sellers
There has been an increase recently in the cloth sellers selling from a holdall. These people are usually ex-offenders trying to make a living.
Anybody knocking doors to sell products need a Pedlars Certificate, and below is the legislation that gives you the right to ask to see it, and the sellers obligation to show it on request. The certificate is different to the i.d.badge they carry, and has not been replaced by any other document.
I would recommend to any resident being paid a visit by such a sales person to state the following.
" I have been advised by my local Policing team to request to see your current Pedlars Certificate, before I will consider buying anything, if you do not have one, the Police have asked me to call them and let them know ".

    Legislation To Demand to See Certificate
Section 17 of the Pedlars Act 1871 requires a pedlar to produce his certificate to certain persons on demand. Refusal to do so would be an offence.
17 Any pedlar  shall at all times, on demand, produce and show his certificate  to any of the following persons; (that is to say,)
    1 Any justice of the peace; or
    2 Any
     constable  or officer of police; or
    3 Any person to whom such pedlar offers his goods for sale; or
    4 Any person in whose private grounds or premises such pedlar is found.
In other areas where the sales person has been challenged, once they are aware they will be asked for the certificate, they have moved on to another softer touch area to ply there wares.
For your info the certificates last 12 months and the dates are clearly marked. Having an out of date certificate is the same as not having one.
I have a limited number of "We do not buy at the door, do not knock or ring the bell" stickers that are available on a first come basis.
Ok its my blog I am going to pass comment on the Electric Light Orchestra as we know from a previous post they did a Demo in Forshaw Heath many years ago.

You will need sound on your PC for this

Forshaw Heath isn’t a stranger to rock and musical people. They PoP up all over the place, pardon the sarcastic pun J

As I listen full blast to Roll Over Beethoven by ELO which by the way I hated when I was a teenager.

I suddenly at the age of XYZ Listen to it and think how flipping clever was that? And I actually like it

Strangely enough I find my self quietly  or not as the case may be rocking, bopping. Dancing and appreciating the clever use of music and orchestras.

Its strange how taste changes as you get older. Thank you ELO
I love a good game football, I don't really care who is playing as long as it is a good game as "Brucie" once said and I don't mean Steve Bruce.

My OH is a complete and utter BCFC fan. 

Last night as I took a peak at the scores before he was due home from the match all I could say was Oh Dear Oh Dear. 

It is Sunday and all I can still say is Oh Dear, I was going to revert to being a Villa Fan but that wasn't much better.

The other half has now banned the mention of football in the house and all I can say is Oh Dear and chuckle. :-)
Well long time no blog. Autumn is here and the heating is on the blog has had a face lift to reflect the time of year.

The social media buttons don't work yet but I am getting there slowly.

It has actually been a busy two or three weeks with so much going on locally.Lots of learning went on. Lets stay away from that as I might say something I regret, suffice to say I am not particularly happy.

Having a blog with a few visitors’ means I have to refrain and try to be slightly more tactful. Which to be honest is not my strongest attribute. In fact foot in mouth and think about it later.

The one thing about having a blog that no one visits is I could at least have a quiet moan to myself.

Memo to ones self remember to think first and speak later.

Moving On

On my return to work I had interviews for a new member staff new position. Its not so long ago I was doing the same thing its like ground hog day.

I cannot get over the volume of applicants for a new part time vacancy. By the time the HR department sifted the applicants down we were ready to interview, Once again I am astounded by the sheer lack of manners of some people.

They don’t even bother to attend their interview net alone have the courtesy to pick the phone up and cancel. These people due to their lack of manners have removed the job opportunity from someone else. I really don’t get it. Its no skin off my nose if they have changed their mind but to do so and not let us know is totally selfish to other applicants.

Suffice to say my faith in human nature is slowly diminishing.

Slightly Bettter
What a week I have had, this year for one reason and another the Other Half and I decided we would spend our two week holiday at home instead of abroad and concentrate on all the things that always needed doing but we just hadn’t got around to doing.

My other half is doing his bit for harmony at home and I almost have a new bath fitted :-) however my part of the holiday has take somewhat of an unexpected turn and off I have gone on a planning adventure. I really do wish I wouldn't do it at times - learning curves that is because nothing is ever as simple as it first appears.

For one reason and another I keep finding my self communicating with our Local District Council and have been flung into the world of planning and planning applications.

What an adventure it has turned out to be. It does not matter what application , where or what for even when. 

It’s a different language and nothing appears logical, well I suppose it is logical if you know what you are reading and looking at in the first place.

After a week of going backwards and forwards to my District Council I have started to learn what sort of wording means what sort of thing and how the clues are there to be read but at times just very subtle, difficult to spot and easily missed to the untrained eye. They don't even need to be words sometimes the clue is in the drawing!

Then again the untrained eye can actually ask quite ask quite simple questions that lead to complicated answers that lead to more questions the answers to which some  experts could overlook.

My advice to anyone looking at planning applications past or present 

If you are in the position of not being sure of what you are reading or looking at. Never assume and always ask the questions and if the answers don't make sense don't give up and keep asking until it makes sense. Do not assume anything. 

My learning curve was vast last week and one I won't be forgetting it in a hurry.Including no question is too daft, because the answers can be quite revealing.

Yes I included our Parish Council, District Councillors and Residents Association with my concerns but I don't want to wait a month for answers from Parish Council at their next meeting.

Residents Association has been very proactive but once again I want the answers directly from District Council, 

One of my my District Councillor's has also been proactive but once again I like to know the answers specifically given in response to my questions.

I can only praise SDC planning department in taking the time to respond to my basic questions but I can't pretend that the answers given haven't raised more questions because they have! and I will continue to ask questions.

As should everyone else that has a concern with any planning application, past or present. Especially if it has been given permission with conditions!

Police Message
Posted With Permission
After a relatively peaceful period, we have had a mini crime wave during Thursday in the Earlswood area. There are enquiries that are on going, we have an image of a believed offender responsible for the crimes along The Common, that has been circulated across 3 forces.
The offences unless stated are believed to have occurred along The Common between 2:30 and 3:30 in the morning.
Inc 63, 166,210 & 283 6/9/12 
Shed's were entered and items of petrol driven garden equipment were removed, there is evidence that numerous other gardens had been entered, and where it was not possible to enter over the neighbouring fence, offender/s used the field to move further up The Common at the rear of properties.

A number of other shed's were entered but did not have anything taken.
A conservatory to a property was entered, again nothing was taken, but entry to the house was not gained due to the secondary door being locked.
CCTV footage shows the offender trying the doors to the rear of a different property, fortunately the doors were secure, and no attempt was made to enter other than trying the door handle.
There may well be other sheds that have been entered that have not been checked as yet, and I request that you review security on outbuildings and ensure any items of value, and any petrol driven equipment are put in a secure preferably alarmed part of your property.
The local team are working with a local supplier to provide low cost shed alarms, and hope to communicate further details about this very soon.
Inc 115 6/9/12 
Burglary dwelling The Common Earlswood. At around 11am yesterday, a resident was working on the gardens of their property when an unknown offender has entered the front of the house, whilst the occupier was in the rear garden, and removed a set of keys of a Land Rover Discovery that was parked on the driveway. The vehicle was subsequently taken and investigations are continuing.

Inc 80 6/9/12 
Burglary dwelling at The Maltings complex off Malthouse Lane Earlswood. Overnight offenders have entered a property via the conservatory, and removed a number of electronic items and money from a handbag from within. No damage was caused on entry, and it is being linked with the crimes reported along The Common during the night.

As stated an image has been captured and investigations are on going. There has been a marked increase in Police presence it the area, which also resulted in 2 males of interest being stopped in Salter St in the early hours of this morning, no offences had been committed, but it may indicate interest being shown in the area by people whose business is not required.
If anybody has any information regarding any of the crimes stated please call 101 and quote the inc number. Should you check your outbuildings and need to report a theft, please call on 101 also.
Information can be given anonymously to Crime Stoppers 0800 555111
Burglary risk assessments and crime prevention advice is always available, and home reassurance visits at a time to suit can be arranged through myself on any of the methods below.
Despite the spike, crime is very low in the area, and well below other areas of a similar stature, however vigilance is always requested, reports of suspect persons/vehicles will be followed up, and may be crucial to identifying offenders, so please never leave it to some one else or think you are wasting anyone's time.