Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
The Common Earlswood
Inc 318 20/11/2012 

Between 1pm-8.30pm offenders have gained entry via the rear of a property on The Common Earlswood. Offenders have conducted a untidy search of the upper parts of the property and taken a quantity of computer items. It is not believed offenders attempted to search the lower part of the property.

A neighbour reported seeing a white van reversed on the drive @3.30pm with 2 males seen going towards the property, he believed to be making a delivery, it is possible these were the offenders.
If anybody has any information please call 101 and quote the above inc number.
CrimeStoppers can be used to report information anonymously on 0800 555111

Earlswood Wildlife Partnership
Contact us at: ewp2010@btinternet.com or on 07528 595444              Newsletter 11
Bat walk – 10th August
One of the best bat walks to date because this time Paul brought the expertise and we brought the weather! A fine summer’s evening stroll starting at the Engine House and going around Terry’s Pool. It was breezy on the bridge but this is a great place for bat detecting and even with the “cheaper” detectors it was quite easy to distinguish between Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule and Daubenton’s Bat. We were even treated to what appeared to be a mother and baby Daubenton’s bat out on a training exercise, flying low over Terry’s Pool.
 (Afterwards, the Red Lion was serving Fuller’s “Summer Ale” (3.9%abv) which was excellent and then a slow walk home under a clear, starry canopy with Ursa Major, Bootes and Cygnus (constellations, not types of bat!) showing beautifully. – Ah!  The joys of living in Earlswood!)
Bat survey – 8th September
This survey revealed that almost 10% of the boxes we put up last year were occupied and in total 24 bats (9 Brown Long-eared bats and 15 Soprano Pipestrelles) were found. This really is an encouraging result!
Photo shows a Soprano Pipistrelle which we weighed at 4.5gms.
(For more photos and other interesting bat articles go to http://brumbats.wordpress.com/ -
Special thanks to Morgan Bowers)
Butterfly Survey
It has not been a good year for butterflies! The wet spring / summer has meant that pollinating insects have had a tough time so fruit and berry crops have suffered accordingly and this may have a knock on effect for birds and other creatures over the winter months. However we are still interested in receiving any butterfly survey forms, so please return them to 122 Malthouse Lane or hand them to any committee member to be passed on. We intend to carry out a bee survey next year – more information in next newsletter.
Reptile Survey

Our reptile surveys are continuing around the Earlswood area and to date we have found several grass snakes and some small mammals (and lots of ants that like the dry warm conditions under the survey sheets!). We are always interested in hearing about your sightings and if you have any photographs that is even better. As always we can be contacted on ewp2010@btinternet.com.
This beautiful grass snake was sighted resting near Terry’s Pool in August.
Dates for your diary
Dormouse Survey - Saturday 10th November 10.00am
Meet at Clowes Wood car park, Wood Lane. - We need to inspect and clean the tubes we installed earlier in the year so if you would like to come and help please do. We are not expecting to find dormice but you never know!

Winter Tree Identification Walk 15th December at 10:30am
Meet at Clowes Wood car park, Wood Lane
Bob Roberts
(Membership Secretary)