I am beginning to sound like a broken record but I am so hacked off about the speed signs in Forshaw Heath Road/Lane and still don't understand why there are 50 mph signs on the most dangerous bit of the road. A hidden T Junction an S bend a house with its wall almost on the road. 

What really makes me smile is the road/lane has slow written all over it and even stranger is the placement of one of the 50 mph signs.  Directly under a a T Junction which is blind to users and on a bend. (I must take a photo of it and send it to the transport Minister) It's like a comedy of errors. I have given up trying to be polite or constructive about it.

To be honest listening to the traffic at 13:44 hrs this afternoon we perhaps would have been better off not  fighting for a reduction in Forshaw Heath which has created additional signs in a rural area that didn't exist before Then let Solihull put their 40 mph signs up and let everyone think the speed limit was 40 mph.

Hey presto job done what we could have done in hindsight.

Then again its not all about speed limits really is it! It about drivers, driving and cars and and other road users getting from point A to B as quickly as possible and that little word respect for each other.
  • Pedestrians walking on the correct side of the road in the dark wearing high vis attire.
  • Cyclists not hogging the road 2 sometime 3 abreast all with their ipods and music playing.
  • Horse riders very similar a simple thank you at times would be good.
  • Drivers recognising we live in the countryside and driving responsibly even if the car does 100 mph in 3 seconds  and that we don't live on a race track

From being a pedestrian to becomming a motorist I have discovered it is not just about Drivers and Cars its about all road users.

During my 2012 adventures I suddenly discovered my Parish Council have two different meetings per month. 
  1. Full Meeting
  2. Finance and Planning
What is the difference well I am not quite sure other than
  1. Full Meeting I have 3 minutes to talk at the full meeting as a member of the general public
  2. Finance and Planning I can listen but am not unless invited able to talk
By far the most interesting meeting was the Finance  and Planning meeting very few if any people attend it but in actual fact is the meeting that needs to be attended even if you can't talk it is where the decisions are made that affect our ward. You can listen and bring points up at the Full Meeting. What an eye opener.

Whilst sorting the blog out updating it and reading some of our Parish Council Minutes by far the most popular Parish Council Meeting was held on 19th April 2012 where 14 members of the public were in attendance to listen about Broadband Plans for the ward. 

Who says the local community don't use the Internet. OK So 14 isn't a lot out of over 2000 residents  but it is the biggest audience PC has attracted  during 2012. Therefore should not be dismissed and taken seriously people were interested and attended at the Parish Council Meeting.

I was there this time what was good to see was the younger members of the community in attendance listening to the presentation done by Balvinder Heran from Stratford District Council
As my little Blog approaches its 3rd Birthday I ponder on what will capture my imagination during 2013. 

To be honest I suspect it will be  inappropriate development and Green Belt issues not just in my locality but those areas that surround us. 

Living so close to 2 boarders and living in SDC area you have to have eyes in the back of your head, because which ever authority decides to develop it has a knock on affect on residents living close by.

Wythall with its Bleakhouse Farm proposals
Solihull with its Lowbrook Farm,Cheswick Green and Dickens Heath Proposals
What ever Stratford throws our way

It all affects residents of Forshaw Heath and Earlswood

My next concern will be as Whitlocks End Station now struggles and is full to capacity by 10:30 in the mornings with cars now parking in non car parking spaces. London Midland will start looking for else where for the many cars to park. I can only guess on where that might be!

The other thing that concerns me is the lack of cross boarder consultations and joined up thinking. I am still miffed at the 50 mph signs in Forshaw Heath especially as Solihull are now erecting their 40 mph signs.

Keeping people informed I think will be my number one priority plus the odd personal musing here and there. so welcome to the Blogs 3rd Birthday and it entering its 4th year.
Whilst having a wander around the web I was delighted to see a new Hyper local blog on the block. I don't quite feel so by myself now.

The Green Belt isn't just about those lucky enough to live in it. The Green Belt’s original aim was to make some aspects of the Countryside accessible  to those that live in the Cities and urban areas for rest and relaxation purposes.

The way I feel  is the more we eat away at the Green Belt  the further away  and unreachable it becomes to those it was meant to serve in the first place.

The people that call us Green Belt Dwellers NIMBY S are quite unfair. 

If NIMBY S don’t look after the Green Belt you won’t have it any more and the further you will have to go to visit the Countryside.

If I turned the tables and started pulling down some of the beautiful unused buildings and replacing their concrete foundations  with a field or a park may be a 3 bed-roomed cottage and do exactly the same to some of the boarded up unused houses. 

Those people that enjoy City living and the hustle and bustle would have exactly the same battle  albeit visa versa .

You would want to know why I was demolishing a town center and replacing it with fields like I want to know why it is acceptable to destroy the Countryside and cover it in concrete

It’s a vicious circle