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When you look at the map and the proposed developments you can see just how close everything is. The map is taken from the interactive greenbelt map sourced by the telegraph and shows the openness of the countryside, when looking at this photograph appearing to be eroded getting closer and closer to the Greenbelt and practically in it.

  • Selsdon Close Wythall is now almost finished approx 80 houses
  • Bleakhouse farm Wythall has planning permission 170 houses
  • Lowbrook farm Tidbury Green has been take to appeal by the developers 200 houses It was in the first instance turned down.
  • Fulford Hall Road Tidbury Green planning permission sought for 185 houses
Wythall is in Bromsgrove area
Tidbury Green is in the Solihull area
Earlswood & Forshaw Heath in the Stratford area

I really hope these three councils talk to each other because the affect these developments may have on the unsuitable infrastructure and surrounding areas and communities could be devastating.

All this in approx 1 and a half to 2 miles of each other and without the proposed plans in the Core Strategies. 

Unfinished and thinking some more !

We have seen the following

Little Flowers I don't know the name of

Cow Parsley


Butterfly/ Moth

Woodpecker Home

I am not normally one to get involved in politics and I try really hard to forget about it, when voting locally. 

The person I think will do the best for our area will get my vote no matter what colour flag they fly. Irrelevant of my party politics when it comes to a general election.

As I studied the results of the County Council elections in particular the Henley division I can't help but think those that make comment on the results  have missed a quite important point. 

In the Henley Division approx 31% (2121) of the people turned out to vote. It really would be interesting to hear and see what the other 69% approx (4721) thought. Mind you the fact that they didn't vote says a lot.

If 100% = 6842 votes approx available
     31% = 2121 votes actual
     69% = 4721 voters approx didn't vote

2121/6842*100= 31%

So I suppose my question is how can people be jumping up and down for joy when in actual fact  our elected representative only represents approx 17% of the voting population of the Henley division. It hardly representative of the population is it! 

To those that don't think it is important to vote  or say It won't make any difference if I vote the simple fact is you are 1 of 4721 people really can make a difference and I ponder on if there was 100% turnout would the results have been the same

Mike Perry holds the Conservative seat

County Council Elections

The elections for Warwickshire County Council will be held Today
Tanworth is in the Henley division.  There are five candidates:
Gareth DAVIES  (Green Party)
Andrew Henderson (Labour)
Brett Parsons (UKIP)
Mike PERRY (Conservative)  
Diane WALDEN (Liberal Democrat)
The polling station in Tanworth Village Hall will be open from 7am to 10pm
The polling station in Earlswood Village Hall will be open from 7am to 10pm