For one reason and another I have recently had reason to research mobile apps. I hasten to add not for personal or community use. However if you are anything like me there are times when you just need to call or find what you want whilst you are out and about in the local area. More often than not I personally find I  am logging into one piece of software or another to find the number I want , the news I want or anything else local I want. 

The last 7 years has seen the local community dip their toes in the water of Blogs and Websites and Social Media. However those that were 7 years old in 2010 are now 17 and glued to their mobile phones as I may add are some of us older residents. I have had a  very simple first attempt at building a very simple mobile app, trying to give one app that provides everything local in one place instead of scabbing around with chubby fingers on on a little phone. Once again it can all be done free of charge and is nothing to difficult after you get into the swing of it. No doubt like everything I do It will evolve and change. But if you would like to join me in evolving the app please feel free to contact me. Happy Apping. I doubt it will end up in the Dizzy heights of Google Apps however you can get to it quite easily and save it from the following link on your mobile phone. I know it works on a smart phone however havn't tried it on an iphone or windows phone. There are no ads