For one reason and another I have recently had reason to research mobile apps. I hasten to add not for personal or community use. However if you are anything like me there are times when you just need to call or find what you want whilst you are out and about in the local area. More often than not I personally find I  am logging into one piece of software or another to find the number I want , the news I want or anything else local I want. 

The last 7 years has seen the local community dip their toes in the water of Blogs and Websites and Social Media. However those that were 7 years old in 2010 are now 17 and glued to their mobile phones as I may add are some of us older residents. I have had a  very simple first attempt at building a very simple mobile app, trying to give one app that provides everything local in one place instead of scabbing around with chubby fingers on on a little phone. Once again it can all be done free of charge and is nothing to difficult after you get into the swing of it. No doubt like everything I do It will evolve and change. But if you would like to join me in evolving the app please feel free to contact me. Happy Apping. I doubt it will end up in the Dizzy heights of Google Apps however you can get to it quite easily and save it from the following link on your mobile phone. I know it works on a smart phone however havn't tried it on an iphone or windows phone. There are no ads
Our Ladies have taken the plunge and are now on Facebook. Welcome to social media TiA Womens Institute  The links on the blog have been updated
Dear Folks

I am really pleased to advise that our lovely Earlswood Museum Is now on line i its own web space. The links on the blog have been updated. Many thanks to the devoted people who make the Museum possible

Folks, I am pleased to announce Earlswood Village Hall now has a web presence Local Links has been Updated to reflect the new site. Welcome to the web Earlswood Village Hall

Have you got photos of the area you live in?
Why not share them with us!
The good the bad and the ugly to the most fantastic views going.Preferably not with people in them, car number plates or private houses. this is an opportunity to start bringing our Parish to life visually.
This isn’t just for the people that live in the Local Service Villages it is for the whole Parish.
We know there are some great photographers out there especially those who manage to catch our Flora and Forna in precise detail and action.
Come on folks help us bring the Parish to life in photos. Take a look at what we have so far on the following link we can’t continue to do this without help from you. It is as simple as that. This is one simple way our Residents & Visitors can help us bring our  Parish to life visually.
We also welcome Photos from those who do not live in the Parish but do use it’s local amenities

  • Village Halls
  • Foot Paths
  • Beauty Spots
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Public Houses
  • Stations
  • Lanes & Roads
As we plan for the future of the Tanworth in Arden Parish up until 2031 we really shouldn’t forget the past and what has made our Parish what it is!
Why we as residents live here and why our Neighbours visit us.
We obviously have the stunning village of Tanworth in Arden and the beautiful Earlswood Lakes, New Fallings Coppice and Clowes Wood (Together commonly known as Earlswood Woods) .
As we all know the Parish of Tanworth in Arden is within the Stratford District Council and included in its Local Development Plan however we are stuck in a little corner that is affected by any plans
  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council may have to the South of the Parish (Blythe Valley)
    • Cheswick Green
    • Dickens Heath
    • Tidbury Green
    • Hockley Heath
  • Bromsgrove District Council
    • Wythall
  • Worcestershire County Council
    • Redditch
However the Parish is made up of many Hamlets and roads/lanes that have equally in the past as they do now add to the  make up and the beauty of the area. They equally get over looked as they are not part of the immediate focus and probably should be.
Many people over many years have invested their personal time voluntarily to ensure the whole Parish of Tanworth in Arden retain its beauty Some still do work tirelessly. 
It is now our turn to be custodians of the Tanworth in Arden Parish which includes all the lanes and roads that lead to the  the stunning village of TIA alongside that of the beautiful Earlswood Lakes .
The Tanworth in Arden NDP would like to say thank you to
  • Those Residents that are actively participating in the NDP
  • Those Residents that just want to be kept updated and dip an and out
  • Our Residents Associations
    • Earlswood & Forshaw Heath RA
    • Tanworth in Arden RA
  • Our Parish Council
  • The NDP Comittee

SDC Planning Meeting    25/05/16

Outcome of The Old School House Forshaw Heath Lane
Extension on Earlswood Common  

Discussion starts at approx 2 Hrs 26 mins      

Well I once again appear to have taken quite a long sabbatical however I thought it worth coming out of blogging retirement to make any readers I may have left aware of the following response Solihull MBC have received in their recent call for sites for future housing needs.

This call for sites is by Solihull MBC and Barrats have responded with the following
From the Methodist Church to Earlswood Station
From Earlswood Station running in the line of the woods behind Poplars farm behind the Limes and up to Pound Close.

Apparently it is know as a Garden Village information of which can be found on the links below.

TiA Parish Council is aware and will be discussing the submission at their next planning meeting. Also your District Councillor is aware I also believe that Stratford SDC is aware however I don't know what if any response they may have made.
What is a call for sites? A call for sites is made by every council as part of their planning for future housing needs. It does not mean that the response is a fore gone conclusion it means that the submission will be considered alongside any other submission before taking it to the next stage.

However it is something that all residents of Earlswood and especially Forshaw Heath & Tidbury Green should be aware of. 
Dear All,

Please find below a link to  a message about Springwatch 2016  plus Decembers news letter News letter sorry its late I am what you call a bit snowed under.

Message with reference to Spring Watch

You may recall in the recent newsletter we asked for volunteers to help at this years event.
The 2015 event was very successful and well attended, but we are hoping to make this years even better. However to do this we need committed volunteers.
The date for your diary is Saturday 21st May, we will be open to the public from 10am –4pm and if you could give any length of time from just a couple of hours upwards that would be great. As ever the more volunteers we have the better, and if you are not available on the day but would still like to help, we also need people to help advertise the event beforehand.
You do not need any special talents, just a willingness to help.

If you can help please contact Tony or Barbara Philp  by e-mail to

We would be grateful if you could contact us as soon as possible.

P.S. If you know of any local businesses who might be interested in sponsoring the printing of some Trail Maps for the event please could you let us know. 

CLICK HERE for Decembers News Letter Sorry I am late in posting it.
Earlswood Wildlife Partnership
Contact us at: or on 07528 595444            

Evening Chorus Walk
Sunday 3rdMay

Please join us for an evening walk through beautiful Clowes Wood listening out for birds singing their evening chorus

Walk will begin and end at Wood Lane car park staring at7 pm and lasting about 2 hours

Sun 3rdMay 7pm – Evening Chorus Walk,meet at Clowes Wood car park (Wood Lane) donation £2
It is that time of year again where our fantastic volunteers from all sorts of Groups and organisations have their AGM. This one is particularly close to my heart as it quietly  does fantastic work in looking after our wildlife and its habitation in Earlswood. 

Please find below A poster and an Agenda for EWP and it's AGM.