On my walk today i found

In this day and age of instant communication. I really do have to ask myself 4 weeks after quite a dangerous incident on Forshaw Heath Road that Closed the road Left us without electricity Caused chaos  for  a few hours Police were in attendance from which Police Force I don’t know The red cross arrived as it was so cold providing hot drinks.

The incident was a crane that somehow ended up in a ditch. The attempts at trying to move it caused it to topple and catch the electricity pole which is why we ended up without electricity. The side of the road and the ditch were badly damaged leaving quite a deep hole at the side of the road. For 4 weeks it has been surrounded by bright orange barriers which wrongly we presumed were put there by the highways department.

Anyway one of the neighbors called Warwickshire County Highways to find out when the hazard hole would be fixed. Surprise Surprise they knew nothing about it.
Now call me silly shouldn’t the police whichever force they came from have reported this road traffic incident  to the highways department so as

They have an accurate record of traffic incidents
When the locals campaign for lower speed limits they can rely on the fact that WCC make decisions on accurate information and not spurious
Although we now have a new 50 mph limit this stretch of road it should be 30 mph and it was so frustrating to be told last year that WCC Highways had very few if any recorded incidents when in fact residents could reel them off.

We now have an incident number for this road traffic incident. I am now just wondering if the WCC Highways has a record of the crash 4 weeks ago that happened within the same 100 yards of road.

Makes you wonder really doesn’t it !!!!

Here you Go 4 Weeks Later Click Here

Earlswood Wildlife Partnership

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Newsletter 13

The exceptionally cold March seems to have put spring on hold but at least the early days of April have given us more sunshine (albeit with a biting wind!).
The EWP has now bought an IR digital movement camera that is activated when motion is detected. It is able to record still photos and video footage both day and night which will be very useful in monitoring wildlife in the area. As funding permits, we are looking into the feasibility of a kingfisher nest bank, repairing the artificial islands in Terry’s and Engine pools and repairing the otter halt. In conjunction with the parish council we would like to create a wildflower area along the side of Engine pool – so lots to do!
Please come along to our AGM on Tuesday 11th June to find out more.

Dormouse Survey
The inserts for the dormouse tubes have now been replaced and surveys will take place throughout the year. This is the 2nd year of a 3 year project.

Noticeboards have been installed at both entrances to Clowes Wood to provide information regarding our activities in the wood and forthcoming events.

Bird and Bat boxes
In February a number of bird boxes were installed in the area of Clowes Wood where we have our bat boxes. Hopefully the Blue Tits will use these rather than the bat boxes! The next phase will be to install bird boxes around the lakes some of which will be special types aimed at specific species. We are also experimenting with a different type of bat box which is specifically designed to encourage Barbastelle bats. These boxes are expensive so we are hoping to make our own in future.                                                                                                              
Earlswood Butterfly Survey
We have distributed over 400 butterfly survey sheets in the local area and are hoping more people than ever will take part this year. Last year showed an increase in the number of species recorded but fewer individuals so next year’s results will be interesting to compare. We would encourage everyone to have a go – it’s simple and fun. If you have not received a survey form and would like to take part or if you know someone who would like to give it a go, please contact us and we will make sure everyone gets a survey sheet.

Earlswood Lakes Concerns Group
We will be meeting with officials from the Canal and River Trust later this month. If you have any comments you would like passing on at the meeting, please contact us at ewp2010@btinternet.com or on 07528 595444

Dates for your diary
Bat Survey - Sat 13th April 10am meet at Malthouse Lane car park

Reptile Survey  - Sat 20th April 10am meet at Malthouse Lane car park

Evening Chorus Walk - Sat 4th May 7pm meet at Wood Lane car park (Clowes Wood) charge £2

Wildflower Walk - Sat 11th May 2.30pm meet at Wood Lane car park (Clowes Wood) charge £2

Bat Night - Fri 17th May 9pm meet at Fishermans car park Wood Lane charge £2

Birding for Beginners  - Saturday 25th May 09.00 - 12.30
A morning's practical introduction to birding for the beginner on a local 'patch'.
Led by experts Tony and Matt, the course will cover equipment, field craft and
identification on a guided walk around Earlswood Lakes and surrounds.
Stout footwear is recommended.
Binoculars would be an asset, but can be provided where required.
As numbers will be limited, advanced booking is essential.
Please contact us to reserve a place

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 11th June at 7.30pm at Earlswood Village Hall – Includes wildlife talk by Paul Wilkinson, second hand book sale, wildlife photos plus coffee and cakes

Moth Night - Sat 13th July 8.30pm meet at Wood Lane car park (Clowes Wood)

Bob Roberts
(Membership Secretary)

Our little dog is now walking nicely on the lead and has almost given up tangling himself in the flexi lead. It been 4 long weeks of jumping, leaping lead biting but touch wood it seems to have stopped for now. 

He can sit and he will play fetch in the garden but we are no where near brave enough to let him off the lead on a walk yet as his recall is not so hot and instead of sleeping with the cats he now chases them mind you they do play him up and they still nick his bed so I take it they don't mind to much. However it has to stop and that is next on the list to tackle plus his thieving tendencies.

He is a little T leaf and will nick anything we leave lying around watches, glasses, socks, toilet rolls you name it he nicks it. Dog toys remain surplus to requirement and apparently boring.

Id forgotten what it was like to have a young dog having had so many years of a well behaved dog I must admit this has come as quite a shock to the system but i must have been through it before and come through the other side.