Something has really captured my imagination today whilst working on the TIA NDP communications on Facebook and Twitter. Something so simple but necessary popped up and could mean the difference between living or dying  an unessential premature death . Whilst busy at work doing risk assessments and making sure  everyone knows what thy are meant to do in an emergency  

How many of us actually plan a course of action should the need arise to evacuate our homes due to an emergency of some sort. I suspect we all have a plan of action in our own minds but nothing tangible My household will certainly be following the guidelines and making a plan.  I have to say it really made me stop and think.  Why not take a peak at this link Home Emergency Plan
Well OK yes I have been quiet again on my blog has been neglected, however time hasn't been wasted and I hadn't forgotten about anyone that happens to read the blog. The fact is I have been a busy BoD all for the good of the community I think! In fact I would say that since March my time has been consumed with the community. The buzz words at the moment are Tanworth Neighbourhood Plan. What is a Neighbourhood Plan well the steering group is on a very steep learning curve however the basics of it quite simply Stratford District Council has its proposed Core Strategy out and about and within the Core Strategy it is planned that the Tanworth In Arden Ward which includes Earlswood th Village of Tanworth and our new local service village Wood End will take an additional 100 houses between them. In short as a community we either can have an input as to where these additional houses go or we can leave it to our District Council to tell us where they are going. Of course the Core Strategy is about more than future development, it is about the future and how we are going to provide what is needed until the year 2031 whether it be Infrastructure, Environment, Transport. I am finding it quite interesting and can understand why people get hooked on it all. There is so much to learn it is untrue. One of my interests is sharing and communicating local things to anyone local that me be passing by and for my sins I was nominated TIA NPD Communicator. You all know for many years I have been harping on about how us cyber dwellers tend to get over looked when anything local is occurring. Well now I have my chance to prove that we can make a difference and that the Internet, Social Media all have its part to play in the bigger picture. So what have I been up to over the last few months well building yet another website/blog and introducing the community to the world of Social Media. I still struggle with Facebook however I have had to get to grips with it now. I suppose the message of this post is the Neighbourhood Plan belongs to the whole community and everyone is invited to have their say. Even it is by answering a survey and haven't got time to physically help filling in the survey and returning it will go a long way to helping. We meet every month and our website is  it is still a work in progress but its a start. You will also find our Facebook and twitter accounts there. Anyway thats what I have been up to for the last few months and on my way to Reading thought I would take time to scribble a little not
The next Tanworth Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Committee Meeting is Tuesday 19th August 2014, 7.30pm at Earlswood Garden and Landscape Centre, Forshaw Heath.

See attached agenda ==> NDP meeting agenda (PDF document)