Well I once again appear to have taken quite a long sabbatical however I thought it worth coming out of blogging retirement to make any readers I may have left aware of the following response Solihull MBC have received in their recent call for sites for future housing needs.

This call for sites is by Solihull MBC and Barrats have responded with the following
From the Methodist Church to Earlswood Station
From Earlswood Station running in the line of the woods behind Poplars farm behind the Limes and up to Pound Close.

Apparently it is know as a Garden Village information of which can be found on the links below.

TiA Parish Council is aware and will be discussing the submission at their next planning meeting. Also your District Councillor is aware I also believe that Stratford SDC is aware however I don't know what if any response they may have made.
What is a call for sites? A call for sites is made by every council as part of their planning for future housing needs. It does not mean that the response is a fore gone conclusion it means that the submission will be considered alongside any other submission before taking it to the next stage.

However it is something that all residents of Earlswood and especially Forshaw Heath & Tidbury Green should be aware of.