I am starting to get really confused about Green Belt and tying myself up in knots with wording. For people lucky enough to live in such an area is a privilege and we are responsible for looking after it not just for ourselves but for future generations and our  visitors to enjoy.

As I looked at the telegraph Interactive map of Green Belt, I wondered what the little splodges of white unidentified land were. Then the penny dropped  they are Within The Green Belt but not classed as Green Belt I may be wrong I may be right ,

Then again they may be future proposals for development that are indeed classed as Green Belt I haven’t quite worked it out unfortunately the map doesn't give that type of detail.

I was surprised that Stratford Upon Avon wasn't in the Green Belt nor many of the pretty villages around it. Including Shottery I can only assume they are in open Countryside.

Is it me or is it all confusing. The way I see it is quite simple 
  1. The Green Belt was put in place to allow people to travel and  enjoy elements of the countryside and all it has to offer for visitors from the Cities or suburban areas.
  2. It was a place that protected the Open Countryside from development and allowed those living in Towns and Cities to get away from the hustle and bustle whilst enjoying some elements of the Countryside
  3. See open countryside as the land that is beyond the Green Belt with the Green Belt being the protection between the Urban Sprawl and the Open Countryside.

As I walk around Birmingham City Centre whilst at the same time reading that they need help for provision of Housing from Solihull I really want to know why Birmingham have not looked at the Post Office Tower or come to think of it the NatWest Building in Newhall street for possible housing requirements. Empty or Dormant waste of space. Before they have addressed empty City Centre Buildings they should not impose their requirements on Neighbouring Authorities.

Whilst I am on a role. I would really like to know where 800 hundred new home owners in Shottery are going to work without getting in their car and driving, which of course goes against any Green Policy there may be. 
Well I have to say it is different. I love the concept of it and how very simple it was to get on line up and running. Absolutely no hassle please be warned you will need your router Password close to hand when you first turn on your Chromebook its is one of the first questions asked of you.

I'm not sure it is the right tool for my own requirements, however having said that if it was launched about 6 months ago it is exactly what was required for Dad. We may be doing a swap in the near future.

This does not mean I don’t like the Google Chromebook. I love it and I suspect some of my slight resistance is down to being so use to Windows and having to find a new way of working. New applications that work and meet my requirements its only day two and I am getting there.

It is a nifty little tool which I suspect will catch on very quickly and become the norm and probably will be the new Windows of the future.

The Chromebook I purchased was the Acer C7 I Chose it over the Samsung for the following reasons.

  1. I loved my Acer Travelmate that is coming to a sticky end through no fault of its own although I have to say it still limps along with a bit of a struggle.
  2. I like the familiar slate gray appearance  and the sturdiness of the Acer. It doesn't mean it is any better than the Samsung it is just a personal preference.
  3. I hated my Samsung Galaxy phone which a very soon swapped for something else once again it was a look touch and feel thing and I changed it for something more sturdy.

Yes I tried both makes but to be honest I just felt more comfortable with the Acer even the difference in price was not taken into consideration as I was willing to pay more.

With reference to the concept of Googlechrome. Great for those hooked on surfing the web, social media  and blogging that want an easy no hassle experience.

Not so great for those that have got use to Microsoft office, downloading applications installing applications but I think it is only a matter of time before Google Chromebook meets the challenge. I for one will stick with it.
OK OK So I have neglected my blog for a while. I have had different things going on but one of those things has led me to a thought. Some of you may be able to help me. I listened to the following Interview. My mind sort of went off in a tangent.

Mr Boles quite clearly states the Green Belt  is protected he wants to keep it  ! Good News to Me- However he followed it up with, people will have to accept that we build on some open land.

So my question is to Land and planning Techies

  1. Does Open Land which I presume means Open Countryside have different planning permissions to that of protected Green Belt?
  2. If so does anyone know where I can find the differences 

Whilst the media is jumping up and down about Green Belt Land should we not be concentrating on protecting the open Countryside that surrounds the Green Belt.

I think we all probably get mixed up at times.

Green Belt
Open Countryside

Two very different things as far as I can tell Green Belt is protected. Open Countryside appears to be fair game to any potential developer.

For Your Perusal an interactive Map of the UK Green Belts on the link below