After almost 3 weeks of struggling with a hyper dog on a lead and having a nightmare even trying to control him on a walk, last night I had a break through. He barked at me playfully but was being a bit boisterous  so I woofed back quite loudly it even made the other half jump. It stopped him in his tracks instantly  I couldn't believe it. He settled down for the evening. BTW I am talking about the dog not the other half. The OH just laughed at me.

This morning I was dreading the daily battle of who is leading who on the walk and tried to remain calm. I had already planned to go and buy a halti collar later today. I didn't get that far

Having read all sorts of top  tips how to stop lead biting jumping and pulling. No mention of woofing. I used the tips to get him out the door quietly with an added  Carrie woof.
  • I put his harness on
  • He started leaping about
  • I woofed
  • He stopped
  • I ignored him
  • Then I clipped his lead on
  • He started leaping about
  • I woofed he stopped
  • I waited then took him is walk
  • He pulled I woofed
  • He stopped pulling jumping and biting his lead with only one incident
So if you see a mad woman woofing at a dog on your travels its me he is so good in so many other ways and has learned lots of new things but I must admit I wasn't making any headway on the lead thing and was starting to panic and getting stressed out. Lets see if it works on the next walk of the day.


It worked again this time with a quiet woof we had a great 2nd walk cant wait to show the other half.

OK Why did I woof at my Dog?

He barked at me as simple as that and we had had a battle  of wills all day on Friday and he quite simply was not taking any notice of me even for treats.It was quite simply a last resort and how would you like it.

Now having done a bit of research on the web one deep woof in Dog Language  appears to mean stop that!!

Well I wasn't expecting to woof at my dog to train him on a lead but its a darn site better than yanking pulling, leaping biting lead, battling, using a choke chain (Yuk) I hate them but will admit trying with one. 

If a woof works for my dog  and he understands woof why an earth not use it. 

  • He isn't required to be multi Lingual in Human and Dog
  • He doesn't require choke chains or other restraining devices
    • Yelling at
    • Stern commands
    • Mixed messages for what do I do for a treat
  • I get the added advantage of being able to add tomy CV
    • English
    • Spanish 
    • Dogish 

Its been a  pleasure today to put him on a harness and walk with a loose lead calmly. How long it will last I don't know it may just be a flash in the pan knowing my luck it will be.

Just call me Doctor Dolittle if it continues to work :-)

I have to say before I start this post my family nor I have ever been in the position Locally of not receiving care whilst in hospital.

My OH and I had a  very rude wake up call whilst one of us was donating bone marrow in a beautiful tall glass building in London.

a) The food was so inedible it was a quick trip to Tescos bring your own (Disgraceful)
b) The Nurse noticed the temperature going up  on the donor and was very  concerned but failed to notice until pointed from a non medical person that  a thermal blanket was still wrapped around the patient.

Please note we can't fault the well meaningness and kindness of the people involved but the very basics were missed.


As I listened to the news this morning it was almost a replay of a conversation my Father had with me last week. We happened to be chatting about the NHS which to cut a long story short led on to the “when I was a boy type story”

I couldn’t believe my ears this morning with the “new” Nurses must spend a year in basic care. Actually from listening to my father and his experience all those years ago  that is exactly what used to happen. Nurses did some form of basic training in a ward/hospital, apprenticeship whatever you would like to call it. There were certain basic standards expected,

  • Clean beds
  • Clean wards
  • Clean patients
  • Fed and watered  patients
  • Toileted
  • Cared for Patients

I have had a shock today as  a member of the general public and I am not that old but I would have thought Nurses were already adept at  basic care.

Then again I suppose if you have had to go to Uni  to be a Nurse you learn all the theory of the basics but have actually never had to spend a lot of time doing the basics  

I personally suspect the basics have been subcontracted out  personal opinion only.

Basically Nursing is the same as any other profession if the basics aren't right and a set standard and consistent nothing else will be and I still believe managers can’t manage unless they have done the job they are responsible and accountable for managing and that goes for any organisation or trade.