As people who visit or read this blog know I am not politically orientated and try not to pass comment on politics.

Our local elections have been and gone and Cllr Peter Oakley has retained his seat in the Tanworth In Arden Ward which includes Earlswood, Forshaw Heath, Danzey Green, Aspley Heath all of which are in the Greenbelt and most definatley close to my heart.

The purpose of this post is to highlight how locally elected people represent us at District Level, I suppose this post continues on from my last post, as I for one am over the moon that Stratford District Council is web-casting many of its meetings and can now see and hear our locally elected people instead of just read afterwards. Remember do not get paid for their time but take their time to fight our corners for us at the appropriate levels. As I watched The Cabinet web-cast and discuss the Draft Core Strategy I was pleasantly surprised to hear and see our local District Councillor speak. Why not watch and listen to our local representative?  You can fast forward to 50 mins 28 sec

Sunday is my day for wandering around the web to find out what is happening in the world and locally. I knew the following was going to happen but just didn't realise it had started to happen. As you all know I am quite interested in all things Local, Greenbelt, Countryside plus of course my ICT passion.

One of my constant moans many moons ago when starting this blog was, Why our local Authority, Parish Councils and other organisations didn't make use of the web and the tools it had to offer to share information to keep the web surfers among us informed and in touch.

4 years ago I was watching the progress “live streaming free courtesy of U-Stream” of The Dechora Eagles in America (US) whilst I was sitting at home in Warwickshire (UK). Whilst lurking around the U-Stream online application I stumbled across a Stratford Upon Avon council meeting and pondered on why they didn’t do it on a regular occurrence.

Today by accident I have stumbled on Stratford Up-On Avons webcast channel. As I said earlier I knew it was going to happen but just didn’t realise it had started. Very careless of me!

The webcasts are broadcast live and then archived, to be perfectly honest there is absolutely no reason why those of us who can’t attend meetings and rely on written reports of others, actually can’t see and hear exactly what happens during these meetings.

The Agendas are printed at the side of the webcast which is a useful tool

So ICT meets and informs Hyper Local Communities. If you would like to see archives of planning meetings and cabinet meetings or even watch it live the facility is now there.  It is an opportunity to find out if the people you voted in as local representatives are representing you the way you think they should be. It is also an opportunity to learn about how you’re District Council functions and some of the difficult decisions they have to make. In short whether we agree or disagree with decisions the facility is now there to watch listen and learn.

I for one am grateful this facility exists and thank SDC for taking the step.

It is a bit slow in loading but well worth it. The link is

Try broadband speed test

Well its been quite a while since I did this and was just wondering what it was out of curiosity. Its getting there slowly but only just over half way to what I am actually paying for. No doubt one day we will enjoy the speed that those with cable have. Here's hoping
Well I am just a BoD having a think and a scribble on a Sunday morning.

After the jubilation that Tidbury Green Farm and Lowbrook Farm had been returned to Greenbelt and a proposed development refused.The developers took Solihull Council to the High-Court where the Judge  found the Solihull council had acted unlawfully by not providing any objective assessment of housing need in setting a housing target of 11,000 homes by 2028. Sourced 

Now don’t get me wrong I am no expert but what I find really confusing is that Solihull’s Local Development Plan had been adopted in December 2013 with Tidbury Green Farm /Lowbrook Farm returned to Green Belt Sourced or that is my understanding which raises the question.

If the plan were found to be sound in December 2013 by the Governments Planning Inspector, what an earth has changed and why? And why only now is Solihull’s methology being questioned surely this should have been done when the plan was submitted and before it was adopted.

My next question is if the plan is already adopted but the Council was recently found to have acted unlawfully does that mean the whole plan is now of no use what so ever and Solihull have to start from scratch again?

Surely if the Governments own Planning Inspector missed such vital elements of the plan when he reviewed it then Solihull Council can’t be found to have acted unlawfully.

What a Pickle we all seem to be in !!!