This made me smile although I doubt the residents of this road are very happy looking at the state of the grass verges, obviously the driver of the car is not in the wrong and has nowhere else to go and I suspect the driver of the lorry made a genuine mistake. They often say forewarned is forearmed so I now have to question the reading abilities of the driver of the lorry.If he lorry had of continued down the road it would have probably come unstuck or should I say stuck. This lorry driver decided to reverse out of this road onto quite a fast (60MPH) B road on a very nasty bend he would have been presented with the worst of two evils. I blame the sat navs!

The cat was sitting proudly at the front door with what appeared to be a brown very dead thing in it's mouth. I thought Oh shit as the cat scuttled away. Then  I heard a squeak in the general direction of the cat. I have to say what ever he had caught I really thought was a gonner and for a moment thought let nature take its course. Anyway the squeak got louder and the cat hadn't gone that far. I found him in the bushes with a bird in his mouth. I got to the point where I could grab the Cat and he let go of his prey. The Cat was most pissed off with me, and the victim appeared on his or her last legs. I picked the very small bird up off the ground expecting it to pop its clogs.Anyway this very tiny feathered friend was cupped in my hands with me trying to find a place for him or her to die quietly in the garden and wondering if I had done the right thing by rescuing it from the cat in the first place. I could feel this tiny bird getting stronger and stronger in my hands. I quite simply opened my hands and the little bird (Wren) flew off.
I can't remember anytime I rescued a bird from a cat only for the bird to fly off as if nothing had happened. As I started telling the cat/bird event to Dad. I was told the Cat caught a Robin the other day and once again was diprived of its prey by a human with the feathered friend being left to to tell his mates of his adventures with a cat.
I took time this morning to take another look at the attack on the Royal car. This is having previously read it cost £50 million to protect 22 members of the Royal family! Here is the question I am pondering. I am no expert but at the time the protesters approached the Royal car there appeared little or no protection what so ever.. One outrider in front of the car that was it. I am gob smacked the the Duchess Of Cornwall had her window open at one point. The people that dispersed the crowd appeared to normal uniformed officers that were on duty..So is this what £50 million gets. I don't suppose the lack of protection that evening has got anything to do with the suggestion that the £50 million may need to be cut.

A main road in Warwickshire was closed after a light aircraft made an emergency landing on it.
Pilot Chris Hall walked away uninjured from the damaged Piper PA-28 which landed on the A429 at Wellesbourne earlier.
Mr Hall, of Earlswood, Warwickshire, said remembered his "instructor's words" during the incident. The ambulance service said it was "more of a heavy landing" than a crash.Senior paramedic officer Martyn Scott added: "The pilot got up and walked away. There was not a mark on him. He was totally uninjured."Mr Hall said: "On climb out the engine decided that it wasn't going to play any more, so I remembered my instructor's words, which were 'find a field', so I did."The pilot added he had just taken off. He said: "I'd just been doing circuits actually, so I'd done six or seven take offs and landings in the previous hour."So I was very familiar with what the plane was doing and what the conditions were, which did make it really easy to recover from what could have been quite a dangerous situation."

I am absolutely astounded at the disgraceful behavior, violence and sheer lac of respect the students have shown during their recent demonstrations. Any sympathy I may have had for their predicament has been replaced with disappointment and concern that the majority of these people are our Nations future. If this is the way they behave there appears very little hope for us as a Nation.
The damage they have caused, the lack of respect for law and order and the unbelievable attack on Prince Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall makes me cringe.

As I watched a video with students chanting off with their heads I wonder if this is tantamount to treason. I must admit I do wonder what an earth the Royals were doing in that neck of the woods. Who the hell put them in that predicament?
Of course I suspect it was the minority that has tarred the majority. In the end it will be the majority that will suffer from the actions of the minority as always!
I love the internet there is so much out there but what I can't get over is some of the great free tools available, that make things at work and home so much easier. I still don't understand how it is free! I thought I would share one of my best finds. First of all I don't bother with Microsoft Office any more why should I when I have Open Office It looks like Office it feels like it and the beauty of it is It is compatible with Office.For those people who have computers but don't have office or can't afford it this tool is a great option. Maybe a Uni Student or someone who needs to submit a CV but doesn't have the fancy software package. I use it for the hell of it one less Microsoft package on my PC

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the over all performance of the trains on the North Warwickshire -  Stratford to Stourbridge line over  a period of very cold weather. for once I am not complaining about the train service its self and will give credit where credit is due. 8/10 for the train turning up.
Well with all the talk about how the future Royal Wedding will help the economy I do have to ponder on exaxctly how the below will help the economy? Don't expect to see Prince William and Kate Middleton's faces adorning tea towels, T-shirts, biscuit tins or even china come the Royal wedding next year – Buckingham Palace has imposed strict guidelines on commemorative memorabilia, and has banned all of the above.Although admitting that unofficial merchandise could not be prevented, the Palace has imposed rules for use of the official engagement photos, taken by Mario Testino.A statement from The Lord Chamberlain, Earl Peel, who is senior official of the Royal household, outlined which items would not be permitted, including traditional royal wedding tea towels.A spokesperson explained, 'We want items that are permanent and significant.'

Bang goes any additional income for the potteries!
I just love the way the Aussies go about their business. Straight talking no holding back. They always appear to say exactly what the rest of the worlds population are thinking but never quite get around to saying.

Asked what governments should do in response to the leaked cables, Rudd said: "Rule No 1 for our friends in the United States is – how do you tighten things up a bit?
"I think that's a fair old question. Maybe 2 million or so people having access to this stuff is a bit of a problem.''
So true
Full Report
Well I know she was caught but never quite knew what happened to her after capture. Although an old report I have found this! One has to wonder if there are any more in the lakes. Our own lakeness monsters anyway back to the report.

An angler fishing for carp at a reservoir in the West Midlands got the shock of his life when he landed a giant North American turtle.
The alligator snapping turtle after its capture at Earlswood Lakes

The 25kg alligator snapping turtle, which is around two feet long, was snared by Steve Bellion, 23, at Earlswood Lakes, near Solihull.

It is believed the animal, thought to around 80 years old, has been biting through anglers' lines and preying on local wildlife for around a decade. The reptile, previously mistaken for an alligator, has escaped after being caught by anglers on previous occasions.

The creature, which has been rehomed at West Midland Safari Park, in Bewdley, Worcestershire, is thought to have been a pet which was dumped after becoming too big.

British Waterways said the turtle was caught in Earlswood's Engine Pool, where Mr Bellion fishes regularly.

British Waterways ecologists transported the turtle to West Midland Safari Park after its capture, where it will remain permanently alongside another member of the same breed.

The alligator snapping turtle at its new home at West Midland Safari Park

The alligator snapping turtle, North America's largest freshwater turtle, can weigh over 80kg and live to 160 years old.

British Waterways ecologist Paul Wilkinson said: "Although it is a shame that we are taking this special animal out of the wild, it is necessary to protect the natural balance and she should settle down nicely with the experts at the West Midland Safari Park.

"Steve has done a good job in landing the turtle and luckily had the knowledge of how to deal with such a large animal safely. It is not only illegal to release non-native species into the wild of the UK, there is also no need to do it - there are organisations that can help rehome unwanted reptiles."

Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at West Midland Safari Park, said: "Thankfully alligator snapping turtles are a rarity in British waters - they can create havoc for native species.

"It's great the turtle now has a safe home. She appears to be in good health, and as we also have a male of the same species, we will be checking compatibility to ascertain the possibility of mating."
As I got off the train and made the short journey to my little car. It was tucked away in the corner looking very sad cold and frozen. Its normally bright happy colour had a frost cold glaze. The door was just starting to freeze you know how it is when you get that knowing resistance and slight crunch as you pull it open. I had only been away from it for a few hours and it had gone back into hibernation.

It took me 20 minutes to defrost the inside of the windows the outside was done with a little bit of de icer. Must admit I didn’t want to use that inside the car- I can just imagine getting as high as a kite on de icer fumes and driving home. Well in any case my little car isn’t an old car it has most the mod cons.

What I don’t understand is how everyone else who got off the train at the same time as I some of them had travelled on the same train in the morning managed to escape the car park so quickly and still manage to see where they were going. I wouldn’t mind it was also a very foggy evening. Are we trying to say that drivers in and around Earlswood drive without being able to see where they are going. I must remember that, sorry to bore any readers I may have but I just don’t know how the other people could see where they were going!