I would first of all like to say I am really grateful to all the people who have helped the fight to bring the speed limit of Forshaw Heath Road down to 50mph in the future. I think that is a great start and something is better than nothing.


During a conversation with reference to speeding cars I was surprised when I was advised I was just as likely to get killed at 30 mph as I was at 60 mph. Suffice to say I was quite taken back and for once stumped for words. In fact so stumped I failed miserably to bring into the conversation the following.

The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph

I was equally as speechless when the same person advised me there was no way we could stop lunatics. I agree we won’t be able to stop all the lunatics.

My point is because our speed limit says 60 mph or in the future 50 mph people thinks it’s safe to go quickly. Our lanes have pedestrians, Horses, Dog walkers etc we have T Junctions turning onto a 60 mph road on a blind bend.

I was also advised that the average speed on the road was 45 mph and only 2 drivers out of 3000 went over the 60 mph limit. Erm I would love to know how that is worked out. 

That means 1/2 were going at under and 30 mph  (The Day Time Residents and Locals ) and the other half near as damn it going up to the speed limit but not breaking it. 

Anything between 30 and 59.99 mph. 

Wow we get an average of 45 mph I don't know if this is the correct way to get to the average speed but I have managed to get to calculating the average speed 45 mph.

So we have 1500 cars going over 30 mph and UP TO 60  in short that means 750 people per day go at or over 45mph and under 60 mph. 50 mph is still to quick and is a compromise allowing those that drive dangerously to continue doing so. 

The person I was talking to misses the point the driving on this road is to fast full stop IT IS NOT ABOUT BREAKING THE SPEED LIMIT. It is about driving appropriately and safely. The speed limit is only part of the problem.

I personally think all Councils have a duty of care to advise people what is appropriate and safe just like I have to  at work with my staff.

Just as I started calming down during this conversation I was once again floored and left almost speechless. When advised there have only been two reported accidents. Well I am sorry but the near misses and screeching of brakes honking of horns obscenities and a list of dead and injured domestic pets may not have resulted in a reported accident but it does suggest there may be a problem. 

When it comes to it the real problem is managing it. There are no resources to manage speeding traffic or careless thoughtless dangerous drivers.

Not all fast drivers are youngsters who have just passed their test or joy riders. Yes they do exist and always will do but I think they are a minority

In my experience as a pedestrian and now a car driver of this road it is those that have powerful cars and rush to get to work or from point a to b. are impatient risk takers. They are totally ambivalent to anything and really don’t care what impact  their careless driving has on local residents.

These people should know better lead by example and slow down or start out 5 mins earlier so they don’t have to rush.

To anyone local

The Drain Covers are still missing.

Please be careful when driving down Forshaw Heath Lane from the motorway. The drain covers have been stolen or removed. Very dangerous if you are unaware. Please be careful.
Having received a telephone call from our County Councillor yesterday, I have been informed that the speed limit on Forshaw Heath Road will be reduced to 50 mph. 

Its a start and thank you to those that have worked hard in getting it reduced. 

Although I still don't understand why it can't be dropped to 40. That is another conversation which I best not publish, suffice to say it was rather a heated discussion.

But hey 50 is better than 60

Earlswood Wildlife Partnership
Newsletter 5
Welcome to our latest newsletter, we hope you have had a good wildlife summer so far. We have had some very dry weather on the whole, which has given good mothing nights.

Moth night in Clowes Wood (2nd July)
Five traps were set up in various parts of the wood and 135 species of moths (including micro’s) were identified. We would like to thank Martin for identifying them and compiling the list, if you would like a copy of the list please contact us on ewp2010@btinternet.com.
Earlswood Heritage Project

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has successfully obtained funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a 12 month Youth and Community project in Earlswood. This project aims to involve young people and other members of the community in a unique attempt to capture the natural and human heritage of Earlswood through a 12 month program of diverse activities and events that will range from volunteering opportunities, to wildlife surveying, filming and producing two documentaries to recording living, breathing oral histories from the people that live in Earlswood and experiencing the natural environment at its most extraordinary.

We hope many of our members will want to get involved, if you are interested to find out more please contact Matt Cox on 07745 538159 or email matt.cox@wkwt.org.uk

Kayak Fishing on Terry’s Pool

Some of you may have seen kayaks on Terry’s Pool and British Waterways have told the local residents association:

We are allowing Kayak fishing for a trial period of 12 months and will obviously review come the end of the trial. We will be able to learn what has gone well and not so well and look at things from then.”
The EWP will be following this closely but British Waterways will welcome everyone’s comments on this and can be contacted by email 
enquiries.westmidlands@britishwaterways.co.uk or by writing to British WaterwaysPeels Wharf, Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QZ.
Bird life of Earlswood 2011
This year is proving to be an excellent one for birds at Earlswood, with two rarities found so far: an adult Night Heron present at the lakes for two weeks in May and a Hoopoe at Manor Farm briefly on July 4th. The Night Heron appears to be only the fifth confirmed occurrence of this species in Warwickshire! Other unusual birds recorded at the lakes during the spring were 13 Bar-tailed Godwits flying over (the first recorded at Earlswood for over 60 years), three Little Terns, three Sandwich Terns, two Pink-footed Geese and a Little Egret, plus a few Little Gulls, Black Terns and well over a hundred Arctic Terns passed through. Elsewhere, migrant Redstart, Whinchat, Stonechat and Wheatear were all recorded along Springbrook Lane, with Wheatears also to the east of Earlswood Common, and a Grasshopper Warbler was heard near the lakes.It has been a good breeding season for some bird species, especially Mallards, with two pairs of Lesser Whitethroats raising young being particularly notable. Great Crested Grebes and Coots have not done so well, due to falling water levels and disturbance. A number of butterfly species have been seen, including Essex Skipper, Marbled White and Common Blue, as well as day-flying moths like Cinnabar and a Ruby Tiger.The autumn passage of migrant birds is now upon us, having started in July, and apart from a juvenile Shelduck and another Little Egret, most of the more notable species involved have been waders, not surprising given how much lakebed has been exposed by the receding water at Engine Pool and Windmill Pool. Highlights so far have been a Whimbrel, three occurrences of Black-tailed Godwits and a Greenshank, whilst Oystercatchers, Redshanks, Dunlins, Little Ringed Plovers, Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpipers and Lapwings have also been seen.There will be lots more birds to see and hear this autumn, and if you find anything interesting in the area I will be pleased to hear from you.

Matt Griffiths (matt_avesmaster@hotmail.com)

You can keep up to date with local bird sightings at Matt’s blog:-

Birds of Earlswood - http://earlswood.blogspot.com/

Forthcoming events

Friday 26th August Bat Walk - meet at 8.15pm Wood Lane Car Park (Engine Pool) – Part of European Bat Weekend with the Warwickshire Bat Group
Saturday 3rd September Moth & Bat night - meet at 8:30pm Malthouse Lane Car Park. Come along for an informal short Bat Walk and to see how a moth trap works.

Saturday 15th October Autumn Walk Meet at 2pm Wood lane Car Park. Cost £2 (towards upkeep of wood)

Taken This Morning. 

Video taken with Nokia 5230 phone by Carrie
I was reading Mikes blog about community TV an the 65 nominated areas. I must admit at first I wondered what he was on about.

I actually can see his point albeit wiK or Kidderminster is included as one of the 65. What has Kidderminster got to do with Kenilworth? sorry for the error I got the Ks mixed up

As I pondered on what Mike was dabbling in, I remembered how much just via Twitter and blogging I had learnt, Mike being one of the first to pick up on my curiosity as to why Warwickshire Police weren't represented properly like WMP. 

Don't get me wrong I don't agree with everything he says and at this moment in time with reference to the possible trial TV Stations Kidderminster is there. From little acorns grow big oak trees so to speak just as the first PCSO in Warwickshire happens to be from Kenilworth hopefully the rest will follow suit as A tweet advising drain covers had disappeared did anyone hear or see anything in my neck of the woods quickly, may have jogged someones memory.

In actual fact we don't need TV stations for local things we just need accessible news. wiK or Mike has given a lot of help and ideas and to be perfectly honest there is nothing stopping any of us doing something local and publishing it. Including You Tube Twit cam etc whats stopping us local BoDs providing a local news channel in our local area via the internet.
To anyone local

Please be careful when driving down Forshaw Heath Lane from the motorway. The drain covers have been stolen or removed. Very dangerous if you are unaware. Please be careful.
Apparently I have managed to down load more than 5 GB this month. I don't quite know how all I do is Tweet and Blog. I watched question time uploaded a couple of photos that was it.

I am almost certain that doesn't take 5GB hey ho I have been charged an extra £5.00 suffice to say I am finished with BT. Their performance at home is one thing but when the same thing happens at work as well.

I say PPP without wanting to swear It goes something like this P*** Poor Performance


As I walked from London Bridge tube to Bank on a very quiet Thursday morning I thought I would just share some of the sights. I have to say although I dislike traveling to the capital. 

At this time in the morning I can see why people enjoy it and it's sights. 

It was a pleasure.
First Posted in 2011

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know I really do have concerns about the speed of the traffic using Forshaw Heath Road, Forshaw Heath Lane and Poolhead Lane. Anyone local will know the Tanworth end of Poolhead lane just after the Motorway Bridge has a 40 mph speed limit and the other end of a long road has a 30mph speed limit. The bit in the middle is unrestricted however it is the most dangerous bit. with 4 minor roads leading onto it,several blind bad bends a chicane with a house on the edge other than drivers using the road it is popular with cyclists, horse riders and those hardy pedestrians. 

Since the completion of the volume of traffic on the road has increased substantially, the quality of the road has decreased substantially due to intense usage. Cars have got more powerful and quicker and the unrestricted speed limit is a green light for some motorists to drive as fast as they can.

For years the residents have been voicing concern and for years we have hit a brick wall and been told by people who do not live on this road that there is no problem. On two occasions by two different people I have been present when residents have been advised unless there is a fatality or unless we have regular street lighting and pavements a change of speed limit will not be considered.

Yesterday Cllr Ken of Solihull Council posted the Solihull speed review which for me proved very interesting reading although the speed review does not include the above mentioned lanes and roads as they belong to SDC not SMBC it does mention all those lanes and roads that feed onto ours.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at Rumbush lane. Rumbush lane leads onto Forshaw Heath Road. Item 21page 1 of the report.


60 MPH

And Just because Google Maps Allows me To

They Allow 60MPH but advise people to go slow How Confusing is that.
On The Right going towards a bridge straight on. On the left but hidden is Tanners Green Lane. True this is a straight bit of road. However look at the width of it and the quality of it. The following picture is why I am not a pedestrian any more.

If I were walking towards the station on the proper side of the road. Guess who ends up in the ditch.

Oh well I have spent a little bit of time exploring G+ I must admit it has a few very useful gadgets.

Although I am new to modern Social media I must admit I am not new to the Internet how I got left behind on the modern social media side of things I really don’t know but I did.

G+ seems to be another step into the future and in my own personal opinion has carefully watched the likes of Twitter ,Facebook, Flicker to name but a few and taken the best from them all and amalgamated it into one package.

I notice a lot of techie & media types are using G+ members of WWC are there (The Techies & PR)

The problem is how do they attract people to it when those people are established and just got comfortable in their new place in Cyber Space. Twitter, Facebook etc.

Many people are like me I hated twitter a few months ago and with a little perseverance I now enjoy it and have found my own uses for it. Just as I get happy and comfortable with it, something new has come along.

I think Twitter does exactly what it says on the tin, and is ideal for short messages, alerts and announcements.

I think the Police really do have a place on Twitter as do organisations like London Midland.

You only have to look at WMP Helicopter to realise how much Twitter has helped raise their profile and our understanding of their role  and the updates from some of our SNT, Shirley and Kenilworth appear to be really in to it and doing really well.

Twitter is quick and short and G+ is a bit scary but once again with perseverance I am sure I will grow to like it. My little mind is working O/T and I can see some great uses for some of the tools.

Lets see how I feel in a few months time!
Police Message

Garage Break Earlswood

Inc 328 2/8/2011

A garage on The Common Earlswood was forced open between Sunday Evening and Monday Evening. Offenders would have only been able to access the garage door from the driveway on the front. A large quantity of fishing equipment was taken, as well a leaf blower and power washer. It would have required a van to remove all the items.

Their was also another scrambler/dirt bike removed from a shed in the area around the same time, unknown if connected.

If you have any information on the above please call 01926 415000 quoting the Inc number.

Crime is relatively low in the area at the moment, and very low compared to many other areas, however we must ensure no opportunities are offered to offenders. Crime prevention advice is available by contacting David Martin on the details below, or attending the mobile surgeries in the area on the first Friday of the month.

Any suspicious vehicles in the area, please obtain registration mark and pass it on to David Martin .Safer Neighbourhood Team Volunteers for Community Speedwatch still required please contact me if you are interested.

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Warwickshire Police

01789 444816

Graham has been missing from Coventry since 01 Aug 2011.
There is concern for Graham's safety and he is urged to call our confidential service Message Home on Freefone 0800 700 740 for advice and support.
Graham is 5ft 10ins tall, of stocky build  with brown eyes and receding hair. When Graham went missing he was driving a  Blue Toyota Avensis registration number FG58OPA, as seen in photo.
Please note these are not Minutes It is a Report

The Parish Council met on Thursday 21st July 2011 at 19.30 hours in Tanworth Village Hall.
Four members of the public were present.  District Councillor Oakley, District Councillor Atkinson and County Councillor Perry all sent their apologies.

Mr King of Richmond Oak Conservatories spoke concerning the resubmission of a planning application for a conservatory at Crossmeads in Tanworth in Arden.   He pointed out that on the wall that they had applied to erect the conservatory, planning permission was necessary.  As the cumulative volume exceeded 30%, taking earlier extensions into consideration, planning permission had been previously refused.   Mr King asked the parish council when considering this planning application, to take in to account that if the conservatory was erected on another wall they would be able to erect it under Permitted Development Rights.  This would necessitate the removal of a mature hedge. Mr King also pointed out that planning policy is due to change in the future which will make 30% rule obsolete with each application being considered on its own merit.

Mr Perks spoke in connection with the planning application for change of use to a children’s nursery at 133 The Common.  He expressed concern that the parish council’s comments to Stratford District Council did not mention the number of places applied for – i.e. 46 children and 15 staff.  Mr Perks feels that if permission is to be granted the number of children and staff needs to be reduced so less parking is required.

Councillor Willmott opened the meeting and received apologies from Councillor Oakley, Councillor Havard and Councillor Bettam.

The correspondence list was noted and the following items were highlighted:
Kate Dickin from the Tanworth Fete Committee had sent an apology for omitting to thank the parish Council for their donation in the fete magazine.
Pat Butts, the parish council’s internal auditor, had sent the internal audit report which confirmed that the parish council showed no significant weaknesses.
The owner of ‘Ashwood’ Vicarage Hill, in response from an e-mail to the Parish Council, apologised for the state of the frontage and promised that the land would be tidied in the near future.  
Cllr Keogh and Cllr Ross completed a Polling Station Review questionnaire for Stratford District Council on behalf of Earlswood and Tanworth in Arden village halls. 
Cllr Keogh had reported to the office that a friend’s dog had been bitten by an adder in Malthouse Lane Leisure Park. The Clerk will contact the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust for advice.

The following Planning Applications were considered:
11/01398/FUL Ashford Barn, Ashford Lane
11/01477/FUL Crossmeads, Vicarage Hill
11/01356/FUL Dovedale, Blind Lane
11/01262/FUL95 The Common
11/01420/FUL The Limes, Penn Lane
11/01565/AGNOT Woodlands Farm, Cut Throat Lane
11/00993/ADV Earlswood Nurseries

It was proposed that the Parish Council accept the transfer of the land from Stratford District Council in principle.  A discussion took place over whether the Parish Council should spend up to £500 to cover SDC’s legal costs to transfer this land.  Councillor Ross expressed concern about public money being spent on a strip of land which has a covenant on it to allow access to the park so the parish council would gain nothing, but would become liable for the maintenance costs.

Councillor Willmott confirmed that has asked the preferred builder for the building of the new parish office to submit an updated quotation which will be valid until Christmas.  Currently the village hall trustees are raising money so that they can have the museum extension built at the same time.  The clerk reported that she had written to the VAT office some time ago because she understood that the building of the new office should be exempt from VAT due to it being a new build which would be totally self contained.  However she had not received a very positive reply from the VAT office.  This matter is still on-going.

Items which were reported as requiring attention were:
·         The manhole covers have still not been repaired in Broad Lane
·         Pot holes around the sewerage manhole in Bates Lane.
·         Pot hole outside Shenstone House.

The full minutes are available on our website www.tanworth-pc.org.uk or from the Parish Office in Earlswood Craft Centre, Wood Lane.  The next meeting will be on September 15th at Tanworth Village Hall and October 20th at Earlswood Village Hall at 7.30pm. Anyone is welcome to come and listen or if you have an issue that you would like to raise, there is a Public Forum at 7.30pm.   If you would like us to start e-mailing a Parish Newsletter, please just e-mail the parish office at office@tanworth-pc.org.uk and we will add you to our circulation list.   If anyone has an issue which they would like us to pass on to PCSO Dave Martin, please give us the details and we will pass them on.  If the matter is of a confidential nature, then you are welcome to leave a sealed envelope in the parish office addressed to PCSO Dave Martin and we will hand it over unopened.   Don’t forget that PCSO Martin will be giving crime prevention advice or addressing local concerns at his mobile police surgeries which are on the first Friday of each month for a trial period. 

A SOLIHULL village could be the location for a drug rehabilitation facility for wealthy clients from the Middle East if proposals get the go ahead.
Hockley Heath residents are demanding answers after the private Aylesbury House Hotel was sold to Right Start Foundation International.
The charity intends to operate the former hotel as the Hyatt Medical Centre, an exclusive residential drug rehabilitation unit, which will target well off young men with addiction issues particularly those from the Gulf region as well as celebrities.
Tracie Pal, from Hockley Heath Parish Council, said: “We held a parish council meeting last Thursday and many residents voiced an opinion on it.
“The parish council is totally behind the village but we can’t do anything until it goes through planning.
“We are in the process of writing to the charity and to those organisations that have links with them asking them what their intentions are. We do need to be careful that there isn’t mass hysteria though.”
Villager Diane Reynolds, of School Road, said she was appalled by the idea.
“This is a small village. We certainly don’t want our children mixing with drug addicts.”
Lapworth parish councillor, Ross Giles added : “If interest is great then we will have an open meeting.”
A spokesperson for Right Start was keen to alleviate villagers’ concerns.
He said: “Unfortunately there are some errors on our website but I can reassure local people that we are in the very early stages at the moment and we have every intention of liaising with residents.
“As a charity we would like to operate as a health and wellbeing centre along the lines of the Betty Ford Clinic.
“I can totally reassure villagers that the facility will be completely private and secure and everyone is welcome to come and speak to us at Aylesbury House with their concerns. They can e-mail info@rightstart.org.uk.”