The last few weeks have been a bit of a no brainier. However today the posh cat flap was up, I was chilled out and off they went.

I am happy that they know their way home and how to get in.
The rest is up to them

They appear wary of road noise which I hope is enough to keep them away from it. 

They have a choice turn left and a mile square of fields trees and no road  and the natural hazards of the countryside or turn right and find their way to their way to the fast running road.

As they both turn right all I can do is hope they decide Left is the better option in the long run
Police Message

Car Key Burglary

Earlswood Common

Inc 55 27/03/2012

Overnight on Monday/Tuesday The Common Earlswood,offenders have gain entrance via the rear being forced and removing keys for 2 vehicles that were parked on the drive. There were some other personal items taken that were left on a neighbouring garden.

One of the vehicles is fitted with a tracker and has been recovered in Birmingham during the day.

Stats have shown that car key burglaries and vehicle theft are occurring overnight, whereas house burglary in this area is still predominantly a daytime offence.

Opportunists are very much trawling the area, and vigilance is requested, and reporting of vehicles/persons in your area is vital in preventing offenders target our area.

If anyone has any information in relation to this incident please call 101 and quote the inc number.

Information can be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

National Planning Policy Update March 2012

The previous document has now been superseded by by the above
My Laptop is one of the loves of my life. 
A few weeks ago disaster struck and I wasn’t the happiest teddy on the planet. My laptop was on the floor  and I sort of  tripped and fell on it. In the process of doing so I damaged it’s screen quite badly, which was a nightmare because I couldn’t see what was happening at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 
The laptop other than the screen is quite functional and doesn’t appear to have suffered. 
Having struggled with the broken screen for a few weeks, I have now attached an old monitor via the VGA socket and a wireless keyboard and mouse. 
All of it is working beautifully. 
So I now have a question? Why are desktop computers or CPUs so big and Bulky surely when they could be as small as a laptop? 
Think of the office space we would all save!

As we are offered load of free view channels and repeats of repeats and more repeats.

I couldn’t help but think someone somewhere has got something wrong and their timing is totally out of sync.

I am not an Eastenders, Corrie or Emmerdale Fan so I don’t bother with them and for this post they are omitted from my general thoughts. 

But as we near Easter 2012  with the TV playing in the background.

How come I keep watching Christmas Episodes of Heart Beat and now Poriot amongst others.

Is this not just sheer laziness of TV Channels to put out of season episodes at the wrong time of year.

Do I want to watch and listen to Christmas Carole’s and story lines so close to Easter No!

The story lines may be good but the timing is crap out of season and lazy.
Should Be Read In Order
Yesterday I started reading the SDC Local Development Framework and gave myself a headache doing so. I sort of felt like I was missing something a bit like a piece of the jigsaw was missing and I was to find out later there was.

We have all heard a lot about the localism bill we have also heard a lot about the Draft National Planning Policy Framework how silly of me not to  obvious together. If only I had read the Localism Bill and the Draft NPPF before or in conjunction with the SDC LDF it might of made more sense to me in the first instance.

I wonder how many people there are around like me. Having now read all 3 documents the muddy waters have started to clear and my general thoughts on it all is that everyone should take an interest in all 3 documents because ultimately the responsibility about what happens in our communities is distributed downwards. So it will be up to us in the long run. 

So for ease I have included all 3 documents and an easy to read one at the top of the page along side a link to where you can respond on-line The Dead Line is 5PM 30th March.


Please note this is a Parish Report not Minutes
Parish Magazine Report from February 2012
The Parish Council met on Thursday 16th February at 19.30 hours in Earlswood Village Hall. 3 members of the public together with District Councillor Atkinson and County Council Perry were present at the meeting.
John Hadley addressed the Parish Council about the state of the public footpaths. He reported that he has made numerous efforts over the past few years to contact the relevant person at Warwickshire County Council about the state of the footpaths from Poolhead Lane to Yew Tree Farm and on to Forshaw Heath Lane (SD272 and SD272c) and has heard nothing back.

The applicant for planning permission at Red Roofs in Bates Lane reported that despite the drawing on the plans she has no intention of having a high wall built at the front of the property.

Councillor Perry’s Report:

• There would be 0% increase in Council Tax.
• There was a meeting recently to discuss improvements at the crossroads at The Common. He reported that the cost to move the utilities which run down the side of The Reservoir in Valley Road will be £110,000. He also reported that no-one is sure who owns the grassed area on the corner and the County Council need to be sure of ownership before they can proceed. The trees
have been appraised by the Arboricultural Officer at the County Council. He has reported that the Beech trees are not in good condition but the Horse Chestnut is. They would like to take the Beech trees out and save the Horse Chestnut. These trees will be replaced with something more suited to the conditions. Councillor Perry is sorry that the trees would have to be removed, but feels that the safety aspect is of more importance. It is likely to be 2013 before
anything happens.
• Councillor Perry reported that at a recent seminar he managed to secure £30,000 for
Earlswood. £15,000 is to be used in putting electronic signs on The Common and Valley Road and £15,000 is to go towards reducing the speed limit in Forshaw Heath. Jenny Buckley askedCouncillor Perry if the 30mph is intended for the length of The Common or just through the village. Councillor Perry replied that this is ongoing and he will be led by the officers.
• Councillor Perry reported that the Government had given £3.7m to the County Council to advance broadband in villages and rural areas. The County Council is putting in money as well and wants parishes to respond to the consultation to see where the need is greatest. The county council is encouraging people to sign up. For information about the project email
• A freephone helpline has been set up in Warwickshire to help vulnerable and older people keep
warm and well. The freephone number 0800 988 2881 is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm to ensure people receive help and advice during periods of cold weather.
• Councillor Perry reported that exam results were good again this year with a rise in students
gaining 5 Grade A* - C for the 4th consecutive year. Since 2007 the figure for students
obtaining 5 or more Grade A* - C has risen by 13%.
• Highways have put in an objection to the planning application for Oakhurst in Hockley Heath
as they need to be sure that there is a sufficient turning area.
• Blind Lane is closed from 7th February for urgent repair work.
District Councillor Atkinson’s Report:
Councillor Atkinson’s report concentrated on the Draft Core Strategy: He explained that the Draft Core Strategy is a strategic document which provides a broad framework for determining planning
applications. Across the district, 8000 new dwellings are targeted to year 2028 as at 1st April 2011 with 2,400 accounted for as being under construction. This means that there are 5,600 dwellings to be constructed within the next 15 years. The wider dispersal policy and the preferred approach for allocation is: Stratford – 560 dwellings (10%), main rural centres – 1680 dwellings (30%), local service villages – 2,800 dwellings (50%), and rural Brownfield sites – 560 dwellings. Councillor Atkinson reported that our parish is classed as a local service village. Whilst there are 39 local service villages to distribute the 2,800 dwellings across it still means that the average requirement for new houses is 70 per local service village. Councillor Atkinson pointed out that the rural Brownfield sites which are only expected to account for 10% of the new houses (560) are spread between approximately 50 settlements. For any housing development in local service villages, a minimum of 35% of the proposed
residential floorspace on a site that is suitable for accommodating 5 or more dwellings will be required as affordable housing. District Councillor Atkinson also pointed out that there is a proposal in the Draft Core Strategy for the
creation of a Country Park based on Earlswood Lakes, Clowes Wood and New Fallings Coppice. Councillor Willmott declared the meeting open and apologies were received from Councillors Bettam,Oakley, Jones, Fitzpatrick and Havard. Councillor Perry offered to look into the footpaths complaint personally and go and see the relevant person at County Council. The planning application for Red Roofs, Bates Lane (12/00238/FUL) was considered and the Parish Council made no representation for the extension to the house, but objected to the height of the wall and gates as shown on the plans as previously mentioned by the applicant in the public forum. Planning application 11/02856/LDE at
Westley Plant Ltd was also considered and Parish Council made comment that they would like the residential curtilage checked.
A grant application from Earlswood Luncheon Club was considered but members wanted to see proper accounts before making their decision so this will be considered at a future meeting. £1000 was donated to the Luncheon Club last year. 
It was decided that the Parish Council’s response to the Draft Core Strategy will be the main focus at the next meeting on March 15th. The working party for the tree on the village green have got the necessary planning permission required to take the tree down and have obtained quotes to carry out the work.

The Clerk confirmed that arrangements are progressing for the Olympic torch to pass through Earlswood during the morning of July 1st. It is planned to hold an event on The Reservoir car park and in the grounds at the rear of the pub with a barbecue and music. If anyone is interested in having a stall at the event, please contact The Clerk. Volunteers are needed to hang the bunting. If anyone can help hang the bunting or if anyone has any bunting which we can borrow please contact The Clerk.

Councillor Willmott reported that the new parish council office building work is progressing nicely.

Councillor O’Brien requested that night fishing at Earlswood Lakes is put forward to The Community Forum.

Items Around the Parish were noted as - Give Way warning sign broken on southbound Tithe Barn Lane at Broad Lane, at the junction of Tom Hill and Broad Lane, direction sign about to fall over. At Knowlebury Cross coming Southbound in to village on Tom Hill arrow direction signs have fallen down. Bollards not illuminated at junction of The Common/Broad Lane and Bollards outside the school rusty and need attention.
The full minutes are available on our website or from the Parish Office in Earlswood Craft Centre, Wood Lane. 

The next meeting will be at Earlswood Village Hall on April 19th and then at Tanworth Village Hall on May 17th. Anyone is welcome to come and listen or if you have an issue that you would like to raise, there is a Public Forum at 7.30pm. If you would like us to start e-mailing a Parish Newsletter, please just e-mail the parish office at and we will add you to our circulation list. If anyone has a matter which they would like us to pass
on to PCSO Dave Martin, please give us the details and we will pass them on. If it is of a confidential nature, then you are welcome to leave a sealed envelope in the parish office addressed to PCSO Dave Martin and we will hand it over unopened. Don’t forget that PCSO Martin will be giving crime prevention advice or addressing local concerns at his mobile police surgeries which are on the first Friday of each month. You can contact PCSO Martin on 07923 288641.

Well I have to say what a lovely day I had yesterday with my Dad and Dog.

The dog was in his element as I bungled him into the car
First stop Classic Pets for Cat Food What! No Dog food ;-) it was good to see Ann in fine form then a visit to Earlswood stores where I bumped into a family friend I hadn’t seen for a while. Then off to see another family friend who had recently suffered problems with his heart. Lots of Tea and Chat. The Dog was given a parting gift of some yummy bones for later and a promise of his picture being painted by Dads friends remarkably talented wife who is a wonderful artist. The next stint of our journey was one I wasn’t really looking forward to. Shopping at Aldi. If any one hasn’t been to Studley lately be warned traffic lights and road works are causing Chaos start your Journey 10 -15 minutes earlier. Anyway Aldi wasn’t that bad it was empty the Dog managed to set the car alarm off he wanted to come with us but some how I don’t think Aldi would have appreciated my little mutt helping himself to all the goodies. Then it was off to Henley in Arden for Lunch with more of Dads friends Now I know what he gets up to when I am at work anyway we went to the Black Swan in Henley where to my surprise the dog could come in with me. He was as good as gold and sat under the table. The meal was lovely the service was great the staff were bubbly and attentive and I have found another pub where our Dog can join us. A few days ago I said I hadn’t visited a pub for a long time now I have been to two in a week. Next we were off to Wootton Wawen another family friend and more tea and chat eventually we made our way home through Tanworth In Arden. Dad was driving not me suddenly I had time to take in all the beautiful views and the countryside around me and time to think how lucky to be surrounded by such things. We arrived home about half an hour before my OH who had been sent off to work. All in all a lovely day spent with Dad visiting friends and Shopping !! I hate shopping
Wow I hit nearly 4 MB

Residents stage revolt against development plans.

FURIOUS residents across Solihull are rebelling over plans to site thousands of homes in their communities.
Parish councils in the borough are this week putting the finishing touches to their responses to Solihull Council’s Local Plan, which have to be submitted by next Monday, March 5.
The local authority is fast running out of time to earmark sites for residential and industrial development, to take affect over the next 15 years.
Dickens Heath residents are the latest to protest at plans for more homes to be built in their compact village.
Around 50 new dwellings are proposed for Griffin lane, 65 for Braggs Farm and 185 for Cleobury Lane. Clerk of the council, Helen Marczak, said: “Some people were upset at the thought of more building work in the village. There are lots of parts of Dickens Heath that are not even finished.”
Meanwhile Cheswick Green residents believe they are ‘bearing the brunt’ of the plans, after the council has proposed around 700 homes for the parish.

Parish council chairman, Chris Noble, said: “We realise that more homes are required but this is excessive for one area.”
Other plans include several hundred homes in Chelmsley Wood, 950 in the town centre, 110 in Hampton-in-Arden and 300 in Solihull Lodge.
Councillor Ian Courts, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, defended the proposals. He said: “Inevitably there will be people who will not want development but we have a responsibility to provide sufficient housing to meet certain needs.
“It is not an excessive number of houses and we think we have been fair and reasonable when allocating the number of houses across the borough.”
Newsletter 8

This year we want to build on the great start that we have already made on several projects in the area and hopefully start on more – but we will need your help! At the end of this newsletter you will find a list of dates and activities we have planned so please put the dates in your diary and if you are interested in helping with any of the projects please let us know so that we can keep you personally updated. You can contact us on

Bat Boxes

Last year we installed nearly 80 bat boxes in Clowes Wood and around Terry’s Pool. This year we want to install more but we also need to find out if any bats are using the boxes already put up. If you can help with installing the bat boxes come along and join us on Saturday 25th February (see details below) and there may be an opportunity for a bat box survey (weather permitting) as we will have licensed bat handlers with us who will be able to check the bat boxes and show any residents to us.

It would be helpful if you could let us know in advance if you are willing to help so that we can plan how many boxes we can install.
We also hope to take the opportunity to install some dormouse survey tubes in Clowes Wood. Dormice are important as a “flagship species” – if dormice are present then you can be sure the environment is as good as it can be and will support a wide range of other woodland species. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have a long-term project underway in Clowes Wood to encourage dormice so a view of the current population is necessary.
Bird Boxes

This year we would also like to help our feathered friends by installing more bird nest boxes around the area, but first we need to make them. We are hoping to hold a workshop on Saturday 24th March (details below) and again need all the helpers that we can get. If you have your own tools so much the better, but it is not necessary. Let us know if you are interested.

Earlswood Fete

Saturday 23rd June will be Fete Day in Earlswood and we will be there!
We hope to have a stall offering wildflower plants, bird boxes and bat boxes for sale, together with information on the projects we have started and hope to undertake in the future.

Butterfly Survey & Moth Recording

Again we will be running our Back Garden Butterfly Survey, a form will be attached to the next newsletter.
Thanks to everyone that returned their forms (if you still have one to return it is not too late). We are busily collating all of the information and will report back in the next newsletter.
Several members also ran moth traps in their gardens throughout the year and again we hope to share the results in the next newsletter. If you would like to join in, we have moth traps that you can borrow, and we hope to set up a “moth morning” later in the year so you can come along and see what it is all about. Once again let us know if you are interested.


Later in the year we hope to clean up the benches around the lakes, many people have commented that they are looking a bit tired and in need of some TLC. We will let you know when a date has been set for this.

And Finally……..

Our AGM this year will be held on Tuesday 15th May at Earlswood Village Hall. We hope to see as many of you as possible. We would welcome your views on what we have done up to now and help us to shape the activities for the future.

Hope to see you at one of our activities,


Dates for your Diary 2012

Saturday 25th February – Bat box survey – 10.00 am – Malthouse Lane Car park
Saturday 24th March – Bird box workshop – 10.00am – Malthouse Lane Car park
Sunday 15th April – Woodland Walk – 2.30pm – Clowes Woods Car park
Saturday 21st April – 1st Reptile Survey – 10.00am – Malthouse Lane Car park
Sunday 6th May – Dawn Chorus Walk – 4.30am – Clowes Woods Car Park
Sunday 13th May – Spring Walk – 2.30pm – Clowes Woods Car park
Tuesday 15th May – AGM – 7.30pm – Earlswood Village Hall
Saturday 23rd June – Earlswood Fete – 12noon to 4pm – Malthouse Lane Car park