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I have been blogging now for over two years and I have never known what I am trying to achieve. Which doesn’t help when you try and write a blog and have so much whizzing around in your head.

The blog has been a mixture of personal thoughts mainly about local issues and keeping up to date with local bits and bobs.

I suppose at the time of starting my blog there was no where else on the web that was up to date locally.

It used to be a little corner of the web where I could tap away at a keyboard until my heart was content and I need not worry to much if someone read my blog or not. However strangely my love for blogging quenched my thirst for finding out more about social media and my passion for Information and Communication Technology. Which of course raised a small audience.

Ultimately it has sent me  on one hell of a learning curve and a bit of a journey and now I am finding what I want to say slightly difficult.

Which is an odd turn of events really.

I am sitting here trying to work out what is best

a)    No audience and chat to ones self but actually have something to say. (within reason of course)
b)    Have an audience and stop saying what I wanted to say. (In case I upset or offend anyone)

I have now come to the conclusion as long as I am not rude or offensive remain factual, source my information I can resume blogging with something to say instead of restraining myself.
Time to take a break and  get back to BoD like blogging.

I am still astounded at how the Internet and its tools are perceived by some as the big bad web. I suppose it is understandable with the press following the bad news stories.

I suppose what would be an interesting survey is to find out how many people use the web and enjoy using it without any problems.

Admittedly there are some not very nice people on the web but hey that’s the same as in real life the key is to stay away from where you don’t feel safe or something just doesn’t ring true.

I still can’t get to grips with facebook after 4 years of trying I think I can quite definitely say I don’t like it. Twitter has surprised me and I actually find it quite useful.

I like my blog although I never have quite known what I was trying to achieve with it has always been a mixture of personal thoughts and trying to keep my local visitors up to date.

I suppose I have got a bit fed up with blogging about local things I will have to find something else that captures my imagination pondering on what else I can scribble about.
Great to see Dickens Heath PC are making their news letters available on line. 

Good to see a PC embracing the web. To subscribe to Dickens Heath PC News Letter see link below. The link will take you to the subscription page of Dickens Heath PC Website.

I am really fed up, As you probably notice I tinker with my blog all the time. I want it to work in all browsers. I have a real problem which I am finding hard to solve. 

My blog looks ok in Google Chrome, the tabs on the top of the page are where they are meant to be, however when I look at the blog in Internet Explorer the tabs are all wonky and don't line up properly and there is a huge gap that looks lke something is missing.

. Its got me beaten and I just don't know how to solve it. Its just one of those things that is really niggling me. Does anyone have the solution?

I prefer Chrome because it runs quicker than IE however many of my visitors still use IE got to say firefox is almost dropping off the scale.

Any help or suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Well I wonder what has motivated me to write the following I suspect it’s a conversation on Twitter but nothing I haven’t thought of before.

I really think the Australians have it right and the one thing in life that should be adhered to is voting. Everyone should vote except those that are to ill or detained. 

As far as I am concerned to many people have fought and lost their lives in order for their successors (Us) to have our say on the future of our Country, City,County,Town,Village or Home.

My blog is not a political blog and I don’t often chat about politics as it is a hot topic but I am freely able to express an opinion thanks to my predecessors and those that believed everyone should be heard.

Those who don’t bother to use their vote don’t have a right to complain everyone if physically able should vote instead of going unheard.

As I pointed out last week  Tanworth had a 31.9% turn out which means 68.1% did not bother voting. Which actually means the minority of people turned up to vote and to all intents and purposes 68.1% of our population has not been represented.

Now I would like to know what would happen if we had 100% turn out and 60% of the population did not agree with anything any candidate representing them promised or did. Who would win then? The minority who did make a choice on the ballot slip or the majority that felt they may not be represented at all and spoilt their vote.

The one thing that should join the whole country together is people and their ability and freedom to vote. Even if the option to abstain is among the choices

The votes are still counted, as long as you turn up. As you will see below

Personally I think there are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things and I applaud those people however I really don't give a damn what party they may represent. If they are worthy of my vote and do what is right locally they will have it. If they don't they won't. But I will make the effort to turn out and vote!!

Well I have had my new phone since February and just haven’t bothered to get use to it or explore it. To be perfectly honest it took me a while to get use to the one I had two years ago and still haven’t quite got to grips with the old one.

Courtesy of my mobile phone provider who kindly sent me a new one which appears to be even more complicated.

I have just found out I can post pictures straight to twitter and G-plus as and when I take them, I am not quite sure why I would want to do that but I suspect I will find a use for it.

Now I have found out with the Google Plus account it tells people exactly where I am. I am not so sure I like that facility so I rushed to try and find out how I turn it off.

I hate the keypad on my new phone it is so small and almost impossible to type anything on it. My god it goes on line and I can tell Google to look for something, not that it understands me at all but I suppose it’s quicker than typing. However I feel a bit daft giving one word commands in to it. Don’t think I would do it in public.

All in all I suppose its something new and will take time to get use to it. I expect I will find my favourite features and stick with them until the next new phone comes along, where there will be something else new to find out about.

Wow just found out I can blog with it as well :-)
Police Message
Burglary Dwelling
Tanworth in Arden
Inc159 04/05/2012
Attempt burglary dwelling on Vicarage Hill Tanworth.At 1250hrs it is believed 2 males smashed windows at the front and rear of the property in an attempt to gain entry. Resident was in the property at the time, and neighbours alerted Police. It is thought offenders made off when realising property was occupied and fled the scene in a silver Mercedes vehicle thought to be on a 10plate.
One offender is described as being a stocky black male. It is unknown which direction the vehicle left.
If anybody has any information please call 101 and quote the inc number.
Information on any crime can be reported anonymously to CrimeStoppers 0800 555111
Tanworth – Turnout 31.9%

George Atkinson (Cons) – 818 Elected
Valerie Gaize (Lib Dem) - 87
Janet Ladyman (Lab) - 102