It is that time of year again where our fantastic volunteers from all sorts of Groups and organisations have their AGM. This one is particularly close to my heart as it quietly  does fantastic work in looking after our wildlife and its habitation in Earlswood. 

Please find below A poster and an Agenda for EWP and it's AGM.

Well it has been ages since I wrote a post of my own you could say I have been otherwise engaged with all things NDP. I write as Carrie in this post and not as a representative of the NDP. I have had great fun with the NDP website if none of you have seen it please feel free to take a peak. 

We have a bright shocking pink NDP progress menu which I am sure will be frowned upon but the strange thing is since it turned to pink more people have used and looked at it. I did say to the NDP vice Chair I was about to turn the website bright pink with yellow spots, I think he thought I was joking. 

Any way whats been great about the NDP for me is being given the opportunity to keep our community In Touch and Informed using all the skills I have learned from this little blog over a period of a few years. Any way what is new.

Just Follow the Bright Pink Menu On

  1. Interim results from the Resident's Survey are back and on the NDP website as I say they are interim and there is still work to do. You will find it under NDP Local Consultation.
  2. Aprils Agenda is out on the NDP Website
  3. March Draft Steering Group minutes are available
  4. This morning our first E-Bulletin went to our 99 people who left their email address on the Residents Survey wishing to be kept updated
  5. We have a twitter Account
  6. We have a Facebook account and yes I am still struggling with Facebook in fact I hate it with a passion if anyone who lives in and is Passionate about the Parish and  skilled with Facebook please feel free to contact me.
  7. We have a blog with quick updates
I have always said electronic methods of communication enhance traditional methods and don't replace them. They work hand in hand.

The EWP is organising a “Springwatch” event in Clowes Wood on Saturday 30th May between 10 am and 4 pm. We are looking for volunteers who are prepared to commit time to helping us in various ways – ie manning a stand, making refreshments, helping out on guided walks etc. If you would like to help out please lets us know ASAP and we will be in touch. Activities are being organised by Barbara Philp so please contact Barbara directly at the email address
The next NDP Steering Group Meeting will be held on Tuesday 21 st April at Tanworth in Arden Village Hall. The Start time is  7:30 PM all members of the Parish are welcome to attend. In April we have a guest from Stratford District Council. Matthew Neal is our Neighbourhood Development Plan Officer and is the person that fields all our questions queries and requests. He keeps your steering Group updated and has agreed to come and chat to the Steering Group on Tuesday 21st April . If you have any questions you would like to ask Matthew please feel free to email them to our  NDP Chairman  alternatively  come along join in and ask Matthew questions for yourself. Meanwhile  TiA NDP Steering Group would like to wish all of it's visitors to the website a fantastic Easter.
Contact us at: or on 07528 595444            

Dormouse Survey
Having found some potential dormouse nests at the end of the last survey, we now have feedback from our expert Andy Bucklitch:-
“I carefully dried out all 3 nests so I could look at the structure more closely, see what was 'constructed' or woven rather than stuck together.
Thoughts as follows:-
81 - all grass, no clear structure at all, acorn husks & a bit musty -  almost certainly Wood mouse/Yellow neck mouse
77 - all grass, fairly good woven structure, no smell or feed remains - possible Dormouse but not 100% conclusive due to lack of outer 'shell' material
78 - as 77 but much softer finer strands - again possible Dormouse & very characteristic but again not conclusive due to lack of outer material
On the whole, 77 & 78 were more “dormousy” than any other species so I'd put some money (but not a lot!) on those being the culprit.”

So, not conclusive, but promising none the less. The survey will continue and we will be putting the tubes back out at the end of March.

Butterfly Survey
Thanks to all those who returned their forms, 2014 was again a good year for butterflies although not as good as 2013 with 17 species of butterfly recorded in Earlswood gardens but fewer numbers than in 2013.
This year the most common was the Small White followed by the Peacock. The Large White, which has previously been the most common sighting, was this year in 3rd place. Butterflies are being seen over longer and longer periods of the year, the earliest sighting we had in 2014 was on 7th March but the latest was a Brimstone on 20th December! So keep your eyes open and let us know of any butterflies you see. Every garden has different habitats so the more people who take part in the Earlswood Butterfly Survey the more information we will be able to gather, and you don’t even have to leave your garden!
Again we will be e-mailing the recording forms to everyone on our list so if you have not received this newsletter by e-mail and would like to receive a form please get in touch.

Birding For Beginners
Tony Philp will again be running a “Birding for Beginners” course aimed at the genuine novice who would like to learn more about the fascinating world of birds and bird watching. The course will cover basic elements such as equipment, field guides and field craft as well as identification of many local birds. This practical course will take place around the lakes on Saturday 25th April from 09:00 – 12:00. This course is always very popular so BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as numbers are limited. Contact us at or on 07528 595444 to book a place.
Binoculars can be provided if required. The course is free but any donations on the day to EWP funds would be gratefully received. NB.Stout footwear is recommended.

Monday 27th April 7.30pm at Earlswood Village Hall
This year we are very lucky to have David Brown (Warwickshire moth recorder) giving us an illustrated on talk on how moths evade predators. This promises to be a fascinating talk and is highly recommended – Please come along and catch up with all we have been doing. Tea and cakes available!

Working with Tanworth in Arden Brownies
EWP members have been working with Tanworth Brownies to help the Brownies achieve their Wildlife Explorer badge. Tony Philp and Ken Scivyer helped the Brownies and their parents to assemble 23 nest boxes and bird feeders from kits they had previously prepared with the help of Len Creswell.
Thanks to Tony, Ken and Len for all their hard work and a big thank you to Davies Timber, Wythall for providing the wood free of charge.

Events diary for 2015
Sat 28th March 10 am - Dormouse survey, meet at Clowes Wood car park, (Wood Lane) 
Sat 25th April 9.00 – 12.00–Birding for Beginners– BOOKING ESSENTIAL please
Mon 27th April 7.30pm – AGM, Earlswood Village Hall
Sun 3rd May 7pm – Evening Chorus Walk, meet at Clowes Wood car park (Wood Lane) donation £2
Sat 30th May – “Springwatch” Day, Look out for further details soon!
Sat 11th July 11am – Dragonfly Survey meet at Malthouse Lane car park
Mon 14th September – Bat Walk meet at Engine House Car Park – time to be announced later in the year
Sat 19th September – Bat Survey - time to be announced later in the year
Mon 21st September - Bat Walk meet at Engine House Car Park – time to be announced later in the year

Bob Roberts