As I will be beavering away at work and to be honest should be working instead of participating in Police Chat I have decided to scribble my thoughts here on my blog in my own time. 

As the media article says Social Media can be a double edged sword when it comes to something as important as solving crime as you all know I am a great lover of Twitter and it's short timely messages. 

I am now also a fan of how it helps people connect with the Police with things such as Police Chat and the way wIK uses his IT skills to help with multi media and Police on-line presence.

At first I was disappointed that Warwickshire appeared to be a bit reluctant to use such a communication tool and not participate, however during my short time tweeting I really do think careful consideration should be given as to how twitter is used.

It is great for public participation and ideas being put forward to help mould our Police Forces. ie (Police Chat) the recent (Twit Cast) both of those are about public participation and delivering information, using the skills of the general public to give advice about broadcasting and general Social Media and web usage.

I also think quite by accident a formula used by myself could be used to help Local PCs or SNT spread the word of crime. It's no skin off my nose to place my PCs local crime update on my Hyper Local blog then Tweet it (That means I am participating) whilst doing something I enjoy. Why should my already stretched PC blog and tweet when he should be solving and preventing crime.

All he has had to do is send one email to a mailing list and the recipients will have distributed the information in different ways, word of mouth, blogging, tweeting, printing it off and delivering it. It seems to me the more people he has on his mailing list the more the information will get distributed.

I don't think Social Media should be used to solve crime it should be used to inform the General Public. 

Those that pick up on something should call the Police and report in the normal way. 

Social Media can be a bit like a gossip machine  there may be some truth in the gossip but time is spent finding out what that truth is and where it came from.

Social Media can be used effectively for public participation, joining meetings passing ideas, distributing information, giving feedback.

I suppose I was disappointed in Warwickshire because they hadn't asked for input from the public using the methods that WMP and others are using.

Surely Social Media can help the Big Society more than it can hinder it and is one way of Public Participation. 


Please Be Advised I am not 100% sure if this Community Forum Is for Residents Of Stratford UpOn Avon Town or Residents Of Stratford District. 
It was advertised via our local SNT Police Team so I assume it is for Residents of Stratford Upon Avon District which includes Forshaw Heath & Earlswood.

If planning to attend please call the number below for more info.

For more information contact Beverley Hemming at SDC on 01789 260105

The next Stratford-upon-Avon Community Forum has a new start time of 7pm on Thursday 9 June at Thomas Jolyffe Primary School, Clopton Road, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Items up for discussion this time round include:
  • Find out the latest news on the Birmingham Road traffic flows situation
  • Hear updates about the Budget situation for Councils, Police and Health Authority
  • Open session for residents to have their say

A local policing Safer Neighbourhoods Team surgery and informal drop in session will also take place at 6.30pm, before the community forum meeting. Officers will provide feedback on the issues raised at earlier surgeries and residents will be able to hear the latest on policing in their local area.

Sgt Richard Thomas, team leader for Stratford’s Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “Warwickshire Police is part of the community and this is a meeting for the community. We welcome this opportunity to meet with residents and hear their concerns. I do hope people will come along and get to know their local officers.”

Community Forums are interactive events enabling residents to learn about issues big and small affecting their area, get answers to questions and influence local decision-making. Anyone with a question about a local issue can go along and put it to officers from a range of organisations.

If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact the WCC Stratford Area Office on 01789 260133 or email:

Editors Notes

Community Forums are part of a countywide initiative involving Warwickshire County Council, District and Borough Councils, NHS Warwickshire, Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire Together partners.

There are 30 forums across Warwickshire, which bring together elected representatives across all tiers of local government - County, District and Borough and Parish, together with a range of other community representatives.


For more information contact Beverley Hemming at SDC on 01789 260105.

Local Police Message

Posted with permission

Inc 102 20/05/2011 

Theft from motor vehicle in Bellfield Tanworth in Arden. Between 2000 19/05 and 0730 20/05 offenders have entered a parked vehicle on Bellfield and taken a sat nav from the vehicle. Pushchairs were also removed from the back but were recovered at the scene.

Inc 33 27/05/2011 

Attempt theft from vehicle in Cloweswood Lane Earlswood. At 0300 27/05 2 males attempted to take items from an unsecured vehicle. Fortunately the occupants had a infra red perimeter device on the drive that indicates that entry to the driveway had been breached making the vehicle owners aware. Offenders made off on foot towards Malthouse Lane.

Inc 416 27/05/2011 

Burglary dwelling Forshaw Heath Rd Earlswood. Between 26/05 and 2000 27/05 offenders have gained entry to a property via rear patio doors using the owners spade. An untidy search has been made and large quantities of electrical items such as TV and gaming systems have been taken.

Inc 487 27/05/2011 

Theft from motor vehicle Earlsmere Earlswood. Between 1645-1700 a British Gas van has been entered and had the toolbox removed by persons unknown.

There has also been reports of vehicles acting suspiciously around The Common, Malthouse Lane and Forshaw Heath Lane over the past few days. Vehicles mentioned have been a Blue Peugeot 307, and a silver/grey Peugeot 206.

If you have any information regarding the above incidents please call 01926 415000 quoting the INC number. 

If you believe a crime is in progress please call 999. 

If you spot any vehicles acting in a suspicious manner please take a note of the registration plate and make and colour if possible and forward it on to myself.
Many thanks,
Alcester North 
Safer Neighbourhood Team 
Warwickshire Police     
01789 444816            

I once wrote on this blog many moons ago about people being accountable and responsible for their actions. Today the news that Sharon Shoesmith has managed to gain god knows how much money for being unfairly dismissed has gob smacked me.

There is of course the typical mix up of why she gained the compensation. She went to court for unfair dismissal, if my boss did that to me in public irrelevant of my actions previously I may well do the same. Go to court for unfair dismissal.

There are two different things at stake the woman's ability or should that be inability  to be accountable for the actions of her process,procedure and staff and the fact that being dismissed at a press conference by Ed Balls was actually a contraindication to Employment Law.

That is like me saying your fired in front of the rest of the office. I can't do it.

So no matter what I think of the woman's inability to be accountable in her previous £130k job a year if she was unfairly dismissed it is her right like it is mine or anyone else's to fight her corner. 

Personally if I was the judge I would have awarded her £1.00 and let her win her case in unfair dismissal but no what have we done? 

We have rewarded failure with a vast amount of money. She won't have to worry about working now unlike the rest of us.

Poor Poor Baby P let down by Parents, Social Welfare and from what I understand Doctors as well. Our Society of accountable professionals appeared to have let this child down from beginning to end. 

I don't blame Sharon Shoesmith totally however I am always totally stunned at how little those in a position of authority actually know about how things on the ground actually work. 

I really do think all managers should do a week a year as ground staff under their own rules just to get a feel of it. 

No special rules or announcements just a bog standard member of staff following their own rules.

Then the senior Management might get a grip.

Drawn by @Ben
My week has been very IT orientated and I blame the Bats and my Cam Corder. Having filmed the Bats I wanted to share my film producing skills with everyone else. I needed a 4 pin Fire wire to transfer my film to my computer its the one thing I hadn't got in my massive collection of wires.So I duly went out and purchased one when I got to Dads I unpacked my laptop and camcorder and ripped the wire out of its packaging. I plugged it all in and it all worked. I could now go next door and transfer my Bat Film and try and upload it to the web.

I got home put the kettle on unpacked the laptop and the camcorder plugged it all in again and it didn't work. The laptop refused to acknowledge the camcorder was plugged in.

Since then I have been on a quest. Don't laugh you computer whiz kids I went as far this morning of buying a new Fire Wire just in case I had damaged the other one. That didn't work. Eventually I lost the plot and have spent most the morning re-formatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows hoping starting from scratch would enable me to make sure all the right drivers were present and up to date. 

I have now officially given up Windows XP has obviously fallen out with my JVC camcorder and my bats remain on video.

Has anyone got any ideas?
I was thinking about President Obama s car perched on the top of a speed bump/ramp today. 

Yes the incident made me smile when it's everything proof! but speed bump/ramp proof, however it is quite a serious breech in security. 

It's always the simple things that are never thought about and that's because people are so clever they are programmed not to think about the simple things. It's the same in any walk of life or trade.

Any way just because I am curious I want to know how they got the damn thing off the speed bump.
  • Did they drive off it
  • Did the pump the tyres up :o)
  • Was it lifted

I wonder who did the risk assessment for Speed Bumps/Ramps?

LOL It wouldn't be any good over a hump back bridge and it might of even come unstuck with some of the pot holes we have scattered about!

On a serious note this car I suspect won't be damaged so a note to any planners of Ramps and Speed bumps just think of the damage this could do to a normal car!!!

Carrying on from yesterdays post about super injunctions and privacy etc. it got me to thinking. In real terms our every day lives are are taped,filmed and recorded as a matter of course.

  • From using a cash point machine
  • Getting off a train and using electronic gates
  • To being recorded on the train
  • Walking to work and being filmed by CCTV
  • How many times we leave and enter our work buildings (Pass keys and swipe cards)
  • What web sites we visit
  • What telephone calls we make
  • Where we are when we make those telephone calls
You name it something somewhere will be keeping its beady little eye on us all. 

There is no privacy any more. 

I found Google Earth intriguing however I find Google Street view totally invasive. 

I am waiting for the day technology joins all the dots adds all the activities together and will be able to record and view everyone's activities real time giving an accurate account of each persons activities day in day out.

The only one thing good thing is that there are so many of us and so much information technology may just have problems keeping up.

Then again !
Never say Never :o)
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Last night whilst sitting in the garden I noticed quite a few bats I even managed to get some film of them. I really am perplexed as to where they are coming from but at dusk they start whizzing around . Memo to self must find a way of uploading the video from the camcorder! not that I expect it will be any good. I am no David Bailey.

The week before last it was the beautiful Bluebells now its the turn of our buttercups.

Whilst we all Tweet away and use our blogs and Social Media to share with the world our thoughts and interests.

I can’t think why there should be a super injunction on some footballer who may have had an extramarital affair. To be honest I am not even interested the only thing that does interest me is why such a person thinks he is so important that he warrants a super injunction.

I am not so sure why such trivia is even news worthy and that’s just it isn’t it! With our 24hr news channels even the most un news worthy item appears to become big news because media outlets have nothing more interesting to write about.

It’s nothing more than a giant gossip machine.

I am about to contradict myself there is a lot of interesting news to write about but it appears to me gone are the days where a reporter or a journalist has time to investigate facts and build an interesting story it just appears to be about  a quick turn around.

Its about filling newspapers and news channels up with “news” and they have a problem!  Not enough interesting news to fill all that space and airtime. They are now in the position of having to provide quantity rather than quality, then mistakenly think we are all interested in someone else’s affair.

As for Twitter and Social Media I have in the past few years seen some down right ugly posts and conversations almost unbelievable and I do have to wonder what an earth makes people write such ugly things. Is this they way they would behave at work or in public? I doubt it very much.

When used properly I think Social Media is great and I really object to all Social Media users being tarred with the same brush as the minority who abuse it.

Had the footballer ignored the Twitter users and kept a low profile the story would have gone away quietly we wouldn't be any the wiser not that I am and perhaps if remotely interested in his personal life would have been left wondering. It really does make you wonder.

Being a cynic I wonder if anyone else pondered on the possibility its all manufactured in order to fill the spaces take on a Social Media outlet and make big news out of small news.

Has the bloke broken the law by having an affair?
Has he hurt anyone other than those close to him which should be sorted out privately?

Now we have another person with his affair plastered all over the papers now I have to say it is of public interest  if the alleged affair caused the £50 billion bail out of the RBS but to be honest it should be investigated properly first before being reported. Once again it is exactly the same story but at a higher level

Oh dear now I am wondering whether the small story is preparing us all for the bigger story.

Strange how this story isn't all over the airwaves as well and once again I am not interested in someone else's affair. I am now just curious, why it hasn't received the same coverage when it is alleged it could have cost us 50 Billion pounds and even then I don't know how an affair could cost us 50 billion pounds unless the law is broken or there is a conflict of interest. The affair is non of our business however the 50 billion is.

Do you know something I am sick and tired of those working in London thinking they are the be all and know all of everything and that everything is to the law of London 

I don't know what they see things through but as sure as hell it must be rose tinted glasses. 

Suffice to say I have had a bad day at work in Birmingham


Date   Thursday 19th May
Time   19:30
Place  Tanworth  Village Hall
I am very pleased that the Madeleine McCann case is to be reviewed by Scotland Yard. However I am less pleased that a 3 million pounds has been ring fenced for the review and is reported as possibly taking years. 

Whilst the rest of us are undergoing cuts to our Police Forces, resources and funds are been allocated for the review of one case and I am not 100% convinced this is the best use of these funds and resources, unless of course the one case leads to the resolution of many others.

As far as I am concerned all missing children warrant the same importance and perhaps I would feel more comfortable if the £3 million and the resources were allocated to a police department who specialises in such cases.

I suppose you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers it may just be that Madeleine's parents have offered to help pay for the review from the proceeds of the recent book as that was why it was written in the first place to pay for the ongoing investigation.
Parish Assembly today (Wednesday 11th May) when Paul Lankester, the CEO of Stratford On Avon District Council will be attending.  There will be wine and 'nibbles' afterwards.

Date   Wednesday 11th May
Time  19:30
Place  Earlswood Village Hall
Try broadband speed test

Well I have to say folks the speed of my Broadband has gone up slightly, However it is no where near where it should be. 

These are the things I have done to help myself. They are all available on your computer as standard tools. If you de-fragment your hard disk, be prepared to allow it to run without interruption ( Go to bed and leave it)
  1. Got rid of all the cookies
  2. De-fragmentation of my hard drive
  3. Got rid of all the files I don't need or want
  4. Generally de cluttered my Laptop
  5. Checked all cables leading to and from the PC and reset the wireless connection
  6. Installed Google Chrome
  7. Got rid of Internet explorer
All of this has appeared to have helped me gain NEARLY 0.5 of a MB of Speed so I am now very nearly reaching 3MB of my up to 8MB. 

It still makes me so cross that BT is promoting it's new product "Infinity" which is up to 40MB when on the whole we all appear to be receiving a lot lower speeds.
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The OH (Other Half) is having some sort of fit he has just looked at the Wolves/West Bromwich game score. So far 3-0 to Wolves. 

He has gone in to hibernation muttering something along the lines of it looks like the Blue Boys are going to be fighting to stay in the premier league. Born to suffer and using words I dare not blog.

After the fantastic day out at Wembley and having qualified for the Europa League. I have to say Birmingham City Football Club never ceases to amaze me. They get so near to being very good and so very close to very Bad, there never seems to be any consistency with them. Its either all or nothing.

Oh well I suppose I was also born to suffer the ups and downs of BCFC and me the closet Villa Fan.
As I listen to the continuous news analysis of the recent vote. I can't help but feel that someone if not everybody is missing the point.

As I did a simple calculation on the average turnout of those that did vote which appears to be approx 41.4%

I can't help but wonder what the other 58.6% of the voting population actually think

Whilst Governments react to those that shout loudest, in actual fact those that shout loudest are in the minority.

Of course we are a Democratic Country and have a choice as to whether we vote or not which is a luxuary compared to some countries.

So what makes approx 58.4% the majority of the population not want to have a say in what happens.

I just don't understand it

London 35.4% (1.86 million)

South-west 44.6% (1.80 million)
Eastern 43.1% (1.84 million)
West Midlands 39.8% (1.63 million)
Yorkshire and the Humber 39.9% (1.53 million)
North-west 39.1% (2.05 million)
North-east 38.7% (0.76 million)
Scotland 50.7% (1.98 million)
Calculation done by adding the % and dividing by 8 only approx

Mind you Stratford Faired a bit better with its turnout

The results on the Referendum on the voting system for UK Parliamentary election on 5 May 2011 for Stratford-on-Avon District are as follows and was declared at 7.30pm on Friday 6 May

The number of votes cast in favour of YES was 11,982
The number of votes cast in favour of NO was 34,766

The overall turnout for the Referendum in Stratford-on-Avon District was 50.1%.

THE Animal Healing trust, based in Wythall, is holding an open day on Sunday, May 8 from noon-4pm, to raise funds for the upkeep of its 22 stunning horses.Visitors will be able to meet the three herds, their miniature pony, and recent edition, 12 month old Baby Louie. There will also be charity merchandise on sale with a tombola, raffle, homemade cakes and refreshments.For more information about the charity visit where donations can be made from as little as £1.25. There is also the chance to sponsor one of the horses from just £3 a month. All donations are appreciated.Entrance is £2 for adults and £1 for children. For directions call Sue Gessey on 07780 698393.

Police Message
Burglary Dwelling Tanworth in Arden

Inc 202 05/05/2011
Burglary dwelling Vicarage Hill Tanworth in Arden, property is at the Village end of the hill. Between 2pm and 3pm Thursday, offenders have gained access to the rear of the property through a window.
Offender has been disturbed by the owner returning and made off with items inc jewellery stored in pillowcase taken from property. Unknown if offender had vehicle, but was described as a white male late 20's dark hair wearing a black jacket, light trainers and had a distinctive ring piercing in the corner of his lower lip.
If anybody has any information in relation to this incident please call 01926 415000 quoting the above inc number. 
Information can also be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

Just a quick one to let readers know Parish Council Minutes have been Updated.
  • January   2011
  • February  2011
  • March      2011

and now available on the Parish Council Website
Date: Wednesday 4th May 2011
Time 12:00 - 14:00
Place Earlswood Village Hall
Date : Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Time : 5:30 to 7:30pm 
Place : Tanworth Church Room, Mary Magdalene

Decorah Eagles

24/7 Live Cam 
The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa.

Decorah Eagles
I am just a Joe Blogs when it comes to scribbling on my Blog I am no expert on the web.

I scribble quite happily about things that please and displease me.

I may not be a participant in Local Community at this moment in time, as far as taking part and doing things (I have my own reasons for that)

However in my own way I support our Local economy , I buy my plants locally, I buy my meat and veg locally this week I have had my hair cut locally.

To be honest I am not interestested in cheap not because I can afford to be expensive. I am just interested in value for money and a quality of service that is acceptable to me.

I almost always find that particular value and quality locally.

My visit to the Local Hair Dresser was great the Customer Service was spot on and the small talk was just right. The hair cut was great but as always my hair fights back and does its own thing. Its the story of my life and I doubt my hair will be tamed by anyone for any length of time.

 Salon 4 Hair Your wicked Wednesday was great the OH reckons you should have a Thirsty Thursday.

Anyway I look forward to the SMS that reminds me I have another appointment because to be honest I am no good at remembering things for my self.

Its great to see you with a web presence and great to see you using SMS

Beautiful Earlswood Woods New Fallings Coppice. 

Please note all photos were taken with a mobile phone by Carrie. Please feel free to reuse if required.