Earlswood & Forshaw Heath BoD: Enterprise Belt: "Perhaps someone can help me? Is an Enterprise Belt a new word for a Business Park. I have a sense of Dejavu a blast from the past and the s..."
Oh well I was going to have a productive day doing my Domestic Goddess duties.However here I am again glued to the wonders of the web. I blame Mike at wiK for introducing me to Googles circles and +1 

I suspect with time I will get the hang of it. 

However I must admit I am having to use the little grey cells.  I am surprised if you pass a comment on a post in google it doesn't show up on the blog Hey Ho. 

Also I wonder if it affects the stats on the blog, not that I am to bothered but my blog has quietened down over the past few days. I always said I didn't mind chattering away to myself.I seem to have bored my regular visitors and they have disappeared.

I am quite interested in the newsletter tool however then again if I write a newsletter whats the point of blogging. I still haven't got to grips with facebook and am almost surprised it appears to be more popular than Twitter.

I am a twitter fan now and all those months ago I really wasn't interested in it at all.

My top post of all time is still the Police Watch message posted in May with 53 views excluding my own 2nd place was Earlswood Methodist Church Fete and in 3rd place was Earlswood Lakes Partnership.

It really just goes to show people are interested in things that are local and that affect them directly.
Perhaps someone can help me? Is an Enterprise Belt a new word for a Business Park. I have a sense of Dejavu  a blast from the past and the scramble to save Green Belt Land surrounding the M42. Of course I may be wrong but it has a familar feel to it. Oh Well !

Boost M42 capacity, says LEP


Congestion on the M42 in the West Midlands has been identified as a key constraint to new economic development by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership.

The LEP has submitted an expression of interest to ministers for an ‘Enterprise Belt’ extending from south Staffordshire through the M42 corridor in Solihull to north Worcestershire.

This would supplement the partnership’s Enterprise Zone in Birmingham city centre that was approved by ministers


For those of you that don't remember Junction 3 of the M42 its fields and gateway into Earlswood and Forshaw Heath had a long battle against plans for a 8 somethiing cant remember if it was 8, 80 or 800 hectare Business Park. Eventually they went to public enquiry and the little people won. That was a long time ago may be 20 something years. It was the reason Earlswood and Forshaw Heath Residents Association was set up in the first place. I would just be slightly Aware of these sort of announcements. It may be something or nothing but I for one will be keeping my eye on it
Police Message

Inc 177 27/07/2011

Overnight Tuesday 26/Wednesday 27, offenders have forced open a shed on Springbrook Lane and taken a quantity of tools, and 2 mini quad bikes. It is believed the bikes were pushed onto The Common and possibly loaded into a vehicle. Description of bikes 50cc Kaluna 1 pink 1 red, stickers on front mudguard.

If anybody has any information to assist in the investigation please call 01926 415000 and quote the inc number.

This is the 2nd theft of motorbikes in the area this week, and owners of scramblers, dirt bikes, mini quads etc. are asked to review their security arrangements.

Crime prevention advice is available by contacting myself on any of the numbers below. Or you can attend any of the mobile Police surgeries in the area at the times and places stated below;













David Martin


Alcester North

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Warwickshire Police

01789 444816

Keep in touch with what is happening on Alcester Sector via: http://www.safer-neighbourhoods.co.uk/an


OMG I am on a role today on my recent visit to the capital I had to fork out for Tube fairs and above ground rail tickets. I have to say I thought things were expensive in Birmingham however.

One stop London Bridge to Waterloo cost me  £2.20 one way and less than 3 minutes on a train. I found out the following morning I could walk it in 10 minutes. The Sat Nav and Mobile came into its own that morning.

The underground from London Bridge to Euston cost me £4.00 a 10 min journey.

I thought we had it rough in the Midlands but £20.80 for a weekly pass all zones west midlands seems pretty reasonable  compared to the above.

London just appears to be a different Land to the rest of us and I really don’t understand why it is so expensive.

Why is that? we are the same country aren't we? No flipping wonder they all get waiting allowance. No wonder people are moving out to the Midlands only to travel in to the capital. 

It seems to me the Capital is out pricing itself becoming unaffordable to normal folk, who have just discovered they can live 1hour 7 mins by train in the Warwickshire Countryside. No flipping wonder we need more houses in Warwickshire with our great rail links great motorway infrastructure. 

If London (City Centre) isn't careful it will become a Ghost town except for the tourists. 

Eventually the tourists will stop because the Londoners who make London ,London aren't there, they will be here or Manchester instead because it is cheaper to live and travel from the Midlands or North West than to live and travel in to the Capital from the Capital. Now HS2 starts to make sense.

I have thought about it my self if my place of work paid me an extra £xyz k I would travel to London to work almost without hesitation

You know sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.

Work is a busy time at the moment with lots going on and especially with stacks of changes that will affect my very small team irrelevant of what I do and who I do it for it really doesn’t matter.

I was surprised that whilst we were in the midst of doubling the team, learning about a new web site, having new in house software and in the process of moving offices and all the hassle that goes with it all to be implemented on a given date in the very near future. That my manager asked me to go on a two day management course.

Although I don’t mind and will take every opportunity to learn I really did think this two day course presented its self at the most inopportune time and would have preferred to leave it until everything had settled down.

I was a little apprehensive and could have done without it. However I am glad I went I thoroughly enjoyed it and have absolutely no hesitation on recommending it.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly helped me put a few things back in to perspective.

LOL now you know why I was going on about the HS2 again another visit to the Capital. 

No they didn’t pay me and I don’t work for them. I attended a course and enjoyed it enough to share with you. TBH I would have liked it to last longer than 2 days.

Anyway here is the link. 

My Thoughts On

  • Media
  • Money
  • Computers
  • Common Sense

Do you know I am leaving Local thoughts just for a few minutes and have decided to share my thoughts on a few things that have always intrigued me.

I don’t know if you remember watching the James Bond movies when you were younger with all those high tech gadgets that now appear to be in every day usage and some of the story lines that appear so far fetched they were almost beyond belief.

OK what am I waffling on about?


Well I can’t help but think the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies is very similar albeit a bit far fetched to the current News International story. If you think about it the news and the Media are very powerful they can form and shape peoples opinions they can make and break people and organisations. I actually don’t know what to believe any more and try to stay clear of national news papers.

I don’t deny I do have a vivid imagination at times perhaps some would call me a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think I am but I can’t help but think some of the things we see in popular films and TV series are a subliminal message that prepares us for all sorts possibilities.

Leaving those thoughts I have another one!


Many Countries are suffering financial difficulties including ours. What I want to know is someone must have the money it can’t just disappear, so whilst we all struggle who has actually got all the money where is it?


Everything is becoming so complicated. I love technology and its possibilities but I can’t help but think we all rely on it to much and technology is starting to control the way we live and work. It was best kept simple but when the computer says no at work it means no and however much I want to say yes to the person on the other end of the phone the computer won’t let me which is really frustrating.

Common Sense

The other day I posted about Forshaw Heath Road being closed for the day. Good news the pot holes were becoming dangerous. What I don’t understand is why all the pot holes and dangerous cambers weren’t done at the same time. There was a small A4 leaflet at Earlswood Station advising the road would be closed for at least 3 days. I want to know what happened to the other two days work and why the road wasn’t completed properly. We all tend to be grateful these days for a something is better than nothing attitude and tend to have a  make do approach. Where is the Common Sense?
Please Note these are not Minutes It is the Report

The Parish Council met on Thursday 16th June 2011 at 19.30 hours in Earlswood Village Hall.
One member of the public was present, together with County Councillor Perry and District Councillor Atkinson.

Adam Bourn of Monkspath Pumas Junior Football Club addressed the Parish Council requesting to use Malthouse Park for their home matches.  The item will be discussed by the Parish Council at the next Committee meeting.

County Councillor Perry gave the following report:
Councillor Perry confirmed that the Balfour Beattie has taken over the Highways contract. 
Over 4000 replies to the library consultation were received.  A meeting to decide the future of libraries has been earmarked.   There is a possibility of Henley Library moving in to the police station as the County Council own the police building.
There is a drive to make youth clubs centres of excellence.  Studley may become a Centre of Excellence and Henley should become one.
The Fire Service has issued its members with a new uniform which are more flexible.  They include LED cameras.
There is a new hybrid (electric and diesel) park and ride bus.
There is a meeting on June 30th about the possibility of WCC adopting the keyhole in Malthouse Lane. 
It is still being established who owns the land at the corner by the Crossroads at The Common and Valley road.  A public exhibition will be held to consult with the residents in the near future. (This has since been arranged by Earlswood Residents’ Association and will take place on Wednesday 20th July between 3.00pm through to 8.00pm and will be in Earlswood Village Hall)

Councillor Atkinson gave the following report:
Councillor Atkinson is still waiting for an answer from Worcestershire about narrowing Alderhanger Lane and Pinkfield to a bridleway. 
The District Council have money available for small scale maintenance of watercourses and ditches.   A grant is available for up to £4,000.
Severn Trent Water is still being chased re the sewerage problem in Springbrook Lane.  This issue was first raised in March 2009.

Councillor Willmott opened the meeting and received apologies from Councillor Oakley, Councillor Ross and Councillor Stanton

The correspondence list was noted and the following items were highlighted:

·         Further to the cessation of the police surgeries, the clerk informed the Council that the PCSO had offered to use a mobile police station on set days to visit areas of the parish if desired.  It was decided to give it a 3 month trial.  It will take place on the first Friday of the month – August 5th, September 2nd and October 7th.  (Further details appear in this magazine)

·         The owner of 133 The Common had confirmed, following a letter received from the Parish Council, which he would be attending to the rubbish dumped in the Parish Council field at the rear of the address.
·         Summer Symposium.  Councillor O’Brien expressed an interest to attend Day 2 on July 7th.  It was agreed that the Parish Council were happy to fund his attendance.
·         Severn Trent Water Ltd. Cllr Havard reported that the manholes had still not been rectified.
·         The Clerk read out an e-mail from Clare Eynon, via George Atkinson, about trial dates for Cank Farm.

The following Planning Applications were considered: 11/00649/FUL(amendment)Woodlands Farm, Cut Throat Lane
11/00383/LDE Stoneford, Wood End Lane
11/00983/FUL Elmhurst, Vicarage Hill
11/01246/TREE In The Highway, The Green
11/01145/LDE Summers Poultry
11/01148/LDE Summers Poultry
11/01077/FUL Eastcote, Broad Lane

The Grant application Earlswood Fete Committee was approved.  The Clerk circulated a memo from the Parish Council’s insurance company.  They have offered to put the Earlswood Village Fete Committee on our insurance policy as joint policy holders on the basis the Committee’s activities will be limited to the proposed Fete and a ‘picnic in the park’.  There will be no additional premium payable, although the insurance company do reserve the right to review this at a later date should their level of activity increase and they become involved in organising more events.  Although this Aviva policy provides automatic Public Liability Insurance for events there is no cover for certain activities such as bouncy castles whose operators should provide their own Public Liability Insurance. It was proposed and agreed that the Earlswood Village Fete Committee is added to our policy. 
The request to hold a ‘Party in the Park’ to Celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was from the Earlswood Village Fete Committee for permission to use the park was discussed.  The date had not being decided yet.  Permission was granted.   
It was agreed that the Parish Council are generally in support of the proposed changes to alter the Junction at Valley Road and The Common, but would prefer the traffic to be slowed down. The Parish Council would like the residents consulted for their opinions.  If the improvements require the felling of a mature tree, the possibility of planting another tree somewhere else in the parish to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was discussed.  
Robert Weeks, the new Head of Planning at Stratford District Council is keen to establish a dialogue with the Parish Council and had offered to bring some planners along to a meeting to be arranged in the near future. 
Councillor Fitzpatrick confirmed that he had received a copy of the new Parish Council office plans and confirmed that a meeting needs to be arranged with the Trustees of the Village Hall to discuss matters further.

Items which were reported as requiring attention were:

·         In Malthouse Lane by the station bridge there is a sunken drain cover.
·         Pavements along all of Broad Lane are dangerous.
·         Logs by Flower Knott Cottage and on Broad Lane.

The full minutes are available on our website www.tanworth-pc.org.uk or from the Parish Office in Earlswood Craft Centre, Wood Lane.  The next meeting will be on August 18th at Earlswood Village Hall and September 15th at Tanworth Village Hall at 7.30pm. . Anyone is welcome to come and listen or if you have an issue that you would like to raise, there is a Public Forum at 7.30pm.   If you would like us to start e-mailing a Parish Newsletter, please just e-mail the parish office at office@tanworth-pc.org.uk and we will add you to our circulation list.   If anyone has an issue which they would like us to pass on to PCSO Dave Martin, please give us the details and we will pass them on.  If the matter is of a confidential nature, then you are welcome to leave a sealed envelope in the parish office addressed to PCSO Dave Martin and we will hand it over unopened.

Just a quick observation! whilst putting my blog back together having almost destroyed it last weekend I can't help but thing 71 planning applications for such a small area is quite a lot. 

Oh well
Just to make the Locals aware Residents Association has now opened up their comments section. 

The Residents Association has been On-Line for a few months now and does some very good work. I have a link at the top of the page however why not join and support them.

Once again this week I had reason to travel to London and once again I still for the life of me can't see the reason for HS2. 

On both journey's from Birmingham return I had time to find a seat buy a bottle of water on the train and read a few pages of my book. 

If the idea of HS2 is to carry more people to and from Birmingham perhaps we should first tackle the amount of 1st class carriages that have very few people in them. 

In fact I would go as far as to say out of the several I think it was 4 or 5 1st class carriages I walked through yesterday the quantity of people did not warrant that amount of carriages. If I guessed I suspect they could have all fitted into one carriage. 

Why is there this urge to supply so many 1st class carriages on a journey that left London at 16:49 and arrived at Bham international at 15:56 it took 1 hour 7 mins it just doesn't make sense.

Anybody got any thoughts on this
Today has been a sad day at work. I went out for a ciggie and noticed a crowd looking up the road. 

Just because I am nosey I wanted to know what they were all looking at and went to investigate and was presented with what I now know was a young fledging Seagull. I must admit s/he didn't look damaged or hurt, looked well fed and could run s/he just couldn't fly. 

By the time all the onlookers had gone there were two of us left. The gentleman asked me if I could make sure the bird didn't go on the road whilst he went to call the RSPCA. 

After 10 minutes he came back to tell me what I already knew because someone else had called the RSPCA if the bird is in the road it's a Police matter. BTW the RSPB directed us the RSPCA website so as advised and very apologetically I did call Steelhouse Lane Police Station Explained the reason why I called them and wouldn't normally only to be met with the response call the RSPB.

The office decided to make a box up and go and catch said seagull at lunch time to enable us to call the RSPCA and let them know it wasn't on the road any more. The bird didn't want catching and we thought it best not to stress it out or frighten it any more than it already was.

On my way home the poor thing was tucked up in a gutter. I called my colleague and said bring the box down Seagull is now knackered. However said Seagull found a new lease of life and did yet another runner. 

Mommy Seagull was screeching and screaming from above us and once again I had to leave it to its destiny. The poor thing has avoided cars wandered across roads and distressed and the RSPCA wouldn't come out and help us because it was on a road. 

The Police  didn't think it was a priority (Quite Rightly so)  mean while the bird is dicing with death I thought the whole point of the RSPCA was To help animals in distress. 

This animal needed help and no one would help us help it. It turns out it has been ground Bourne since Friday afternoon. I think that's long enough to offer the poor little fellow/ess a helping hand.
Please Email me Earlswood@hotmail.co.uk

Great news Ted is back, My understanding is he is a bit worse for wear but he is tucked up at home safe and sound and hopefully on the mend. Many thanks to those who helped his owners look for him.

I was thinking about the HS2 rail project. I happen to be one of those people that travel to London on business and to be honest except for the Snail Rail London Midland journey I experienced the other day, Virgin Rail and Chiltern provide me with what I require.

Which is quite simply get me to London and back again. I don’t know how HS2 will add any benefit to me; I will still have to find my way to New Street or Birmingham International.

Rail is a strange thing somewhere on this blog are a few photos of how Earlswood station looked in 1908 with it’s beautiful buildings and waiting rooms, that would have has an impact on those living locally.

As I looked at the photos I couldn’t help but notice the lack of plants and trees. 

As a child I remember the station and the signal box I also remember how awful it looked when it was demolished! and I am not that old.

As an adult I look at it and it’s bushes, trees and wild life and can’t for the life of me imagine it any different. All I feel is it is strange how nature fights back.

What has this got to do with HS2 well I suppose what I am trying to say is if HS2 goes ahead It will destroy our countryside and damage our wildlife and for those unlucky enough to live in its path destroy their way of life. However I am confident that once the destruction has been accomplished nature will fight back and adapt to its new surroundings. Just like our little station.

Do I think HS2 is right No I do not. I think we have to address the short falls of our current infrastructure and correct it’s short falls. We do not need a new railway we need the old one updating.

As far as I am concerned HS2 is a tool and a carrot to get the economy moving again. Its a false negative being turned in to a must have positive. Just because someone tells us we need it doesn't mean to say we do need it.

Here is one for you I am just about to move offices. As I looked out onto the Birmingham Sky line a  colleague said "Carrie Do you realise those new buildings will have to be knocked down" TBH I hadn't got a clue but should it be true I want to know why the new buildings were built in the first place in order to be knocked down again. As a Tax payer I find that unforgivable. TF I don't pay taxes to Birmingham City Council.
Don't you just hate it when you start off with a brilliant idea it all starts off well and then it goes pear shaped. 

I knew I should have just left my blog alone. I was trying to achieve a clean look blog and I have lost just about everything so will be spending the day re-establishing links. 

I have now sorted the comments out but failed and lost the tweet and face book buttons. I must admit I am now tearing my hair out.

Memo to ones self remember to read the instructions before changing the blog.

Update - Its getting there slowly :o)
I have tried to stay away from blogging for a week. I almost got there but come Saturday afternoon my weeks events have me wanting to render a post. What ever you want to call it I have a desire to scribble away. 

At my normal time of day on Wednesday I tried to get out of the drive. Its a flipping good job I don't whiz out. In any case there was an inordinate amount of traffic and it took me more time than usual to make my way on to the High Ways and By ways of Warwickshire.

I was actually quite pleased on this day, I had the dog with me and needed to drop him off at my MIL. I dread turning right out off my lane on to a 60 mph road and will do everything to avoid including it in my journey. So I normally turn left and go the long way around. Wednesday the road to the left was closed (News to me) but I appreciated being able to turn right in relative safety.

Do you know what no one knew Forshaw Heath Road was going to be closed except for an A4 leaflet on lamp posts only readable by pedestrians not motorists. Doh sorry but motorists need to know this not pedestrians how flipping daft.

What was the result of the road being void of transport. Bodge job of pot holes. The three days allocated was done in a day with the advisory it would be 3 days.

The workman ship is dodgy
The quality is questionable
It took less than a day not 3 days

So where have the other two days gone ?
Police surgeries that will be on trial for 3 months. Please pass the details on












There will be a Public Consultation Meeting, with regard to traffic improvements at the crossroads junction in Earlswood Village, on Wednesday 20th July.This will run from 3.00pm through to 8.00pm,  Earlswood Village Hall, probably room 1. Please spread the word.Posters will go up soon.


Please share this information have your say!

Oh dear it is getting worse :o(
I am sort of mixed up about HS2. I really do think our current rail system is sadly lacking in something. 

Do I think it needs a complete rebuild on new land my answer is NO. I really do not know what the problem is. I go from New Street to London in an hour and a half unless of course if I catch a London Midland Train that stops here there and every where and that takes 2.5 hours.

I just don't understand why a few minutes will make any difference. 

We may all arrive in London at super fast times but you can guarentee we will not be struggling to get where we are going once we arrive in London on the out dated underground.

May be the quality of our trains and the load capacity is something to do with the widths of carriages for example in Spain it is 5ft something they are wider they are air conditioned and they carry people comfortably.

I have a 2nd thought! why is it so important to transport people from Birmingham to London in quick time? I personally think no matter what the PM says HS2 is just a sticking plaster and instead of sort out what you have it's just easier to build something new for no reason other than get the Brummies into London a few minutes quicker than they currently can.

I say NO to HS2 but yes to sorting out what we already have! For starters Virgin can do fewer 1st Class carriages instead of 4 or 5 the rest are standard.

Has any one actually thought how we transport people, personally I am sick and tired of watching all the 1st class carriages pass me by with a hand ful of people using them, whilst there are fewer standard carriages which become crammed.

To be Perfectly honest I heard a lot about the German train system much to my embarrassed hosts it failed to deliver was uncomfortable and not something I would want to do again.

The Spanish however totally surprised me, Clean comfortable and on time

PC = Parish Council
SDC Stratford District Council

What Am I doing?
  • Trying to formulate an up to date list Of Parish Councils who use the Web to inform their communities.
Why am I doing This?

Because information should be easily available when it comes to where you live and its always best to stay informed and in touch with what is happening around you. Parish Council's are the best place to start. If you don't know they are there beavering away how can you expect to keep informed.

I also think in the year 2011 basic information should be easily accessible and up to date at  Hyper Local level.
Whilst talking or corresponding with one of my fellow bloggers It sparked interest in exactly how many of the Parish Councils within the SDC area have a presence on the web.
At first glance I was disappointed as I really would have thought the majority  of PCs would  be officially represented on the SDC website. 

The list below has been collated  in the first instance from the SDC Web site. 02/07/11  It may just be that this part of SDC s site is out of date. Please note some web sites don't work but this is how they are listed On SDC directory.
My next trick is to use google and see if any of the PCs in the list below are represented on the web in an official capacity.  

Meet my new clogs.
I just love the House Of Fraser when it has a 70% off sale on + a bit more and I just love these. 

They are so Un-Carrie like because normally things this high make my life difficult and I don't like heights. 

But these are just so comfortable I don't believe it. 

I don't think I will be taking the Dog a walk in them and they will probably return to work and stay with the great Trousers I brought that were to long. 

This way high heels means I don't have to take the Trousers up. I am astounded I have found something to make me look taller and that they are comfortable as well.

Who said Women weren't logical thinkers Long Trousers + High Heels means no need to sew the hem up on the trousers = Less work