This made me smile although I doubt the residents of this road are very happy looking at the state of the grass verges, obviously the driver of the car is not in the wrong and has nowhere else to go and I suspect the driver of the lorry made a genuine mistake. They often say forewarned is forearmed so I now have to question the reading abilities of the driver of the lorry.If he lorry had of continued down the road it would have probably come unstuck or should I say stuck. This lorry driver decided to reverse out of this road onto quite a fast (60MPH) B road on a very nasty bend he would have been presented with the worst of two evils. I blame the sat navs!

The cat was sitting proudly at the front door with what appeared to be a brown very dead thing in it's mouth. I thought Oh shit as the cat scuttled away. Then  I heard a squeak in the general direction of the cat. I have to say what ever he had caught I really thought was a gonner and for a moment thought let nature take its course. Anyway the squeak got louder and the cat hadn't gone that far. I found him in the bushes with a bird in his mouth. I got to the point where I could grab the Cat and he let go of his prey. The Cat was most pissed off with me, and the victim appeared on his or her last legs. I picked the very small bird up off the ground expecting it to pop its clogs.Anyway this very tiny feathered friend was cupped in my hands with me trying to find a place for him or her to die quietly in the garden and wondering if I had done the right thing by rescuing it from the cat in the first place. I could feel this tiny bird getting stronger and stronger in my hands. I quite simply opened my hands and the little bird (Wren) flew off.
I can't remember anytime I rescued a bird from a cat only for the bird to fly off as if nothing had happened. As I started telling the cat/bird event to Dad. I was told the Cat caught a Robin the other day and once again was diprived of its prey by a human with the feathered friend being left to to tell his mates of his adventures with a cat.
I took time this morning to take another look at the attack on the Royal car. This is having previously read it cost £50 million to protect 22 members of the Royal family! Here is the question I am pondering. I am no expert but at the time the protesters approached the Royal car there appeared little or no protection what so ever.. One outrider in front of the car that was it. I am gob smacked the the Duchess Of Cornwall had her window open at one point. The people that dispersed the crowd appeared to normal uniformed officers that were on duty..So is this what £50 million gets. I don't suppose the lack of protection that evening has got anything to do with the suggestion that the £50 million may need to be cut.

A main road in Warwickshire was closed after a light aircraft made an emergency landing on it.
Pilot Chris Hall walked away uninjured from the damaged Piper PA-28 which landed on the A429 at Wellesbourne earlier.
Mr Hall, of Earlswood, Warwickshire, said remembered his "instructor's words" during the incident. The ambulance service said it was "more of a heavy landing" than a crash.Senior paramedic officer Martyn Scott added: "The pilot got up and walked away. There was not a mark on him. He was totally uninjured."Mr Hall said: "On climb out the engine decided that it wasn't going to play any more, so I remembered my instructor's words, which were 'find a field', so I did."The pilot added he had just taken off. He said: "I'd just been doing circuits actually, so I'd done six or seven take offs and landings in the previous hour."So I was very familiar with what the plane was doing and what the conditions were, which did make it really easy to recover from what could have been quite a dangerous situation."

I am absolutely astounded at the disgraceful behavior, violence and sheer lac of respect the students have shown during their recent demonstrations. Any sympathy I may have had for their predicament has been replaced with disappointment and concern that the majority of these people are our Nations future. If this is the way they behave there appears very little hope for us as a Nation.
The damage they have caused, the lack of respect for law and order and the unbelievable attack on Prince Charles and the Duchess Of Cornwall makes me cringe.

As I watched a video with students chanting off with their heads I wonder if this is tantamount to treason. I must admit I do wonder what an earth the Royals were doing in that neck of the woods. Who the hell put them in that predicament?
Of course I suspect it was the minority that has tarred the majority. In the end it will be the majority that will suffer from the actions of the minority as always!
I love the internet there is so much out there but what I can't get over is some of the great free tools available, that make things at work and home so much easier. I still don't understand how it is free! I thought I would share one of my best finds. First of all I don't bother with Microsoft Office any more why should I when I have Open Office It looks like Office it feels like it and the beauty of it is It is compatible with Office.For those people who have computers but don't have office or can't afford it this tool is a great option. Maybe a Uni Student or someone who needs to submit a CV but doesn't have the fancy software package. I use it for the hell of it one less Microsoft package on my PC

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the over all performance of the trains on the North Warwickshire -  Stratford to Stourbridge line over  a period of very cold weather. for once I am not complaining about the train service its self and will give credit where credit is due. 8/10 for the train turning up.
Well with all the talk about how the future Royal Wedding will help the economy I do have to ponder on exaxctly how the below will help the economy? Don't expect to see Prince William and Kate Middleton's faces adorning tea towels, T-shirts, biscuit tins or even china come the Royal wedding next year – Buckingham Palace has imposed strict guidelines on commemorative memorabilia, and has banned all of the above.Although admitting that unofficial merchandise could not be prevented, the Palace has imposed rules for use of the official engagement photos, taken by Mario Testino.A statement from The Lord Chamberlain, Earl Peel, who is senior official of the Royal household, outlined which items would not be permitted, including traditional royal wedding tea towels.A spokesperson explained, 'We want items that are permanent and significant.'

Bang goes any additional income for the potteries!
I just love the way the Aussies go about their business. Straight talking no holding back. They always appear to say exactly what the rest of the worlds population are thinking but never quite get around to saying.

Asked what governments should do in response to the leaked cables, Rudd said: "Rule No 1 for our friends in the United States is – how do you tighten things up a bit?
"I think that's a fair old question. Maybe 2 million or so people having access to this stuff is a bit of a problem.''
So true
Full Report
Well I know she was caught but never quite knew what happened to her after capture. Although an old report I have found this! One has to wonder if there are any more in the lakes. Our own lakeness monsters anyway back to the report.

An angler fishing for carp at a reservoir in the West Midlands got the shock of his life when he landed a giant North American turtle.
The alligator snapping turtle after its capture at Earlswood Lakes

The 25kg alligator snapping turtle, which is around two feet long, was snared by Steve Bellion, 23, at Earlswood Lakes, near Solihull.

It is believed the animal, thought to around 80 years old, has been biting through anglers' lines and preying on local wildlife for around a decade. The reptile, previously mistaken for an alligator, has escaped after being caught by anglers on previous occasions.

The creature, which has been rehomed at West Midland Safari Park, in Bewdley, Worcestershire, is thought to have been a pet which was dumped after becoming too big.

British Waterways said the turtle was caught in Earlswood's Engine Pool, where Mr Bellion fishes regularly.

British Waterways ecologists transported the turtle to West Midland Safari Park after its capture, where it will remain permanently alongside another member of the same breed.

The alligator snapping turtle at its new home at West Midland Safari Park

The alligator snapping turtle, North America's largest freshwater turtle, can weigh over 80kg and live to 160 years old.

British Waterways ecologist Paul Wilkinson said: "Although it is a shame that we are taking this special animal out of the wild, it is necessary to protect the natural balance and she should settle down nicely with the experts at the West Midland Safari Park.

"Steve has done a good job in landing the turtle and luckily had the knowledge of how to deal with such a large animal safely. It is not only illegal to release non-native species into the wild of the UK, there is also no need to do it - there are organisations that can help rehome unwanted reptiles."

Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at West Midland Safari Park, said: "Thankfully alligator snapping turtles are a rarity in British waters - they can create havoc for native species.

"It's great the turtle now has a safe home. She appears to be in good health, and as we also have a male of the same species, we will be checking compatibility to ascertain the possibility of mating."
As I got off the train and made the short journey to my little car. It was tucked away in the corner looking very sad cold and frozen. Its normally bright happy colour had a frost cold glaze. The door was just starting to freeze you know how it is when you get that knowing resistance and slight crunch as you pull it open. I had only been away from it for a few hours and it had gone back into hibernation.

It took me 20 minutes to defrost the inside of the windows the outside was done with a little bit of de icer. Must admit I didn’t want to use that inside the car- I can just imagine getting as high as a kite on de icer fumes and driving home. Well in any case my little car isn’t an old car it has most the mod cons.

What I don’t understand is how everyone else who got off the train at the same time as I some of them had travelled on the same train in the morning managed to escape the car park so quickly and still manage to see where they were going. I wouldn’t mind it was also a very foggy evening. Are we trying to say that drivers in and around Earlswood drive without being able to see where they are going. I must remember that, sorry to bore any readers I may have but I just don’t know how the other people could see where they were going!
Well it just goes to show you can't trust anyone, with the use of technology those that are paid to represent their Countries quite happily tap away at keyboards passing their thoughts backwards and forwards by cyberspace. 
Then some clever git chooses to release cables/emails or what ever you wish to call them on to the Internet for all to view. In some ways I am glad it has been done, on the flip side of the coin I am not so sure it is a good thing. 
I have mixed feelings towards it all. If in the first place people were open and honest there wouldn't be a problem with the leaking of of documents.
On the other hand these people have passed comment and records go back more than a decade where many things can't be changed. In fact some things have changed because of the reports and thought these people have put forward to the USA. 
There is no turning back time however  learning from the past is possible From a previous post.  

What makes me happy?                                                                                                             People who are ultimately accountable and take responsibility for  the actions and decisions they make.
You know this is starting to get a bit eerie and starting to give me the creeps. I didn't realise Diana Princess Of Wales and the Prince of Wales got married on the 29th July 1981. 
I thought the giving of the engagement ring was a bit sad, as I said before if it had been a happy ring my personal thoughts would have been different but it wasn't so my thoughts remain the same, now I discover almost 30 years later the same date well not date but day of the month has been set 29th April. Oh well at least its a different month

I don't know what I am trying to say but I must admit I find it a bit strange.
To the young person who walks on the wrong side of the road dressed in dark colours from Earlswood Station towards Forshaw Heath Road. Get yourself a high vis jacket and walk on the right side of the road. Your difficult to see in the dark!
The big Royal day has been named 29/04/11 Westminster Abbey. So much for my idealistic view of a small wedding in the brides home town and a knees up at Buckingham Palace. Do I need a public holiday for this day? No not really. Am I happy for them, well of course I am.

I still feel for the future brides family everything and anything they say and do will be forever scrutinised.

Do I really care that Carol Middleton  met the Royals and said nice to meet you instead of How Do You Do! What a load of old tosh and welcome to reality.

Only self important Royal correspondents and the media plus the Royal wannabes could have picked up on that. I doubt the Queen would have cared a less and took the greating as it was meant
Well I don't know if spending 2 million quid on a happy survey is adding value. Sure as hell its lining someones pocket.

What makes me happy ?
  • My family, home, friends, and animals
  • People who use their common sense
  • Good quality services
  • People who take pride in what they do
  • People who are ultimately accountable and take responsibility for actions and decisions they make.
  • Good manners and respect
  • Honesty, Frankness and saying things as they are.
What makes me Un-Happy?

Well just about everything other than my family, home friends and animals.

And that's because in very few circumstances non of the above things that make me happy exist anymore.

There you go for the grand sum of nothing I have told the Government what makes me happy! with the added bonus of telling them what makes me unhappy.

We are not allowed to use common sense anymore,

Whilst chatting to my Dad, he started telling me about snow and as kids snow didn't stop them from going to school, They walked and all the pavements were clear because all the residents of the streets had gone outside and cleared the pavements in front of their houses.

Its a simple example of community spirit ,common sense,pride and values. Non of it hindered by H&S rules, Unions , Political Correctness, Bureaucracy and the Suing Society.
Well here you go folks, for once Bod isn't moaning. I stuck my head out the window at about 20:30 last night. I could of heard a pin drop, no motorway noise, the very occasional car passing, no music or loud microphones. I could hear the owls.

In fact it was the quiet you have when there has been a large dumping of snow and everyone decides to stay tucked up at home.

What an absolute pleasure.

Here's the thing not that I am complaining! Why was it so quiet? It was the sort of quiet I remember as being normal.

Isn't it sad there I was moaning about noise and now I am questioning why it is so quiet. Strange!

Well after my thoughts yesterday on a Royal wedding and reading the above report today, I take my hat off to Ms Middleton and the Prince William. Perhaps they are in touch with reality.

Must admit it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. you never know the little country church may get a Royal wedding! I doubt it but its a nice thought.
Many Congratulations to Kate Middleton & Prince William like anyone else planning to get married it is an exciting somewhat pressurised time. All the planning etc etc. I have two thoughts on this.

Although I thought it was a kind gesture and very thoughtful of the Prince to present his prospective wife with his mothers engagement ring I think it is also a great shame and a bit misplaced. A bit like Diana Princess Of Wales fights back.

One of the most famous rings put back in the media I suppose I would feel differently if the ring had a happy life but it went through divorce and appeared to belong to quite an unhappy relationship if reports are anything to go by.

If I as a mere commoner feel like that! What an earth does Prince Charles feel like? I suppose if I were a father I would feel like my eldest son was sticking his fingers up at me and making a very ponient point.

How the hell does a girl say get me another ring to the man she loves, when she knows how important the ring is especially when the man concerned is a popular Prince and a future King

How  do I know,

 I dont its just personal opinion! but I don't think the Prince got it right. To be perfectly honest I think it is embarrassing and somewhat seedy. Its a bit like me giving my 2nd husband my first husbands wedding band. Some things are just best left to sleep quietly.

Poor girl is going to have the 3rd finger of her left hand scrutinised at every possible opportunity and when she doesn't wear the ring the motives for not wearing it will be focused on by every media outlet.

My 2nd thought

Whilst the rest of us struggle with the economic climate I really wish Kate Middleton would put her foot down and say I am going to get married in my local church with my close friends and family and then we will have a knees up at Buck Palace with all the dignitaries.

To people that say that is not how things are done. I answer this is the 21st Century these are young people who have the ability to change things and should be in touch with reality.

The reality is we don't have the money for an expensive wedding. I can't imagine how the future Brides father feels no doubt he could provide for a perfectly tasteful intimate wedding for his daughter and then Buck Palace could provide the huge knees up afterwards. Respective families pay for respective parts of getting married just like it is in real life.
What is it about living in the countryside if you can call it that any more that excludes us from most the urban standards. Well I have just contradicted myself I live in the countryside because it isn't urban.

But this does puzzel me

As I watch the BT adverts on TV for their new speedy Broadband of 40 MB, I am still struggling to get 3 if I am lucky.

Two is enough for me as I remember the good old days of dial up but it really does irk me that they can't get us stick dwellers upto or near 8MB before giving everyone else their 40.

To top it all BT called yesterday to offer me a deal on the TV package the fact my broadband speed couldn't deal with it appeared to be irrelevant they and they still tried to sell me the package.
Blimey its not enough to have noise on a Friday and Saturday night we now have it on a Wednesday night. Once again a bloke bellowiing over a microphone. I am glad I am not a Business person wanting a quiet B&B and somewhere to rest my head for an important meeting the following morning. Its bad enough living a couple of hundred metres from the culpret.

It started at 20:30hrs and I eventually got to sleep and am unsure as to when it finished. I am so fedup of it.

Am I going to name and shame. No I am not going to provide a link or name the B&B concerned. That would be more free advertising for them.
Its strange really, I became a car driver because as a pedestrian I was fed up of negotiating high speed cars, ditches and the grass verges. It all became very dicey to walk to and from the station. This time last year I donned my high vis jacket morning and night and was cursing those drivers that failed miserably to slow down and give me a wide birth. Do you know something as a driver I am sick and tired of pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the road, in the dark, in dark clothing and no high vis jacket. Like I wish a year ago drivers would give pedestrians a bit of respect. I do wish pedestrians would help motorists. Funnily enough as a driver horse riders that ride two abreast really hack me off as do the cyclists that appear to ride as a group and take up the whole of the road. I just potter around I don't go anywhere very fast. As for the pratt in the 4x4 that overtook me on a hill and was confronted the other side with an on coming car, behind that horses and behind that pedestrians. I hope it bl**dy well frightened you.

Its all about respect for other road users. A bit like society really a bit of thought for someone else goes a long way.

A gunman stormed a house near Solihull before threatening and robbing a family.
The masked robber burst in through an open patio door at a house in Earlswood at about 9.20pm on Tuesday.
Police believe the thief walked down the railway line from the disused Earlswood Railway Station on the corner of Cloweswood Lane, before climbing over a 4ft fence and into the back garden of the house.
Once inside, he threatened the homeowners with what police have described as either a real or replica small handgun.
He stole a brown DKNY material handbag, two mobile phones – one a blackberry mobile phone and a Google Nexus HTC mobile – and cash.
He also took a jewellery box, containing mostly costume jewellery.
The gunman then fled the house through the front door.
He jumped over a side fence into a neighbour’s garden and ran up Cloweswood Lane in the general direction of the disused railway station.
No-one was injured during the burglary but those threatened were said to have been left shaken by the incident.
The Warwickshire Police helicopter, the force’s dog team and officers made an immediate search of the area but the man still remains at large.
No car was seen at the time of the raid, but it is possible that a vehicle was involved and officers are asking the public to contact them if they saw a car in the area in suspicious circumstances.
The robber is described as white, with an athletic build, approximately 6ft 1in tall and in his 20s to 30s.
He spoke with a Birmingham accent and was wearing white trainers, white socks, a plain, grey long-sleeved tracksuit top, blue trousers that were wet as if he had walked through wet grass, and gloves. He was also wearing a balaclava.
Anyone with information is urged to call detectives on 01926 415000, extension 4167 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.

A BURGLAR was spotted by someone who knew him from being a school pupil after he removed his balaclava while fleeing from the scene of a break-in.
Damien Scarlett and accomplice Benedict Russell were both jailed after they had pleaded guilty to attempted burglary at the house in Rumbush Lane near Earlswood, Solihull.
Russell, aged 22, of Priory Road, Hall Green, who sat crying in the dock, was jailed for nine months concurrent to the 12-month sentence he is already serving.
But Scarlett, 21, of Tustin Grove, Acocks Green, who had a worse record, was given a six-month sentence consecutive to the 18-month sentence he is serving.
Prosecutor Anthony Johnston said the victim had lived at the ‘detached and isolated’ house in Rumbush Lane for 61 years.
On a Sunday afternoon in April she was at home when she saw a man, Russell, in the back garden.
She ran to the rear porch, where she saw a second man, Scarlett, in a black balaclava just outside, and a double-glazed window which cost £200 to replace was cracked where he had tried to smash it, so she banged on a window
Both men fled and ran to the front of the house, from where she heard a car being driven away at high speed.
A couple were passing and saw Scarlett discard the balaclava as he ran down the road, and the woman recognised him as an ex-pupil at the school where she worked.
When they were arrested Russell admitted they had deliberately selected an isolated property and that he had driven there knowing Scarlett was going to break in.
Their previous offence together had been a burglary at another pensioner’s home in Mill Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden.
Russell had again acted as get-away driver and drove across their victim’s lawn to escape when she arrived home during the burglary in which Scarlett had taken property and treasured letters from her mother and grandmother.
Jabeen Akhtar, for Russell, said: “He is remorseful about his behaviour.” Judge Marten Coates told Russell, who sobbed in the dock: “I accept your remorse is genuine.”
But he said Scarlett’s case was different because he was on bail at the time, just three weeks before he was to be sentenced for a number of burglaries. Asking the Judge not to extend his sentence, Ben Close, defending, said that although the victim was elderly, she had not been deliberately targeted.
But passing a consecutive sentence, Judge Coates told Scarlett: “I am quite satisfied you went out on a final burgling spree before you appeared in court, knowing you were going to be sent down.”

I am not proud to admit I watch the X-Factor on a Saturday evening a bit of lite entertainment never did anybody any harm. As I quietly listened to the talented and the untalented with my windows closed on a chilly evening. I was somewhat confused as to where the thud thud thud was coming from.

I ruled out the TV having turned it down. I opened the window and was greeted by someone who seemed to be speaking over a very loud microphone. Having sussed out who the culprits were I closed my window turned the TV up and hoped it would go away.

I was still awake at 12 o'clock with the occasional thud thud thud disturbing me. Every time I went to stomp down the road to pull the plug the sound disappeared.

I was only to pleased the following morning when our new neighbours asked us if we heard the noise. For once I wasn't by myself and didn't feel quite so isolated in thinking that the noise was of an unacceptable level.

At least I managed to get some sleep which is more than I can say for our poor new neighbours who advised us that the noise continued until the very early hours of Sunday Morning.

I sound like a right moaning old so and so. I am not really I don't mind that there is a B&B down the road. I don't mind that they have a licence to sell Alcohol

 I understand they are out to make a living. What I do mind is the making of that living at the expense of the quality of life to many around them.

On the whole we all work all day every day. The weekends is a time to chill, wind down  and relax from all the hastles of work life. Not listen to be irritated or annoyed with  the sheer lack of consideration for the local community, Noise Noise and more Noise.
A BRAND new bus service taking in Earlswood, Cheswick Green, Monkspath and Solihull town centre got off to a roaring start last week.
The S14 service, run by Grosvenor Coaches, is offering residents of Earlswood their first proper bus route for many a year, enabling them to get to all the amenities they need in Cheswick Green and Solihull.
In addition, the new route will pass by Solihull Sixth Form College and Alderbrook and Tudor Grange School making it ideal for term time students.
“We have put this service in place after feedback from parents, schoolchildren and students who felt that the new S4 service wasn’t meeting their needs,” said Grosvenor director Dave Sterland.
“In addition it means that residents in Earlswood now have direct access to Solihull.”
However he added that to survive, the service would have to be used.
“It’s a commercial route, there is no subsidy and we are doing all this off our own backs - we are trying to meet the needs of residents and different service users but we need the customers!”
Grosvenor Coaches are based in Priory Road, Hall Green, for more information call 0121 474 6888.
I love the internet, this week is the first time ever I have relied on the whole of my holiday via our mutual friend the internet. I cannot believe I can get at my blog . I don't know why perhaps it is because it is the first time I have ever taken my laptop away with me. Don't worry I am not that sad I can't leave it behind. There was a rason for brining it with me and that was quite simply to enable me to do electronic bookings, I didn't know if our fiinal destination allowed us the ability to book in on line but did know our first destination had. I still can't believe my blog is so accesible so far away from home. I must be sad typing away, no not really its so hot outside we can't do much comfortably so we wait until later and spend the day reading, splashing around by the sea, drinking and generally chilling out and recharging the batteries+ scribbling on blogs

How did we book our holiday?

We used the Internet, Primark, Hand luggage and Holiday Rentals

Our flights came to £175 return for the pair of us inclusive of taxes
We did not spend money on pre booking seats and took our chance but ended up sittiing together = Saving of £60.00
We did not spend money booking a suitcase in and took hand luggage saviing of £15.00 each
We packed clothes a laptop tooth brushes and a brush/combe no makeup,hair gel or shampoo
We purchashed 10 T shirts each from primark + underware and swimming stuff.
We used public transport instead of Taxis to our first destination= approx 7 euros vs 30+ euros
We purchased our personal items ie deodriant, shampoo, toothpaste, soap,nibbles and booze at the local super market on arrival We spent £50 on this and was somewhat shocked. However we brought named brands and the suntan lotion was almost 16 euros. Basically the personal stuff deodriant,soap suntan stuff, shampoo, made up most of this bill.

Is Spain as cheap as we all think

No it is not! you cant go wrong if you just class the euro as £1.00 in bars resurantes and the like.

Now This Is one Of My Favourite Topics

The British In Spain

Why is it the British fail say say please and thank you.
Why is it the British think the Spanish are so far behind the British

A few years ago the OH and my self ventured into Belomadinas where we quite simply got off a train and went into a Bar. We asked for two beers and a few Tapas in pegion Spanish meanwhile next to us was a rude British person who asked for a G+T in english + no please or thank you and whats worse in English. I have never been more ashamed at being British than in this particular circumstance. Old bint orders G+T in English and expects Spanish Person to understand English as a matter of course. I love the Spanish because they play the game. I watch Spanish barman fill th glass up with Ice, I watch Ice melt and Spanish barman fill glass with a single if not less meaure of Gin. Certainly not the over the odds measures we are all used to in Spain. I love it old Bint pays over the odds for short measure.

I really do wish these old collinial types get a grip, learn the language and just once in a while learn how to say please and thank you.
Story Number 1 - Caught on Camera: Appeal over assault on train

RAIL police are appealing for the public’s help to identify two women in connection with an assault on a member of rail staff.

A ticket inspector on board the Birmingham Moor Street to Stratford-upon-Avon service was kicked and stamped on when he challenged two women travelling without tickets.

The pair, who got on the train at Moor Street, fled at Earlswood rail station following the incident on Saturday July 31.

Anyone who knows the identity of the women should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, quoting incident number 504 31/07/2010, or the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111.

Story Number 2 - Letters sent over teacher image arrests in Solihull

Letters have been sent to parents with children at two schools after two teachers were arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

The men, aged 37 and 43, have been suspended from their jobs at separate schools in Solihull, West Midlands.

The letters have been sent to parents and carers with children at St Patrick's School in Earlswood, and Monkspath School in Shirley.

Solihull Council said an advice line was also open over the weekend.

Mark Rogers, from Solihull Council, said: "We have written to all parents and carers of children at the two schools advising them of the situation as far as we can explain it at the moment."

The men were arrested in Monkspath on Wednesday. They were bailed for further inquiries and for seized property to be examined.

A police spokesman said: "At this stage of the inquiry there is nothing to suggest any physical contact between the suspects and the children."

Det Ch Supt Gareth Morgan, head of West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit, said it was a sensitive case which would raise many questions among parents.

"It is an immediate priority to reassure them by providing as much information as and when we can to answer those questions," he said.

"To do that effectively we will progress the investigation as thoroughly and quickly as possible and continue to engage with families and the wider community."

ANGLER Steve Bellion was shell-shocked last night - after catching a giant TURTLE.

Steve, 23, was fishing for carp when he hooked the 57lb monster in a lake near Birmingham.
He was amazed when he got it on the bank and it was identified as an 80-year-old alligator snapping turtle, from south-eastern USA.
Tales had abounded for a decade of a vicious creature biting through anglers' lines and attacking ducks.
Steve said: "It was hissing and snapping and could easily have taken your hand off."
The ancient female is believed to have been a pet which grew too big and was released into Earlswood Reservoir.
British Waterways staff moved it to West Midlands Safari Park - where it may now mate with a resident male.
Read more:
I really have a gripe about speed limits and to be honest am pretty peed off for the reason Biddles Hill.Forshaw Heath Road have not been given the same speed limit as Poolhead Lane and the later parts of Rumbush Lane.

Let me explain. Broad Lane is a 40 mph limit great well kept roads
The Common is a 40 mph limit great well kept road
Poolhead Lane until just before the motorway bridge and past the big houses 40 mph
I once asked why Forshaw Heath Road could not have a speed limit other the the national one. It was knindly explained to me by my District Councillor at the time that in order to enforce a speed limit and manage it we needed pavements and lighting .Well excuse me but the houses at the top of Poolhead Lane by the golf course don't appear to have lighting and pavements in order to have a speed limit and Poolheadlane leads into Forshaw Heath Road leads into Rumbush Lane. Solihull appear fit to put a 30 mph limit in some of Rumbush lane so why yet again is Forshaw Heath different. For goodness sake it is all one road from Braoad Lane Tanworth In Arden to Norton Lane Solihull. In short the top half is 40 mph the middle bit Forshaw Heath Is 60 mph (The most dangerous bit) and the later bit is 30 MPH.

I would love someone to be able to explain why the most dangerous bit of the road has a 60 MPH speed limit. Without spouting off about pavements and lighting. Please EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE without waffliing.

I am at a loss to know where all the litter comes from we all have our designer wheelie bins now. It's not as if Mr Fox can empty them and then stand them back upright ready for the dustbin men.

Whilst being a pedestrian I noticed the litter that adorned the hedge row and ditches. One presumes local residents wouldn't purposefully trog down the road willy nilly throwing their empties in the ditch especially when they have their friendly plastic wheelie mate closer to home.

I've been at the verge pardon the pun of wheeling my plastic wheelie mate up the road and putting the litter safely to rest my self but Mr Wheelie Bin can't cope with the potholes and cambers and the pedestrian in me thinks don't take the risk.

Where does the litter come from? Well here is the frightening bit! our Dustbin Men on the whole are careful may be the odd bit escapes the rubbish muncher occasionally. However our rubbish has a trend other than the odd crisp packet the rubbish is normally drink orientated or fag packet orientated. To any visitor we look like an area of dipsomaniacs who couldn't give a S*** about where they live

Its a bit frightening really. I can't remember seeing any pedestrian throw a can in to the ditch. I expect they do but I have never seen it. The thought that they are flung out of cars on the move is a bit scarey especially as the lanes on the whole are national speed limit. Drinking and Driving springs to mind now that is frightening.

Well the time comes to us all I am now nearer 50 than 40 and crossing the road has become a night mare. There are times when a girl says if you can't beat them join them. For sheer self preservation reasons I have recently become a car owner & driver
I cannot get over the state some of our lanes are in. By far the worst is Wood Lane it may be in Earlswood but the responsibility for this road belongs to Solihull and the Highways agency.

I avoid it at all costs and prefer to get to Earlswood Stores via Rumbush Lane and Norton Lane. So not only have I ceased being a pedestrian in the last couple of weeks I prefer to drive the long way around to get to the local shop, hardly environmentally friendly.

I suppose the one thing the potholes do, is slow the traffic down- A bit like natural traffic calming.

It's not just the potholes that are dangerous it's the cambers on the lanes.

Lend me a pair of skis and I could quite happily ski down them.

The cambers are getting steeper and steeper making our lanes narrower and narrower. If we are not careful we will become a one track village and all need 4x4s to get about or a bit of natural horsepower.

I am torn between reporting potholes and dangerous roads or just leaving them to disintegrate slowly so as we can all put our cars away and walk safely or naming and shaming those areas that bodge the pothole mendiing.

I was interested to see that when I posted the following link on Stratford District Councils Twitter page they deleted it.

It appears Forshaw Heath Road has a new stream in it's Road. Oh well with a 60 mph speed limit. I could be acused of being over-reactive and advised not to be silly, On this day I was a pedestrian as you can see it was cold and icey what you cant see is the other side of the road. Well you can now because of my mobile and its camera

In fact don't let me do things by half let me show you all my pictures from this walk to the station . Please forgive the quality they were all taken with a mobole phone.

Other than drivers needing to slow down there are times when other road users just don't help them selves here are the following examples.

  • Pedestrians walking in the dark with no high vis jackets
  • Pedestrians walking on the wrong side of the road
  • Horse riders riding two abreast
  • Horse riders riding with a nervous horse
  • Cyclists cycling at times more than two abreast without any intention of moving
I ceased being a pedestrian the week before last and have been frustrated with three of the above other road users in the short space of 2 weeks.

Believe it or not many of our lanes hold the national speed limit. They simply are not suitable for 60 mph Those people in a rush tend to forget the pedestrians, live stock, horse riders, cyclists and any other road user you care to think of. Our lanes also are in very poor condition with unsuspecting drivers ending up in ditches or lost down one of the many potholes. In the last 4 months within half a mile of Earlswood station there has been the following.

X2 Pedestrians knocked over - well being as of yet unknown
X1 Dog run over - Dog on the mend - Driver shocked
X1 Two car accident - Cars very broken - Drivers very shocked

Please drivers Kill the Speed before you Kill someone else, yourself or some unsuspecting animal.

Many Thanks
Regards Bod
Visitors travelling to Earlswood by rail should be aware there are two stations that are often mixed up.

  • Earlswood
  • The Lakes
Both stations access Earlswood however if you disembark at Earlswood you will have to walk through the woods to get to the lakes or through the lanes it's a half hour 3/4 of an hour walk and not recommended for a wet day. Although if your a walker this is exactly what you might want to do.

You should be warned that The Lakes is a request stop you have to ask the guard to ensure that the train stops at The Lakes also it is a short platform and you have to be situated at the front of the train to disembark. This is the station that most people use when wanting to get to the lakes quickly. Both stations have a very high step from the train to the platform please be careful.